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  1. A genuine voluntary tackle is really quite rare - the 'unnecessarily' part of the rule ("A player in possession shall not deliberately and unnecessarily allow himself to be tackled by voluntarily falling to the ground...") tends to be overlooked, especially when diving to the ground out of the in-goal area.
  2. Like many loud-mouth conservatives, Trump is a giant snowflake, unwilling to leave his safe spaces lest he encounter people who are horrid about him. Here's Politico's take on a Mail story: http://www.politico.eu/article/donald-trump-to-make-dummy-run-visit-to-uk-report/
  3. Crossrail, a vast undertaking which is (now) a Network Rail/TFL project - on time, on budget. And let's not pretend cost overruns are unique to the public sector in any event. But as a matter of principle there is no reason for infrastructure of critical national importance, and which is funded or backed by government, to have private sector ownership or management once it is completed. Overlaying a pseudo-free market to the rail network only adds to costs for rather incoherent ideological reasons. The private sector is most definitely not some garden of economic genius where costings are always correct and strategy always well thought out.
  4. Didn't really mean distance, and it may have been because both sets of fans were coming from the same direction, but the traffic in the vicinity of the ground for the Cas-Leeds semi a few years back was memorably chaotic, especially pre game. They might have improved their traffic management since but some people I know are citing that experience as a reason not to go. I don't understand the mentality as I'd never dream of missing a cup semi (this is my 19th watching Leeds 😊) but people remember stuff like that and it does have an effect.
  5. I don't often stick up for my fellow Leeds fans but based on the last experience at Doncaster it's a pig to get to from Leeds. I know a couple of people not attending for that reason and another who can't be sure they'll get there on time from something in the morning.Play at hudds and you would get a lot more Leeds fans. Maybe less Hull ones but a larger crowd overall. Nonetheless it's a cup semi-final so whatever the challenges a club with 10k season ticket holders should sell more than 3k tickets.
  6. Tillerson confirmed this week that US policy on Iran was now for regime change. Iran doesn't much care for that -
  7. What did you do to celebrate?
  8. Leeds were shocking with ball in hand. Did Sky give any statistics for handling errors? Given that, and how clearly superior Cas were in almost all areas, I share McDermott's sliver of positivity about the scramble and the energy Leeds put into what was evidently a lost cause from early in the second half. So it confirms Cas as excellent, in the league at least, and Leeds as a side a little way off the best in the competition but probably still top 4 or 5ish. It's not a widely held view but I think Leeds finishing 4th and going to Wheldon Road in the play off semi would be almost ideal this year. We get to see first hand if Cas can do it when it really matters as a champion team has to. Their whole season resting on simply beating a team they always nowadays beat. And we'd get to see if the remnants of the great Leeds team can still turn something on when written off and in the most important game of the season. Cas win and they prove they are worthy shield winners and Grand Finalists. Leeds win and... well!
  9. No Ablett and no Burrow makes this very difficult to Leeds - the former who is almost indispensible and the latter who is pretty much the only person who can change a game once Leeds dig themselves into a hole (albeit McDermott usually brings him on too late for him to have the desired impact). Cas by 10. Leeds are steady this season but not, or at least not yet, a top side.
  10. All of which is not to say the Dem's don't require fresh blood - I'd say Nancy Pelosi's time as Minority Leader should really come to an end. She might be a ferocious fundraiser but she has never been a particularly good retail politician. I think the party's next step should be towards less polished but more authentic leaders - Sherrod Brown in the Senate is a personal favourite, not sure who there is in the House. As we saw in the 2016 Primaries, authenticity matters and the era of perfectly groomed, perfectly spoken moderates is perhaps over. No more Martin O'Malley's or Mitt Romneys.
  11. The swing from Republican to Democrat in GA-6 was 9.8%. That sort of movement in the mid-terms would bring the Democrats the House. Obviously there are huge structural advantages that the Republicans benefit from - most importantly the incumbency benefit as well as the shame of gerrymandering and GOP voter suppression initiatives. Still, the results in these Special Elections will be making Republicans in less safe districts nervous. I imagine Paul Ryan will be a target - the advert BR posted on Tuesday from his potential challenger suggests that he might have a decent opponent this time round.
  12. The only realistic option for a larger stadium is Huddersfield - and I do think this game could get more than the capacity of the Keepmoat. I'm biased though as I know less Leeds fans will travel there compared to Hudds, not least because of what a ###### it was to get to when we played Cas there. So I'd definitely prefer Hudds but is Doncaster much more convenient for Hull fans? It's clearly less distant whereas Huddersfield involves driving past Leeds which perhaps isn't fair.
  13. Some posters will find anything to criticise the RFL for. Bonkers.