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  1. 68.5 Shadow. Lovely weather this week, ideal for walking
  2. Saw it today at Cineworld, White Rose, Leeds on the IMAX screen. Every bit as good as the hype, it’s not for the faint hearted or anyone with sensitive hearing. The volume level especially in the IMAX screening is as high as anything I’ve heard
  3. On 20 different days I could give you 20 different answers, a lot depends on how you feel when you make your choice and discovering music you’ve not heard before. Today it’s DC Boogie by Frank Zappa
  4. Enjoying the Norwegian detective series ‘Wisting’ on BBC4, 2 episodes every Saturday evening with catch up available. I must have read too much Jo Nesbo, I keep answering the wife ja and nie.
  5. Weighing in at 68.7, only 3 walks this week totalling 19 miles but eating well, plenty of salad stuff, fruit and only a little meat. Looking back I didn’t eat any fish which is unusual for me. Not being a drinker or smoker my Xmas presents consist mostly chocolate, biscuits etc, I’ll be glad when I’ve finished ‘em all
  6. Didn’t know that Celt, you live and learn
  7. A wonderful team performance today from England, some great catching and at the death brilliant bowling from Ben Stokes, nothing beats proper cricket
  8. Back home and my weight is 152 lbs, I’d like to get down to 148.
  9. I hope to proved wrong tomorrow, but I think Jimmy is finished as a strike bowler
  10. Broad’s been finished as a batsman since India’s Varun Aaron hit full in the face in 2014, fortunately for him his bowling’s been excellent and kept in the team
  11. That’s ok with me Shadow, will weigh in Sunday/Monday
  12. I’m currently reading the final book of William Mcilvanney’s trio of tartan noir novels, Strange Loyalties. Being an avid fan of Ian Rankin’s Rebus novels I’m amazed it’s taken me so long to discover Mcilvanney Rankin said it was because of Mcilvanney that he himself became a crime writer. Whereas Rankin writes about the Edinburgh underworld all three of Mcilvanney’s are set in Glasgow and the Borders region.
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