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  1. haven4ever

    Super League / RFL irreparably broken!

    We will win nothing while we bend down to the Aussies and the kiwis to play by their rules.SL is a fast POTB game,NRL is less so and they have to really lay on or mess at the POTB to get penalised.International rules are basically NRL rules and as such we play all season in with fast POTB then have to deal with what we seen today .The Oz and NZ are not bothered about four nations and as such demand if you want us to play it's by our rules.Until this changes we will win nothing
  2. First off if Cumbria had half the help and money the likes of London,wales France etc have had over the years ,there would now be a flourishing SL club with town and haven as feeders. We have there different leagues with 3 different formats ....which other sport has this . You need a solid base at amateurs and professionals level.Make sure these a solid and financial viable before pushing the expansion route. My prediction is once Toronto and Toulouse are in SL ,P and R( I call it that though isnt) will be no more again,until some other far flung teams decide they fancy it
  3. Listen to the Leigh fan as the all seeing eye.Sorrys there's only one thing killing OUR game and it's certainly not fans of clubs like town or haven.Its the ineptitude of those running it paying themselves 250k a year while over seeing the decline of the game .If some like Barry huren or even koukash had control of our game ,we may not like everything the do ,but it would no longer be a minority sport .I'm all for progress if it being run by those capable of delivering it.Unfortunally fat boy woods and the like couldn't deliver a pizza
  4. haven4ever

    Whitehaven at Bower Fold

  5. haven4ever

    Whitehaven Game

    Do you know if there will be highlights of the rams v haven game on your YouTube at any time
  6. haven4ever

    Whitehaven at Bower Fold

    Don't think either team will win by 20 points,do or die for us ,where as Oldham could get beat and still stay up
  7. haven4ever

    Lepori ban

    Been great for you guys but never really showed it for us,like Sammy gee,a lot younger then but never looked a stand out player but been very good for you
  8. haven4ever

    Last Day Scenario

    long shot that Donald ,very few games are draw,winn both games and hope fax or dews win that's our get out if jail option
  9. haven4ever

    Last Day Scenario

    Haven have one chance of staying up and to do that we have to win both remaining games ,that could increase to 2 chances on sunday depending on results.If swinton win Sunday they are safe and our only route for survival is to beat Oldham and count on Dewsbury doing the same the following week.If result go our way sunday and we win and swinton get beat ,then our destiny us back in our own hands and beating swinton on the last day will see us stay up even if Oldham beat the rams. Haven need to win both Oldham could lose both and stay up Swinton could lose both and stay up We are Still odds on for the drop but not going down without a fight
  10. haven4ever

    Still not Safe

    As you once said were you there and if not how do you know this,they hardly rolled over,in fact start of the second half they were leading ,then our fowards got in top and just steameollered them
  11. haven4ever

    Whitehaven Game

  12. haven4ever

    Could our season possibly get worse?

    No we may need a favour in the game.Im sure they will won't a put on display for last league game ,now if we can only get a win next week
  13. haven4ever

    Still not Safe

    Thems some big straws your clutching at ....never mind we may be joining you ,but not finishing bottom.Embarrassing no one from your club could speak to the radio Cumbria team today
  14. haven4ever

    Still not Safe

    Ahh bless your not taking this very well...never mind
  15. haven4ever

    Town V Newcastle thunder

    Hasn't signed on trial