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  1. M j M

    New Grounds.

    Planning approved concept for the western terrace - Will never be built in this form as it will further reduce capacity, but this was as large as the council were willing to go with.
  2. M j M

    Are Leeds in crisis?

    Danny was really awful at times in the years leading up to him not getting a new contract (or being offered a derisory one). The fact that he ended so brilliantly makes even more frustrating the way he played during the regular seasons beforehand. Some Leeds fans will try to whitewash this but there wasn't too much outrage when it was announced he was being allowed to leave. Lolo may well be a good player. He may well be a good full back. What he doesn't appear to be is an appropriate half back partner for Richie Myler. That was the role we were recruiting for: a controlling half back who would be the key decision maker and allow Myler to do his thing. Walker is our full back and even if we think he won't play every week we definitely didn't need to recruit in that position. As for leadership it's clear that this is lacking to a degree. Brett Ferris being captain right now tells its own story.
  3. Trump has been notably active on Twitter this weekend. I wonder what he's angry about or desperate to distract from that we don't know about yet.
  4. M j M

    Change of rules

    It would be terrible for either club, particularly Wigan who have little to fall back on. And it would be terrible for the league just ahead of TV negotiaitons to lose one of its biggest rating teams. But it would be utter madness to change the structure to save them. With all the constant talk of structures we mustn't lose sight of the fact that this is a sport. The moment we lose our underlying credibility, where the results are fixed or the outcomes are changed is when we could lose everything. If Leeds or Wigan finish bottom, they get relegated. End of. It's not like these two clubs don't have huge inherent advantages as it is; they don't need to be in a bumper lane as well.
  5. M j M

    Formula One

    Woke up on time for this, just. Watched the start and the first ten minutes. Fell asleep. Fortuitously re-awoke just as Verstappen crept up to Vettel and then half dozed to the end. Very efficient way to watch what was seemingly a pretty tedious race.
  6. It's almost like he spends his day hunting down obscure things on the internet so he can pretend to be outraged about them, claiming the victim mantle yet again.
  7. It's like this every season, although the construction work won't have helped, even if they've tried to protect it. It's usually in excellent condition by June, gets messed up again when they do some midseason work on it and is then perfect again just in time for playoff time. Or, in 2019, just in time for the close season 😬
  8. It's easy to laugh like a remainer elitist at the march. But being easy doesn't make it wrong.
  9. M j M

    Formula One

    I think we'd need to see a few more races at tracks with different characteristics and weather conditions to know; but based on this weekend so far it looks just like the last few years with two leading teams and then a mass of everyone else relatively close. Including Red Bull pretending to be a leading team but too often not being, although I'm willing to wait for a while before being definitive on them. Oh and then Williams right at the back
  10. M j M

    Formula One

    The pace of the Mercedes today was very surprising, if you took as fact the pre-season speculation. The track maybe favours them and then the Mercedes team have historically been better at qualifying than in the race. But even so to be that far ahead of the Ferraris was fascinating, and was another reminder that testing doesn't tell you much about what will happen when it actually gets going. Having watched Sky F1 since it started I have to say the coverage today was poor. The Brundle/Croft pairing for race and qualifying is good but the sacking/removal of Ted Kravitz and his post-qualifying and race analysis is a bit of a disaster. Kravitz made sure every team got covered and his notebook gave great and unique insights; instead today there was almost zero analysis and we were left with some toe-curling TV as the clearly embarrassed Mclaren drivers were blindfolded and made to touch up a mystery guest. I had to switch off.
  11. I don't know if this is just you phrasing it badly, but it reads like distilling a terrorist act into "they started it".
  12. I think the far right community leaders need to step forward and work with the authorities.
  13. Brittany Ferries have the extra sailings they're being paid for on the Le Havre, Roscoff and Cherbourg routes from the 29th - so at least those Brexiteers with second homes in the French countryside can take advantage of additional sailing options to speed to their chateaux. So Brexit has spawned additional welfare for corporates and for elites. Yay for the magic money tree 🤗
  14. M j M

    Are Leeds in crisis?

    I think Leeds had an issue with his attitude and some guff about his injury record which was middling but much better than a whole bunch of players still there. When he played he was the best forward we had.