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  1. The preliminary finals have arrived with the Storm to clash with the Sharks on Friday night and the Roosters host the Rabbitohs on Saturday night. The Sharks will be hoping skipper Paul Gallen can overcome a rotator cuff injury in time for the Storm clash. For the Storm Will Chambers is set to return from suspension to face the Sharks. The Rabbitohs will be boosted by skipper Greg Inglis avoiding a suspension, despite a crusher tackle charge. The Roosters will likely hand Latrell Mitchell’s centre assignment to the ever-reliable Mitchell Aubusson, while he serves his suspension.
  2. WELCOME There's just two games to tip again in this penultimate weekend of the season FINALS WEEK 3 QUESTIONS: 1. Poll Competition: Which game in Finals Week 3 will produce lowest points total? The main event of the week: 2. Match Tipping Competition: Name the 2 winning teams in NRL Finals Week 3 3. Points Competition: How many points will be scored by all the teams added together in Week 3 of the Finals? This is a competition in itself and will act as a tie breaker for the match tipping comp if necessary. This is used as the decider when necessary so do give it a go. *There's no Home/Away win comp in the Finals Series Fixtures: An animated award will be given for the winner(s) of each competition question. Match tipping scores are added together. See our Tipsters Ladder pinned to the top of the forum topic list page. New entrants are always welcome. Good luck everyone Enjoy your Rugby League! Cheers, Graham
  3. WELCOME This Grand Final Competition is traditionally in memory of George Fairclough (Bourbon Rat) of this forum and Melbourne Storm and Wigan Warriors fan and Richard Glover (Kiwityke) of this forum - New Zealand Warriors and Batley Bulldogs fan Both dear friends and regular contributors, sadly missed. NRL Grand Final 2018 Local Time (UK Time 10:15 hrs) ANZ Stadium in Sydney Tempus fugit It seems like only yesterday that we were starting with our Round 1 tipping competition and now here we are with our blockbusting Grand Final occasion just a few days away. Everyone is welcome to take part in this competition This season has once more been a very friendly but fiercely fought affair. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of it. Your friendship and company has been much appreciated QUESTIONS: 1. Name the WINNING TEAM ... STORM OR ROOSTERS 2. Tot up the two teams predicted scores and give us your predicted match POINTS TOTAL 3. Poll question this week: How many tries will be scored altogether by the two teams in the game? pick one of the options above - answer in the poll above but also in your posting. So here's to a great competition, and may the best tipster and team win! Good Luck everyone - there'll be an animated award as usual. Cheers, Graham
  4. He still seems friendly with Billy but his relationship with Cam Smith seems to have cooled.
  5. NRL Tipping Competition Ladder 2018 After Round 28 - Finals Wk 3 Total Number of Correct Tips 1 Farmduck 127 2 Rugby Female 120 3= Graham 117 3= Irish Saint 117 5 Stoney100 114 6= R L Winger 112 6= Vichyssoise 112 8= Barney 108 8= StormGirl 108 10 Southstander 54 11 Future Is League 4
  6. NRL Tipping Competition Ladder 2018 After Round 1 Total Number of Correct Tips 1 Farmduck 6 2 Barney 5 3= Graham 4 3= RL Winger 4 3= Rugby Female 4 3= Southstander13 4 3= Vichyssoise 4 8 Irish Saint 2 9 StormGirl 1 The earliest of early days. Join in the fun everyone asap.
  7. That's the last sort of support Billy needs. Shut it Gus.
  8. That would have happened if they'd have been playing Storm and Cronk was being carried by his team Smith would have got him!
  9. Slater being there is not a certainty. I hope he's there.
  10. Roosters defence were huge in that one. Souths tried to break it but they just couldn't Roosters deserve their win.
  11. 2018 Final: Storm v Roosters
  12. FULL TIME Roosters 12 - 4 Souths
  13. Reynolds gambled there but lost. Worth the chance. All or nothing. That's it Roosters are through to the final.
  14. Cronk has been a passenger all this second half. Souths haven't been able to take advantage of him.
  15. Souths have been flat. Roosters have pressured them in possession and defended really well.
  16. Looks like it isn't Souths game. Just too many errors when it counts.
  17. Roosters should stay with Feruson kicking at goal. He'd have kicked that one from in front. Missed that one from the touchline 12-4 Roosters
  18. 12-4 with kick to come. But Roosters kicking poor.
  19. Surely Toupou didn't touch that?
  20. Roosters miss a sitter penalty goal! Virtually in front.