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  1. Nah! It’s not a proper poppy unless you stab yourself a few times with the impossibly small pin they provide
  2. After spending 10 mins trying, and finally succeeding to pin a poppy securely and with the leaf pointing towards 11 o’clock on my jacket my wife walked in and told me it was wrong, it should be on the left side not the right.
  3. Sounds too good to be true. Do you have a link? all I can find on google is free for a year if iPhone purchased after Sept 10
  4. A live Frank Zappa track from his CD Imaginary Diseases. This track, D.C. Boogie was recorded at his Washington DC concert in 1972 but not released until 2006.
  5. Frank Zappa covering an Allman Brothers Band number
  6. Clean spark plugs wash the car myself put 4 gallons in the tank for a quid
  7. Kim Shattuck lead singer and bassist with The Muffs and The Pandoras, she also stood in with The Pixies after Kim Deal departed. No age really only 56, she suffered with ALS, a variant of Motor Neurone Disease. Although her bands did mostly their own material they also did covers, this is a particularly good version.
  8. Ginger was anything but ‘gentle’ when I saw him in the late ‘70s at the Fforde Green pub in Leeds. He only played about 20 mins of his set before storming off stage, mad as hell because his drum kit kept moving about and his roadies had to keep coming on stage to try and secure it. Mind you he was giving it some stick. RIP Ginge
  9. Probably difficult to nutmeg, I think I’d rather dribble round her
  10. I’ve really enjoyed the BBC coverage of the championship, excellent pictures and commentaries with plentiful and knowledgable insight from the on-site experts Denise Lewis, Michael Johnson, Jess Ennis and my personal favourite Daley Thompson, how does he get away with wearing an Adidas outfit every day? They must be paying him a fortune.
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