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  1. They demolished a perfectly good market hall and outside market and replaced it with a new market hall in probably the busiest location in Wakefield, next to the Bus Station It’s been a disaster of a development now standing empty and closed. I understand it is to be demolished in the near future. A complete waste of council money.
  2. Mrs Moose completed her 250 Park-run on Saturday. Today she ran in a long distance challenge event at York racecourse. To qualify for her running clubs ‘colours’ she had to stay in the race for a minimum of 6 hours and run a minimum of 34 miles. She’s been in bed, asleep since 9:00pm
  3. Legendary Hunslet RLFC scrum - half Ginger Burnell has passed away age 95. He played for Yorkshire, England and Great Britain, also serving as a a Submariner during World War II. Hunslet was his only club playing in over three hundred games before and after the war. He was also a gifted artist and once famously quoted, after being told by an armchair critic that he was no Leonardo da Vinci 'Happen not, but I was a sight better bloody scrum - half than he was' RIP Ginger.
  4. First four days of Test Matches, especially against Australia sell out months before they play. The fifth match at the Oval had sold all theirs by December last year.
  5. Geoff Boycott in an interview with Simon Mann "You must have put a few spectators to sleep in your time, Geoffrey?" "Yeah, but I was still batting when they woke up!"
  6. I did likewise last night, tried to find something that suited my sense of humour but drew a blank on the BBC iplayer, turned to YouTube as a last resort and watched the whole of the first series of Phoenix Nights. Having watched it loads of times it still has me in stitches, much like Fawlty Towers does.
  7. Wrong forum Try. Any Other Business/Any Other Sports
  8. A disgraceful post, just who has he defrauded? To besmirch a man's character from behind a keyboard is the action of a coward. Why don't you tell him to his face, he's approachable enough?
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