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  1. Shaw Cross v Eastmoor will go ahead, although it's been moved onto the 3G pitch at Dewsbury Rams as our fields are in a state.
  2. Nathan Wright. Signed for Fev from Shaw Cross along with Brandan French and Sam Ottewell who have both made the same move.
  3. Celebrating 10 years since their Northern Rail Cup win.
  4. No need to apologise. We can’t please everyone. Never will. As I said, I appreciate any feedback.
  5. There is nothing specific in the terms of the contract re: changing colours etc. but between myself and the club we thought it was a good idea to give a nod to the NRC winning season with it being a decade on. With the off-field gear, there are plans to expand the range and for that to include more items in the “traditional” colours (there is a set of training kit in maroon/amber online already), but I felt it had been a bit “samey” for the last 2/3 years so I decided to base the players range around the away colours for a change. You see more and more clubs going away from their traditional colours for their non-playing apparel and admittedly it is done with a hope of increasing sales but I also do think that it looks very smart. I know people refer to the club not getting anything from sales but without them we wouldn’t be able to offer the deal they have (which I’m sure they’re happy with). That being said it was important to have a bit of a change this season as I think this is our seventh year of supplying Batley and we’ve probably turned a profit in three or four of those years, with last year being particularly poor. Sometimes poor performances on the field can cause sales to be down, but I also take responsibility and needed to try something new. It may work, it may not. Please don’t take this as some kind of rant. I look on here because I appreciate all the feedback, good or bad and I feel that the members of this forum are very passionate about their club. I just wanted to use it to try and explain the decisions we make and how we come to them. I’d like to think I’m approachable, so if anyone sees me and you have ideas/suggestions/questions please feel free to come and have a chat.
  6. We have LIMITED stock on the night. Just over 80 shirts so it should be plenty, but we've plenty of time to manufacture before Christmas if shirts are wanted as gifts. The new range will be going online Tomorrow. Hopefully that will happen at midnight, as we have timed it to do so, but that didn't happen last year for some reason. If you get there early Tonight we have some bargains to be had in the old stock from previous years.
  7. I can confirm no inflation (again) ? £40 adults, £32 kids, £25 infants.
  8. Being pushed as in pushed to up their standards to meet the criteria, or pushed as in pushed out of the league?
  9. Very sad to hear the news of Salford pulling out of the NCL. I've had some fantastic times over there. Such a nice bunch of people who always had a warm welcome waiting for travelling teams. I hope that they can get a team back on the field in whatever league it may be before long.
  10. The game has been selected by the BBC too.
  11. From what I'm told, they only plan on playing a couple of games at Mount Pleasant.
  12. Egremont, Wath Brow and Eccles (Salford) always used to be my favorites. Plikington Recs the worst. Chip butty with optional peas.
  13. Ok. Thanks for the explanation. We have similar issues in our area with it being saturated with NCL teams. Shaw Cross, Dewsbury Moor, Dewsbury Celtic, Thornhill and now Batley Boys all within roughly 3 miles of each other. That makes it hard to pick up neutral supporters that just like to get out and see a game.
  14. What is the big deal with them being at home at the same time? I’m only asking because I don’t understand why it’s an issue. Is it about picking up neutrals?
  15. We will try our best to get them out after that date, but can't guarantee anything. Should hopefully be okay for up to a week after that. Just give us a bell if you've any doubts. I'd imagine that we'll be doing an evening or a weekend morning up at the club too, but it's always advisable to pre-order.
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