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  1. Oh dear!! It’s now raining in Cardiff. Enjoy Sussex v Kent Futtocks
  2. I’ve also been at a 20/20 match that was abandoned without a ball being bowled. (If I remember correctly it was against Lancashire as well) The threshold for delays/abandonments seems much more lenient in CC matches, as you say there’s no consistency.
  3. Glamorgan v Yorkshire No play before Lunch, wet outfield. The hours of play lost because the grass is a bit damp is ridiculous. I know the reason is that the players may slip and be injured, but c’mon in this day and age and all that. They probably miraculously are immune from injury during a 20/20 game, I’ve seen many game played whilst it’s raining.
  4. I’ve just seen a snatch of The Railway Children on Look North which reminded me of Bernard Cribbins, looked him up on Wiki and he’s still breathing, 92 years young.
  5. I have a brother-in- law, recently retired Met Chief Superintendent. He tells me it’s about as far from being true to life as it’s possible to be. There again he could be lying and be part of the conspiracy
  6. Forget about Line of Duty, a real crime drama starts on Channel 4, Sunday 9th May 9:00pm. Season 4 of Fargo is here and doesn’t disappoint, set in 1950’s Chicago the first episode sets the scene, showing the transfer of power on ethnicity lines prior and up to 1950. That’s all I’m saying, although I’ve been lucky enough to see the full series, no more spoilers
  7. Hunslet 6-12 Barrow Close, hard fought game, both teams should have a good season.
  8. Sorry to hear of your troubles Bleep. If you become homeless will Council Services be any help, surely they are under some kind of obligation to temporarily accommodate someone who has been evicted through no fault of their own?
  9. Man City 1 - 2 Leeds Dallas grabs late winner for 10 man Leeds. A fantastic defensive effort in the second half. A real captain’s performance scoring both goals from Dallas.
  10. After seeing and snapping it through the kitchen window I went outside to try for a close up, spooked it and off it flew. They can’t half shift for a fat bird
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