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  1. Today

    Bit like after the Lord Mayors show.Not a good first 15/20 minutes.Let a very average Hunslet team get a 12 point lead before we woke up.There first 3 try's all down to our poor execution.To kick the ball out on the full twice and knocking on whilst taking the ball up near our own line is really poor play.Basic errors.To the players credit we got ourselves back in the game.Got on a roll second half.Hunslet were struggling to cope with us at that stage,then Tonksy gets sinbinned and we let them back in the game again.Then there's the two altercations.Hopefully when the game is reviewed on video the powers that be will see the cowardly punch that Jake Normington put on Ben Dent whilst he was on the floor.Got his just deserts a few minutes later. So,all in all got the job done with a pretty average performance.Mash,Russ Spiers,Kris brining and Adam Dent were the standouts for me.Thought Adam Dent had a decent game against Coventry.Played even better today.Pat Smith looks to be getting better with each game.Jordy Crowther looked good when he came on.
  2. New loan signing

    Got to take issue with you there Spanish.Yes,Nicko and Elvis have had the odd indifferent game.I think on the whole they've been excellent.Maybe a tad inconsistent kicking wise (not including goal kicking.lless said about that the better).Both excellent last friday.I can think of a few more games where they have played really well.
  3. York Knights Home

    First of all,congratulations on a great performance today.You certainly needed to win.You certainly took us to the cleaners.As for the Knights,it's a difficult one.We had 9 players out through injury and a virus that swept through the camp during the week.Players playing out of position.Looking at your starting 13,I feared the worst.Oh and it couldn't have gone any worse.We need a reaction big time next week against the Crusaders.Cant afford to lose to many games in this league.Dont know if you guys play Toulouse home or away.Its a big ask to beat a full time team.Rochdale nearly did it the other week.Best of luck for rest of the season. On a more sour note,what was that spear tackle all about?Our hooker had to be taken off and by all accounts still has shooting pains in his neck.No need for that in the game at all.Lucky not to get a red by all accounts.
  4. Knights 40 Scorpions 6

    You are right about his passing.Quick and accurate.A bit inconsistent with his kicking game.Not sure what happened to him yesterday.Two high kicks straight into touch.On his day (Hunslet game springs to mind),his kicking game is top notch.
  5. Knights 40 Scorpions 6

    Tonks mom for me.Thought mash went well.Definitely need Elvis,Ed Smith and Spiers back next week.Missed all of them today.Cant afford to many performances like that in this league.Woeful kicking game today.Agree about Brett turner.The lad hasn't put a foot wrong all season and struggles to get in the side. Time to refocus on next week.Need to up our game.All I keep hearing is it will be a Keighley v Knights final.If the players go into the game with that attitude we will come a cropper.Im sure Fordy won't let that happen.
  6. Next Season

    So,can someone enlighten us as to whats going on?We appear to have no players signed on for next season.As big ian has said,offer the players 2 contracts.One for promotion,one for if we stay where we are.Not rocket science.We have already lost Jack Lee and more will follow if the club dont act quickly.We have a cracking close knit set of players,who have done themselves proud whatever the final outcome this season.We need to get most of these players signed up. Where exactly are we playing our home games next season?Supposed to be Bootham crescent isnt it?One or two things i am hearing that dont sit to well with me.Can anyone confirm anything?
  7. Next Season

    Having now bought a copy of league express I see who we are talking about.On Rams message board says they have released Tonks,and 2 other players recently.So it could have been 1 out of 3 players.Thought the topic I was looking for would be somewhere near the top.As it was it was way down the list of topics.Anyway,Tonks would be a welcome adition to the squad.Looks like he lacks size but is a workhorse.
  8. Next Season

    Well that could one of a few players.Looks like they've let one or two half decent players go.Seems strange at this stage of the season.
  9. Just got my internet connection back,otherwise I would have posted about this before.Would appear there was no matchday program on Friday night for the Knights game.Can someone explain why?Always thought it was an rfl requirement.I asked 3 different people before the game and they all said there wasn't one. Apart from that,good performance from you guys.Thought you were going to snatch it at the end.Just don't understand how from 30-10 up we are hanging on at the end.We just simply aren't the team we were 3/4 weeks ago.