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  1. Surely got to be some more creativity on the way, otherwise there is a lot resting on Morgan Smith.
  2. Absolutely agree. For a guy who wasnt the biggest he punched well above his weight. And his workrate was phenomenal.
  3. https://everythingrugbyleague.com/kirmond-set-for-wakefield-exit/ All done according to this
  4. Still regularly give that try a watch ? It was Butler-Fleming that evaded the tackle and fed Judah wasn't it? His footwork was absolutely magic. Played a pivotal part in the unforgettable win over Toronto as well.
  5. Was a fantastic initiative with so many contributions from York fans in terms of tweets and, hopefully, donations.
  6. Out of interest Scotchy, do you have a source for Branson having a personal wealth of £5 billion?
  7. Sounds like it was just the performance needed to kick start our season. If only it wasnt all about to grind to a halt ?
  8. Sorry folks, gonna be a few mssing here. Youngest son started with rough cough and fever through the night. See you all on the other side. Take care of yourselves and each other.
  9. Don't think any shandys been taken on this occasion.
  10. Brought a much needed spark to the team. Would love to have him here all season but his aspirations, quite rightly, are probably to cement more Superleague appearances.
  11. Agree with this. And, at risk of being shot down again, i dont think we play a massively entertaining game right now - or, indeed, for the latter stages of last season. Appreciate Ford has to set up the team to play to their strengths but i like to watch the game to see moments of off the cuff skill as well.
  12. State of this post. Shameful missing of the point and absolutely part of the problem.
  13. JonT

    New stadium

    Thanks AB. Pity they didn't ask whether a proper scoreboard has been ordered to replace the 32" Goodmans widescreen that has been put up instead. We'll get there eventually. In the meantime lets enjoy the remaining time at BC and give the lads our most vociferous support.
  14. JonT

    New stadium

    At least then something will be kicking off at the new stadium ?
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