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  1. Hmm very interesting,yep we had 2 in the bin and 1 sent off.Did you really think it was a sending off?Absolute joke decision.Wasnt even a sinbinning.The only reason he got sent off was because of Gabriel's reaction.Disgraceful on his part.No wonder Ronan Dixon had a word with him on his way off the pitch.Totally out of order getting a fellow professional sent off like that!! Of course you lot were squeaky clean.Your no.19 didn't punch our player after playing the ball did he.Oh yeah and your left centre didn't elbow Brad Hey in the side of his face after driving for the line.How on earth did your player not get binned after holding down Liam Harris near your line after breaking through.Just a penalty which we kicked making it 14 a piece.Oh and your 2nd rower didn't follow that up with a ridiculous head high did he.Followed that up with our 2nd try fortunately.Two of your players 2nd half didn't knee opposite numbers in the back did they.Very sportsmanlike.,trying to injure fellow pros!!!!!Never mind eh,justice was eventually served!!!
  2. Well aware of your injury problems.You had a decent 17 that took the field today.As for the Knights,no Horne,Robinson,Batchelor,Rawsthorne,Robson,Carter,Bass,Cockayne,Salter,Dixon and Chilton.All first team players,so in effect you've been beaten by our 2nd string.Thought you would ensure payback for our last game.Couldnt have been further from it.Our fringe players did us proud especially Kevin Brown at full back who was making his debut. Really hope you turn things around.Definitely have the quality.Bit worrying after today though.
  3. Can't believe you haven't beaten us today with the side we put out.Players on debut.Players that haven't played all season.Resting pivotal players.Completely new half back pairing,of which Will Jubb at 6, has never played before. Thought after the hiding we gave you at our place you had a squad that was easily good enough to stay up.I'm not so sure now after today.Know you've got injuries.Still fielded a good 17 today.
  4. knightrider


    Got to laugh.Because we are a newly promoted team you shouldn’t get hammered like that.Face the facts,you’ve been literally taken to the cleaners by a fitter,faster,more skillfull,well drilled,more disciplined team.You lot simply weren’t at the races today.Your discipline was embarrassing. Every team has days like today,It’s how you react the following week that matters now.With the squad you have at your disposal you will be fine.
  5. Not being fooled by your comment bullmania.You are the home team with a big home following.The onus is on you as a team to put in a winning performance.We will see what next Sunday brings. Oh yeah,off to see the bank manager this week.Need a mortgage to be able to afford getting in to Odsal.Your prices are a disgrace.How on earth do you justify charging £23 to stand and £28 to sit.£17 concessions.Totally out of order.Your charging super league prices.
  6. Dan left YCK for the simple reason he was told he would have a similar role to this past season.Just wants more game time which Fordy couldn't guarantee him.No mention of dr for next season.No new signings as yet.Just have 8 players who were on 2 year deals signed up.All will be revealed in the coming weeks no doubt. Have a feeling Adam Robinson will be coming your way aswell.Great barnstorming front rower.Struggles to do more than short spells though.Would do a decent job for you guys.
  7. See you guys have signed him from YCK.Youve got a cracking player there.Great attitude.Runs his blood to water.All I can say is if we can afford to let him go we must be signing some bloody good forwards for next season.
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