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  1. Just had a closer look at Hornet’s sponsors for next season. And ours is supposed to be low-brow
  2. Isn’t a Jag just a Mondeo with a fancy coat and different badges?
  3. Well, you know what happens to theories......
  4. I read that your fans were questioning the commitment of your players. Kyle Shelford will give you nothing less than 100% and play in any position he’s asked. I sponsored him for 2 seasons and got to know him well so you’ve also gained 2 extra through the gate when the Lions aren’t playing.
  5. Jones is a great young lad. Never takes a backward step and most Swinton fans would have loved him to be with us in 2018. He'll go well for you.
  6. The wording appears to have changed since this morning. If true it is fantastic news as the supporters have worked their socks of to help secure our future!
  7. Not really as we didn't play. Period!
  8. Apparently both released from hospital early on last evening. Don't think the injuries are as bad as first thought thankfully. Best wishes to the pair of them.
  9. Read a few reports about the 'tactics' employed by your team but took them with a pinch of salt until today. Always enjoyed a tussle between our two clubs and it's always been a good match up but I'm sorry, what I saw from you today was certainly more UFC than RFL. Shocking! A very weak ref didn't help matters but your side clearly look as if they're coached to kill by 'Killer' as was clearly evidenced by Jordan Hand who has never been the kind of player that I saw today. I hope your gang were satisfied watching the ambulances queuing up outside to take the bodies away. Bravo!
  10. He has done before along with Luke Watetworth.


    I think there was always going to be a hint of 'after the Lord Mayor's show' about this game but we were lucky it was against Skolars and not a league game against stiffer opposition. Agreed it was a game of 2 halves in difficult conditions and we're in the hat for the next round. It's looking like Stuart Littler may have to get his socks out of retirement as we are seriously short of outside backs at the moment with Matt Gardner joining get the injury list!
  12. I agree. Didn't post enough points in 1st half and more importantly didn't kick the conversions. We just need to learn how to close games out!
  13. Flying on Thursday afternoon Staying in Ibis Central for 5 days x 2
  14. This was almost the ideal start to the season but it ended up the next best thing. A great performance which shows that we are not too far off the top clubs at the moment. Two good prospects have joined us from Wigan in the form of Forsyth and Davis and there may be a couple of others waiting their turn as we have registered five. That should keep all the squad on their toes and fighting for a shirt on a Sunday. Cant wait for Dewsbury on Sunday for the next instalment!
  15. It has never been chic to be old fashioned, just old fashioned. I give my respect to those who have earned it not those who demand it because they've 'seen it all before'. I was always taught that if I requested help then I be grateful for it wether it was the answer I wanted to hear or not. Sometimes Keith you are just plain rude. Chic is a French word not British. 'Nuffsed' is not a real word. I don't care if you read or subscribe to RLJ as I'm a member of the PFJ. In answer to your original question Nick Gregson has play in the Super League for Wigan on a number of occasions this season therefore he is robotic and boring with no skill whatsoever. I also believe Riggy wishes he hadn't bothered too Mark!
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