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  1. What a wonderful and lovely gesture this was, I noticed the inscription as well, I hope any replicas or originals sell well.
  2. Before that he was a Tiger then became a Rover (Pirate) so perhaps he was stocking up his ship before his next forage. I don't read the Dalesman though I should, to see that lovely countryside I'm missing.
  3. Let's all calm down a bit. Rovers were undoubtedly the best team in their competition this season, apart from losing to a drop/field goa; after the alloted time was up we could claim anything we wanted. I'm just happy that the club campaigned so well made me proud and made the rugby league world take notice that Featherstone are on their way back. We knew the ruled, and we played to them game over. However, I am so proud of my team and so proud of the club. Well Done everyone as for the g;ory of a win on finals day, it didn't happen this time, but I'll tell you what, no tesm in the Championship will relish playing us next season and what a cracking league it will be with Leigh, and Widnes recruiting wisely Halifax hoping to ( they may well be able to now financially) Barrow showing they still mean business and worthy new comers back in the league. I look forward to next season, no back to one just passed. Do you know what ? you can call me anything you want except ..........Late for Lunch
  4. Why not simply have a designated area at PO Road for smokers. there is plenty of room for it, perhaps even allow the smoker to have a drink as well. I understand the fire risks, so they can be assessed and dealt with, as or people's health ? it's just as unhealthy riding in a car in traffic. A cigarette would kill me, but I know how much people enjoy smoking, we don't stop drinking and that causes as many deaths as smoking, drunken acts can be worse than careless cig butts. People ought to have a freedom of choice, so long as it does not interfere with those who do not wish or cannot tolerate cigarette smoke.
  5. I always believed that in play offs which were restricted for replays then something other than a Golden point should prevail. My thoughts were that in the event of a tie on 80 minutes then the prize money be shared equally, however, the championship trophy went to the side scoring more league points. Having said that Halifax won fair and square, I don't dispute that at all., but even the wife said that seems unfair when she asked me what happens if they draw ? It could have gone our way and this is just my feelings which you may or may not agree with and of course many wont.
  6. Rumour has it that one team won't have any fixtures, well at least their fans won't be allowed any matches. ( Hard hat on and wait for bombs dropping on bad joke )
  7. I don't think the Golden Point lost us the game, I believe we lost the game on the first Halifax try, we had players standing expecting others to make the tackle on worrincey and those who couldn't match his pace. Those four points made the difference and we should have been more clinical. I'm still proud of the team and the coaches though they did their best and I believe Stu was right to do as he thought, he is after all our skipper.
  8. I agree with Mick H provisions ought to be made for smokers , those who know me realise that I don't smoke, but I did once and I can understand their frustrations at going without. I hope their is a provision made in future so that non smokers and smokers can get on with their own things. Perhaps if a smoker area had been allowed Sunday's incident may not have happened. That is pure speculation as we have not yet heard any OFFICIAL version as to the cause only speculation. Unless you have proof, you should not make staements about this or any other incident which may or may not happened on Sunday. Silliness will always prevail when there is an audience, such as acting in a manner unbecoming when you have mates to show how macho you are. I wasn't there so I won't comment on this incident, but I have been targeted at some away grounds because I need to have an oxygen tank with me. I just ignore the ignorance and wish I was 40 years younger, and that's the trouble, as men we feel the need to retaliate when abused, the really brave one's are those that ignore any aspirtions and carry on with their lives. We do not want the game to become like football, with fans going to games just to fight. WE need a strong supporter bas e for all clubs or the game dies. Let's get started with showing the rest of the rugby league game that it is safe and welcoming to come to Featherstone that way we get bigger crowds and more income and a better way of life. Oh yes and a smoking shelter !!
  9. I do hope that the injured fan recovers completely, there is absolutely no place in rugby league for fan violence no matter how intimidated you feel. Too many fans tag on when a team reaches a final and of course we all look forward to having extra support. What we don't and never will need is an excuse for violence. I wasn't there so I can't comment on the incident, I'm just sad that someone has been injured.
  10. I'll let Louis Walsh know David, but despite my old fashioned grumbling ENJOY Yourselves and have a great day out. as for singing ? Well I'll tell you my voice is so bad, that I leave the room before I start so i don't have to listen to myself.
  11. She called me a silly Ass the other day, so I suppose I'm now a drug Mule. oops I'm back for me medication
  12. Don't try to be bitter, JJP gave his all when he was here and had the anxiety of leaving his family behind to play for us. He would have completed his contract had it not being for his son being seriously ill. A rugby players sporting life is not a long one and to stay in this country and have his family would have meant earning more than he did with Rovers. let's thank him for what he did for us and his leaving gave Sam his chance to shine which he has taken with both hands
  13. It won't make the top ten but at least they could effluence it a bit. and people question what are we going to sing, it's obvious, we sing owt as long as it makes us look stupid, and moronic. Why not try singing the songs my dad used to sing ( and he COULD sing) Hearts of Oak .
  14. Very clever Colin I like that, but seriously the humour injected by Old Rover makes my daydespite the purists not liking it. A laugh a day keeps me happy and alive.
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