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  1. Yep. We're all Rams tonight!
  2. Same here. Missus wants to stop over and make a weekend of it so I've suggested the Ikea challenge
  3. Makes it even sweeter that it was another of their thugs that dropped the restart to give us posession in the final minute
  4. Excellent and, unfortunately, appropriate use of the word micturated. A real afternoon of 'what ifs'. But why oh why have we struggled for the last couple of seasons to be solid for the first set after a restart? Are we in too much of a hurry to get back on the front foot again?
  5. York also had players missing. Every team has players missing. So your point is.....?
  6. Spot who skipped maths class at school
  7. Fair call but i would love to see that explosive burst from Junior that set up Will Oakes in the first half. And who knows, maybe we can pretend ref gets those offside calls right this time and Liam's length of the field effort stands
  8. Anyone know if we are going to see any highlights from last Sunday?
  9. JonT

    Tim Sheens

    Both good points. Smith has more than enough ability to turn Rovers' season around. And if he did, would the board risk upsetting the apple cart by making another change so soon. From social media it looks like Robins fans are more than happy with the appointment so maybe a little success and some fan pressure will result in the offer of a longer contract. Fingers crossed
  10. JonT

    Tim Sheens

    Guess we all know why it's not for the 2020 season....
  11. JonT

    Tim Sheens

    Tony Smith till theend of the season.
  12. JonT

    Tim Sheens

    Morgan to York? You begin to wonder if this has all been carefully arranged by Hudgell and co.
  13. At long last, a worthy replacement sponsor for Slalom Lager ! But a young un like you won't remember that Gav
  14. That's what i thought. Weren't that many spare seats to be had
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