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  1. As a youngster I thought a male yellowhammer was a canary Still to be seen around Ardsley Reservoir and in the fields between John o Gaunts and Rothwell Country Park, they are easier to see after farmers have harvested their grain crops, I often see them on the ground picking up the leftovers.
  2. My memories of the Linnet are similar Robin. Growing in South Leeds they were numerous, I seem to remember their favourite nesting sites was in gorse or bramble bushes. The only ones I’ve seen lately have been at West Ardsley Reservoir. Goldfinches also numerous in our garden, last Bullfinch I saw was about 5 years ago at Oakwell Hall. Butterflies have suddenly burst onto the scene locally. Saw a lovely Red Admiral yesterday as well as a Wall Brown and Ringlet. The Ringlet which was rarely seen locally seems to becoming more numerous.
  3. England are playing a 3 day intra-squad match in preparation for the upcoming Test series against the WI. It’s being streamed live via the ECB homepage, today is day 2 and it starts at 11:00am. I only found out about it last night therefore didn’t see any of yesterday’s play, I’ve had a look this morning and it seems as though it’s the same set up as the streaming the counties use, ie one fixed camera at each end.
  4. I think this is my favourite NY song. I bought his Zuma album when it was released in 1975 and played this track to death?
  5. You can’t leave like that Les!! What happened to the chicken....
  6. Florida man cleaning his back yard naked. A neighbour said “ I went outside to empty my trash and he was bent over winding his hose”
  7. For me it’s ok just a bit too slow and bluesy. I much prefer him playing rock.
  8. Book publishers have done this for years. Slap a new cover on an old novel, get it placed in a prominent position in the bookshop/supermarket and some buyers think it’s a new book by one of their favourite authors.
  9. The final scene from Breaking Bad The music is Baby Blue by Badfinger.
  10. The Aspirin patent finished in 1917. Any drugs company can make it. Aspirin is now just a generic term.
  11. It’s all subjective Robin, but I’ll stick with Rory as the greatest rock guitarist of the ones I’ve seen either live or on YouTube ?
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