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  1. Being pushed as in pushed to up their standards to meet the criteria, or pushed as in pushed out of the league?
  2. Very sad to hear the news of Salford pulling out of the NCL. I've had some fantastic times over there. Such a nice bunch of people who always had a warm welcome waiting for travelling teams. I hope that they can get a team back on the field in whatever league it may be before long.
  3. The game has been selected by the BBC too.
  4. From what I'm told, they only plan on playing a couple of games at Mount Pleasant.
  5. Egremont, Wath Brow and Eccles (Salford) always used to be my favorites. Plikington Recs the worst. Chip butty with optional peas.
  6. Ok. Thanks for the explanation. We have similar issues in our area with it being saturated with NCL teams. Shaw Cross, Dewsbury Moor, Dewsbury Celtic, Thornhill and now Batley Boys all within roughly 3 miles of each other. That makes it hard to pick up neutral supporters that just like to get out and see a game.
  7. What is the big deal with them being at home at the same time? I’m only asking because I don’t understand why it’s an issue. Is it about picking up neutrals?
  8. We will try our best to get them out after that date, but can't guarantee anything. Should hopefully be okay for up to a week after that. Just give us a bell if you've any doubts. I'd imagine that we'll be doing an evening or a weekend morning up at the club too, but it's always advisable to pre-order.
  9. Exciting times! Unfortunately I won't be there myself this year to gauge the reaction of the fans, which I'm absolutely gutted about! Hopefully you can all provide some feedback on here.
  10. I get the impression that the NW Mens League is much better organised than the other regional leagues, and that probably plays a big part. In the Yorkshire Mens League, even in the top divisions you get quite a few postponements and teams that won't travel to the better sides. I think that leaves the top clubs frustrated, so they're more inclined to apply.
  11. Not newly appointed, no. Marchy was our coach from around a quarter of the way through last season, which was his second as a player at the club. We had a very tough year, which is plain for all to see, but he did a fantastic job of galvanising a fragile squad and improving the players that we had after some internal issues at the start of the year. Those players have a great deal of respect for him. He could have walked away from the club when handed the Featherstone reserves job, but he says that he owes Shaw Cross for rekindling his love for the game and doesn't want to let our players down by leaving them in the lurch. Bearing in mind that we had a decent under 18's team last year, of which 6/7 are too old to play on in the age group he's being joined by our under 18's coach, Mat Cawthron to help Paul manage the job and to help the transition of these young players. This is not some underhand way for Shaw Cross to pull players out of the pro game. We've had a review of what our issues are and we're working very hard to fix them. The last thing we want is a team of mercenaries turning out on a Saturday. What's the point in that?! We have a strong junior set-up and more kids than we've ever had playing the game at our club. What we need is to make open age rugby an attractive prospect for these kids again and to find a way to keep them at the club once they hit school leaving age. http://www.shawxsharks.com/news/club-statement-2360945.html
  12. Short term I think that the reintroduction of Reserves will adversely affect us NCL clubs (especially my own), but if the clubs that are running these teams are smart, they'll be looking mainly at the lads that are released after the u19's, a lot of whom drop out of the game all together anyway. There is huge pool of talent getting lost each year at that stage, and all the RFL naysayers that slate them for the system that currently exists for creating this loss can't possibly slate them for finally seeing the light and pushing the solution. From what I understand, NCL teams can play players that are on a terms and conditions contract, so it might be that some of these guys play Thursday/Saturday. Not ideal, but something that I can certainly see happening.
  13. My suggestion would be Premier Division as it is, then Division 1 East and Division 1 West. Cross division games in the play-offs only. It'd take a bit of thinking about how promotion and relegation would work, but I honestly think it's the best way forward. 14 teams in each league. If they keep relaxing the criteria as they do now, or the fact that the travel isn't as taxing attracts more teams it could expand to East and West 1 and 2 with straight 1 or 2 up/down between the regional leagues.
  14. These criteria get relaxed more every year. 20 minute walk to the pitch at Batley Boys.
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