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  1. Saturday 14th January. 12.00 Kick off Shaw Cross v Wests Warriors Shaw Cross playing fields.
  2. I'm going to gauge interest with the lads and price up travel. Do you have a contact for some reasonably priced accommodation up there? If not, would you be interested in coming down here?
  3. Shaw Cross are looking for a friendly on 25th of February if that's any good to you?
  4. I played in the 9's as a guest for a couple of teams when it first started. What a great event that was.
  5. Absolutely loved going to Heworth. Lovely set up and a great set of people too.
  6. Standards are slipping to be fair. Some of the fields we played on last season weren't fit to put goats on, nevermind play rugby.
  7. One of my fondest memories is travelling to Barrow Island to play a friendly when I was playing Under 18's and pitching tents on the pitch on the Saturday night. Great hospitality. Some beer was supped that night!
  8. Is the quality of the pitch one of the factors that's taken into consideration when the management are looking into allowing teams to enter the league? Serious question. I don't know exactly what the criteria is.
  9. Division 1 is almost a Yorkshire league for 2017 by my reckoning. Featherstone Milford Normanton Underbank Hunslet Warriors* Shaw Cross Hunslet Club Hull Dockers Lock Lane York Acorn Ince Rose Bridge Blackbrook Only the final 2 in Lancashire and no Cumbrian sides. *Edit - Looks like Warriors are staying up due to Oulton being deducted 2 points.
  10. We're aiming to hold a shirt launch mid to late November to leave plenty of time for Christmas.
  11. Very very limited number of polo's in the factory now. What size is it you're after? And have you pre-ordered? Please feel free to give us a ring on: 01924 455551 with any enquiries.
  12. Got ya. We'll have some sewn by Tuesday/Wednesday. Feel free to call in to the factory.
  13. We'll have some stock early next week. Give us a ring any time or call in. You can always order online. Those orders we do specifically on top of our stock.
  14. We will have stock early next week. There is a good chance that we'll take some stock up to the club on Wednesday evening for people to come and have a look. To be clear, these shirts will be worn in all of the Qualifiers games, apart from the pink day v Huddersfield at home.
  15. The shirts have had a really good response in general. I'm sorry that we can't please everyone, but we wanted to make a shirt that was a little bit special to honour this outstanding group of players and staff. There is the Super 8's polo shirt available to anyone that isn't keen on the players shirt, and also we're planning on doing a celebratory t-shirt with the Qualifiers fixtures printed on it. Regards, Brett Turner. Ravensport.