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  1. Birtherism was the root of Trump's entry into Republican politics and drove his popularity with the base. https://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/03/us/politics/donald-trump-birther-obama.html I guess black and Hispanic Americans are just too dumb to see that the Democrats are the problem rather than the party which talks about and enacts the anti-black and anti-Hispanic policies. I can't work our if your view is just false equivalency or a sort of swift boating. Either way I don't view it as really worth debating.
  2. McDermott speaks again - picks up at the start point below, then again from 11:01
  3. If you watch McDermott's press conferences (which I do religiously) he's been talking about this for years. It's not new but he normally does it after a win so he can't be accused of the stuff people above have been accusing him of. This is the video version BTW -
  4. Sorry Martyn you keep standing up for someone (or rather keep attacking the critics of someone) who built his entire political career on promoting a racist lie about the country's first black President. Trying to distract and say how racist southern Democrats sixty years ago were (many/most of whom later became Republicans) really isn't very convincing.
  5. Amazing how certain people can be held to a standard of behaviour ("vanity"?!) but tolerate it of others. Like the lying, racist and sexist President of the United States?
  6. Revealed in court: Michael Cohen has but three clients: Elliot Broidy, the GOP deputy finance chair, for whom Michael Cohen arranged a payment to a woman he had sex with. Donald Trump, the GOP President, for whom Michael Cohen arranged a payment to a woman he had sex with. And Sean Hannity. What does Hannity have to hide?
  7. UKIPpery

    He really does think that being born British is to be born inherently superior, a terrifyingly fascist view of the world. And his complete lack of real patriotism is exposed in tweets like this when he is implying he hates the UK. They do love one thing though - some sort of weird, fictional historic Enid Blytonland. I'd love to visit it but I imagine it'd be a terrifying place to live. And there sure as hell ain't gonna be any tolerance of Rugby League there.
  8. Drop kicked conversion

    Thaler was fuming at the Wigan trainer for moving about during the penalty that Watkins kicked on Friday. If he'd missed I'm pretty sure he'd have let him retake it.
  9. UKIPpery

    New UKIP leader is confirmed. Then announces he is going to resign. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-43769408
  10. I'm not in any way saying Thaler is biased towards Leeds. But in 1 or 2 point games you will always be able to point out something that cost you the game. Unless there is a real issue with the referee (like the running battle several senior Leeds players had with Silverwood for several years), you need to overcome the decisions which go against you like those which go for you (and I didn't think the penalty Leeds kicked last night should have been given). But those occasions when Thaler calls have gone in Leeds favour have happened in some very big games - e.g. 2012 Challenge Cup semi final vs Wigan; Hardaker's first try. Knock on by Ryan Bailey followed by a huge forward pass, both overlooked. Hardaker's second try. Mega knock on by Danny McGuire, one of the worst missed calls I've ever seen in a big game. Thaler has referenced this as one of the big mistakes in his career. 2012 Super League play offs - Catalan away. McGuire wasn't sent off for his fist in the face of Louis Anderson and won the game for Leeds. McGuire was subsequently banned. 2015 Super League Grand Final - he gave the famous "knock on" try by Joel Moon. I'm sure Wigan fans don't have fond memories of Thaler from that game. And just a year ago who could forget when he was dropped to the championship after Leeds vs Wigan for not sending Brett Ferres off.
  11. Would you like me to provide a list of big game decisions by Thaler which have gone in Leeds favour?
  12. Leakers are a disgrace! But on the other hand, you gotta give 'em a break -
  13. Thaler bottled giving the high shot penalty in front of the posts at the end. But if a team is so dominant for 60 minutes you shouldn't be relying on refereeing vagaries to win.
  14. Erick Erickson is one of the high priests of American conservatism. I wouldn't trust him on anything, but I can't see what reason, apart from publicity, he has for putting this out there - it's certainly the talk of Washington, everyone discussing who the anonymous Republican giving an insight into their cowardice is. https://www.themaven.net/theresurgent/erick-erickson/a-congressman-s-profanity-laced-tirade-in-a-safeway-grocery-store-SeHI2l5bIECGQn4gmnzGaw/?full=1
  15. McDermott talks about obstruction, Wigan and Wane -