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  1. Take no notice Bob, this forum is the best entertainment on telly.
  2. Yes there were some holes and I don't want to go back to that either, but the point I'm trying to make is that all this insistence on these super grounds which will never be full to capacity anyway, with the exception of a few clubs, is distorting what's important. Surely the quality of the team is what's important, not all these stupid criteria. The removal of P & R is part and parcel of all this nonsense. I'm not disagreeing with anything else you say, I'm just trying to point out the futility of the system we have at the moment
  3. I don't like them at all. I like to know who is playing in what position and squad numbers don't help with that. I agree with Bob, it should be 1 - 17.
  4. Same here mate - booked a trip to Croatia the same week. What a prat! There's a bar called the Wigan Bar on the seafront at Benalmadina which as you might expect is a rugby pub. Could be a good place to see the game. :angry2:
  5. Not half as annoying as ITV HD who went for a freaking advert break and missed the England goal!
  6. Nice to find a paper that gives us a mention. Press coverage is still useless in this division.
  7. Good site - a few minutes quicker than Sky
  8. 10-0 now (28 mins)
  9. Brendan Worth would do nicely, but that's never going to be any more than a daydream!!
  10. Glad to see this thread, I thought it was just me looking through Fev-coloured spectacles! Nearly as boring as Huddersfield v Cas. Couldn't wait for it to finish so we could watch Coronation Street!! Well played Richard Whiting!
  11. You didn't, I did
  12. Stay happy in your delusion, pal. We prefer it that way. Rovers are ###### and will provide no threat to anybody this season. Happy now?
  13. Let 'em keep believing the myth that we are lucky. That way, when struggling teams like Cas sack their coach, they don't come sniffing round here for our coach and players. Let's stay lucky, like Gary Player, who famously said "Sure I'm lucky, and the more I practise the luckier I get"
  14. I don't post often on here, but I can't contain myself after last night's superb performance. The tackling was awesome, it was like watching a team full of Pete Smiths and Jimmy Thompsons! Some of the hits were making me wince on the terraces. Any team, and Halifax weren't a bad team, were going to get fed up of that treatment and crack in the end. Then the attack took over and played some scintillating stuff, despite the bad conditions. Well done to each and every player, and to Darryl. The best Rovers performance I have seen for many years, you have given us hope, keep the momentum going!