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  1. You must be the chap I see in Morrison’s at the newspaper display reading the RL papers whilst the Mrs does the shopping. Then putting it back when you’ve finished.
  2. The WMC, a Mosque has been built there now. I played a game on Saville green just before it closed, we had to abandon it due to having stones lobbed at as over the wall. Steve Pinfield is a well known and respected name in the crown green bowling world, didn’t you ever fancy having a go?
  3. Ravensthorpe used to have a cracking bowling green, very tricky and a team who bowled it well. It had to close 8 to 10 years ago, membership had dwindled due to the animosity and threat from the newly arrived residents. They saw a lovely piece of grass and thought it was only right they could play football, cricket or have barbecues on the green. A shame really, I used to enjoy my yearly visit and play against old acquaintances and meet new ones.
  4. I'm sorry Bob but I can resist no longer. You seem to be doing an awful amount of press-ups this week, is this with the assistance of your much younger Scandinavian wife.
  5. My old library ticket, I came across it in the back of an old, discarded wallet.
  6. I’m confused, is that a picture of Shadow or gingerjon?
  7. 69.8 please Shadow. Up .3, it’s the chocolate!
  8. Lucky you! I fancied watching that but Mrs Moose had other ideas and insisted on watching The English Game on Netflix. Evidently it was the first episode of a series of god knows how many. I won’t be watching anymore, an absolute load of tosh. I should have been warned it’s written by Julian Fellowes and it’s about football.
  9. What if they’re left- handed and ginger?
  10. Right, (licks pencil) where’s that fag packet?
  11. A great idea meast I suggest starting with the 1907/8 season
  12. Recorded 7th June 1972, released 1st March 1973.
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