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  1. A neighbour of mine has the number plate F1LEY, must be worth a fair bit.
  2. A day at Headingley to watch cricket will cost an adult £18 for a Championship or One Day match and £19 for a T20 match, children are £5 at all matches. OAP's get in for £10 or £12.
  3. From 1971, Kraut rock at its best. It's nine minutes long but stick with it, superb Hammond organ and guitar solos and the vocalist ain't bad either.
  4. The only time I've heard someone ask for a collop was in a Morley fish and chip shop.
  5. Moose

    French signing

    If you've read the club website you'll know why. The coach decided that the halfback/hooker position needed extra cover. Anyway welcome to Hunslet Romain, I'm sure you'll be warmly welcomed by your new teammates as well as the Hunslet fans.
  6. Is this a first, Captain Beefheart music in a TV commercial
  7. Sonic's Rendezvous Band - An extended live version of City Slang.
  8. Demand that isn't being met demands to be met. Jo Nesbo.
  9. Don’t know if my taste buds are deserting me in my dotage or Jersey Royal new potatoes have lost their unique taste, this years crop taste no better than the much cheaper varieties from Cyprus, Egypt etc.
  10. The lasses from Cas and Fev are slugging it out tonight 4:0 to Cas early doors.
  11. The official England store has the shirts priced at £55 for the short sleeved version and £60 for the long sleeved one. Seems reasonable.
  12. Cracking game, loved every minute of it. Let's hope the Leeds management make it compulsory viewing for their players and coaching staff as a reminder of what commitment is required from Super League players.
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