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  1. It has never been chic to be old fashioned, just old fashioned. I give my respect to those who have earned it not those who demand it because they've 'seen it all before'. I was always taught that if I requested help then I be grateful for it wether it was the answer I wanted to hear or not. Sometimes Keith you are just plain rude. Chic is a French word not British. 'Nuffsed' is not a real word. I don't care if you read or subscribe to RLJ as I'm a member of the PFJ. In answer to your original question Nick Gregson has play in the Super League for Wigan on a number of occasions this season therefore he is robotic and boring with no skill whatsoever. I also believe Riggy wishes he hadn't bothered too Mark!
  2. "The fact is that Oldham scored more points than Swinton did"? I'm afraid they didn't. As some of your fans have already said the reason for your loss is that you didn't stick to your game plan and we thankfully changed ours. If your kick had been given you would have scored 2 more points. If one of ours had been given so would we. If we hadn't taken a drop goal and scored a try under the sticks instead we'd have beaten you by 3 or maybe 5 points. Ifs, buts and maybes don't win games I'm afraid!
  3. So it's ok for the tmo to overrule the ref when it's a ball grounding decision but not for a 40-20? And to say that he can for a conversion is ludicrous. Peoples views change from all angles and the only people who know for sure are the touch judges who position themselves under the sticks.
  4. Got mine today!
  5. The problem is Keith that it is the English owners of the English clubs who has brought the Aussie coaches and players in. They just speak the language they use at home and it's been adopted over here as the norm by the English coaches, English players and English commentators. It's basically OUR fault it's happened but it has happened and that's the end of it. It isn't going to change abytime soon unless we resurrect the dead. And PLEASE don't get me started on what GB has given to the rest of the world. That would open a whole new can of worms!
  6. Keith was you attacked by an Australian at some stage or maybe something worse? Why are you constantly attacking them at every opportunity? It isn't their fault we have a dodgy set of officials running the RFL. They don't dictate the way we play it's the coaches over here trying to emulate how they work (or so you say) including the English coaches. Yes Murdock is an Aussie but I bet he doesn't give a rats ###### where a stand off positions himself at a scrum. If the RFL had more balls then they would dictate when we play games and at what time. You don't have sky anyway do you? so what's your beef as you don't even watch Super League?
  7. A real game of two halves. I agreed with most comments on here up to now but I would like to add a couple too. I thought Matty Beharrell's tackling was magnificent. He's a bit of a pocket monster in defence and his passing got better as he got more time in. Bracek put in 100% for us and he is the offloaded we have been missing. I hope we get him for longer than a month and out halves learn to be alert for the pass. It creates gaps. Haven's right wing has a good game too, only young but he had bags of pace. Can't say I'm happy as I'm going to miss the next 2 games for work!
  8. Ok, let's get started on this one then. I reckon if we don't get drawn into a battle up the middle and play the same way we've been playing most of the season we should be ok. It's a big day for us, let's end it up there in the top 8!
  9. lionsfanusa Im 55 so I do remember the 60s although I didn't watch my first Swinton game till 70s so I'm no kid talking about what I don't know about. I appreciate all your memories and respect them but we often forget that a lot of players weren't much better than overweight sloths and just as fast and a lot of games were no more than a mud bath. A lot but not all. Blue Monkeys comments are always perplexing as if we applied his mantra of 'it's not as good as it was years ago so I don't watch/wear/use it' to food then I bet he never has a Sunday lunch or rhubarb crumble and custard which always tastes better 'without all the modern day additives'. I bet he doesn't! At the end of the day nothing stays the same. We all have our preferences but we don't have to go around ruining it for others by telling them theirs is ######. I enjoy b&w films as much as modern CGI ones. I try and like as much as I can of everything, especially beer!
  10. No Mark, fair play, this thread is about 1936 so it's fair enough to chat on about it. Keith you need to join the present society. You say you won't watch Aussie rugby yet you call it s###e. How do you know?
  11. Players are bigger, stronger and faster now. It is a fact. This is because of access to better training, nutrition and physical development. If the players of yesteryear had the access they would be the same. Hence the game had to change gradually as the players did. As for the other usual moan about jumpers/jerseys/shirts or whatever to call them, without the sponsorship ON them there would not be anyone IN them. No money, no clubs. Then we would all be watching Super League and not Swinton!
  12. A grand day out. I was stood right in line with Mr Campbell and I have to say that I also saw the ball grounded on the line before moving back off it but I also clearly saw Ben White's foot step over the GREEN line but short of the WHITE line! After all that I agree with SW. Keep underestimating us people and we will punish you. We have found the way to win, tasted it and now want more. We've been close all season but the lads have found that little bit extra you need to finish in the right side of the line. I can't believe I'm working on the Batley game
  13. I agree Nash has come on well with game time and I think Dwyer is finding his best form yet. The loss of Beharrell due to injury put a lot on Nico who ran out of a bit of steam I think. Apparently we should have Halafihi back next week so we have cover. The forwards are a bit smaller than other packs and are tiring but managing to control them. Well done to Littler for a magnificent 500!
  14. Right let's try a resurrect this forum with a thread based on positivity, enthusiasm and topic! Great resolve shown again today from the boys. Good first half but let ourselves be dominated a bit in the second. Good debut from Fell who looked solid at the back and another good one from Marshall. Over to you guys......and gals of course!
  15. It was just 1 actually. Marshall signed a good few weeks ago.