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  1. Me 4. I look forward to seeing what comes of this. It'd be interesting to hear if the club actually reaches out to any of the respondents direct to get more information.
  2. Great try. Just when I was thinking Town were short of ideas near the line, they pull off an absolute beauty.
  3. Fantastic signing! Brings us that little bit of maverick who can make something from nothing that we've missed from the squad since Cockayne hung up his boots. Well done all at the Knights
  4. Joking aside, i can see myself getting a season ticket next year. As most of you on here know, i have really struggled with my mental health over the past 18 months or so, which has left me feeling unable to cope with crowds and social occasions. But me and my dad did make it to the London game and enjoyed every second. Didn't really like the 'sit anywhere' advice of the stewards as we did have someone challenge us for sitting in their seat And what's going on with parking? I paid 5 quid but then had no idea where that permit allowed me to park, and there appeared to be no-one checking. Again But the atmosphere was great, the game high quality, and it made me realise again why i have loved this sport for over 40 years now. Onwards and upwards to 2022!
  5. I've just fixed that for you Nige
  6. Although Sammut did try to get an early dart
  7. Come Sunday we're all Oldham, aren't we
  8. Young, full of potential, already demonstrated he can perform well at this level. If you're reading this James and Jon, more of the same please!
  9. I hope so Peter. I'm at a strange point in my relationship with RL. Part of me thinks I'm done after 40+ years of passionately support both the local and the national game. But there is still a part of me that yearns to be back to supporting my team. I'd never switch my allegiance so it is York or nothing. I will attempt to navigate the overly complicated beast that is the online booking system and try to get tickets for us all for Sunday.
  10. Thank you Gav. I will pass that on.
  11. My parents, both well in their 80s, went to the club shop this week to buy a birthday present for a friend. Told me today that no one said hello to them, nor goodbye, nor helped them or thanked them for their purchase. As I've said before, it feels nothing like We Are York anymore. And i don't think anyone from the club cares or wants to listen. The goodwill and togetherness that has been built over the last few seasons is being allowed to drip, drip away.
  12. Still could, and should, have put on a great tournament. Our worth as UK fans of Rugby League has never been lower.
  13. Thank you Gav. Please feel able to pass on my posts above to those in the YCK management team who are in discussions with SMC if it adds weight to the argument.
  14. I agree with what you're saying here Fevrover but I've made my concerns and feelings clear across the clubs SM channels and on here. And it seems pretty apparent that that is not being heard. There's nothing stopping the club reaching out to assist. They certainly manage to remind me when my lottery needs renewing Maybe it's just me, but this season it very much does not feel like "WE are York".
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