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  1. Fully agree with your analysis John and also your hopes for a Panthers victory, hopefully having Kikau back will make a difference. This is the first season I’ve watched the NRL games and I’ve been amazed at the levels of both the fitness and skills on show. In a way it’s sad that I’m looking forward more to this final than I did for the CC final, it should be a cracker
  2. Stick with it Johnny, I loved it. Not as good as Breaking Bad but not far off.
  3. I'll just measure this piece of string and get back to you johnny.
  4. I think it’s now to be shown tomorrow.
  5. Couldn’t agree more Robin. I find it uncomfortable and difficult to watch a group of prepubescent girls dancing in what to me are inappropriate costumes. In this day and age it doesn’t seem right.
  6. I used to collect stamps as a child/teenager and now and then a stamp turned up with Cochin Anchal printed on them. It was years before I discovered it was a princely state in Kerala, India.
  7. Just the right face for a pub in Hyde Park, plus he could back it up. Hard as nails was Ted.
  8. Ted Carroll. Hunslet RL player who took advantage of his ‘looks’ to carve out a successful acting career.
  9. Dennis ‘Tango’ Tate scoring for Hunslet against Batley in 1956. The artist was Alf ‘ Ginger’ Burnell, a teammate of Dennis and an accomplished artist.
  10. You are Boris Johnson and I claim my £5.
  11. Over 96% of Hunslet’s season ticket holders have waived their right to a refund. A wonderful gesture from a loyal band of fans.
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