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  1. Best game I’ve watched this year. Fabulous effort from both sides, great defence from Eels. Hard attritional rugby, no quarter given by either team. They deserve a few pints tonight
  2. Meanwhile Yorkshire thrash Somerset by an innings and thirty three runs inside two days at Scarbados. Some great new, young talent now coming through in the Ridings.
  3. Charlie Wabo, Michael Mark and Nico Slain all played for Hunslet about ten years ago.
  4. A few years since I was in the West Riding pub, a proper pub, great records on the Juke Box plus real ale. Unfortunately Sunday clashes with Hunslet v Coventry.
  5. Too many fancying a Hunslet win v Rochdale, don’t like it, makes me nervous
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/cricket/58221755 Yorkshire to issue a statement within two days. Whitewash or heads to roll?
  7. I believe his hair used to belonged to someone else and most of his face is a lot younger than 90 years
  8. https://www.picturedrome.net/Venue-Guide.htm
  9. 22 Gold Bleep not 5 or 6 and a combined total of 65 medals. Well done to all the competitors, I’ve really enjoyed the games and the BBC coverage. One slight criticism of the coverage, too much chatting from the commentators/pundits in the studios.
  10. https://hunsletrlfc.com/team/club-statement-zach-braham/
  11. Jealousy is a terrible trait Bleep. You’ll no doubt be even more annoyed to learn that Yorkshire enjoys four special days, one each for the Three Ridings and August 1st for the whole of Yorkshire.
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