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  1. And minority voters didn't vote for Clinton in quite the same numbers as they did for Obama.
  2. I'm a bit sad and embarrassed for them really. They are I think smart enough to know that the Republican party isn't just a foreign branch of the Conservative party but somehow now feel obliged to contort themselves unnecessarily to defend them on the same fault lines as they would in the UK.
  3. I'm creating a bit of a straw man but what the hell... I wonder what the reaction of some non Trump fans would have been if Obama or Clinton lied as much as Trump. Would we all be in agreement about their genius as a master strategist?
  4. So you're saying it is indeed some sort of small town syndrome?
  5. Ablett not Ward will be the Leeds captain this evening.
  6. You said they didn't happen. Ironically Trumpian of you.
  7. Why are Hudds fans so obsessed with Leeds? I remember when Wakey was their obsession, when did it change?
  8. The mainstream media treats protests of things which aren't newsworthy much like they treat Rugby League. This doesn't mean they don't happen. It isn't hard to find out about them if you really put your mind to it. And protests against Trump aren't left or right wing - they are about not applauding someone who hits out at and demonises the weakest in his own society. I know right wingers in the US have contorted themselves terribly over this but it's sad to see UK ones do as well given how far away he is from the Conservative mainstream over here.
  9. Do you object to people protesting?
  10. That is mostly stuff sourced from people who, for various reasons of bitterness about him constantly proving them wrong refuse to let Brian McDermott have any credit whatsoever for multiple trophies. It doesn't bear much relation to what the players actually say.
  11. NATO members can't tell Trump to politely do one, unfortunately. So humouring him until he loses re-election is for the best and hope he doesn't do permanent damage. If Britain had gone all Trump on the EU they would have just let us go our own way and enjoy the full fruits of our Freedom.
  12. Allowing Moon to leave is sensible. He's not good enough as a stand off and his style of play at centre mean that Ryan Hall outside him is all but wasted. If we're really going to have to pay big money to keep Hall then we should get a proper centre to feed him. Easier said than done obviously.
  13. I don't think anyone believes you're racist, sexist or a liar Martyn.
  14. Hello Martyn I'll just leave this one here so everyone can marvel at it.
  15. Shame on the protesters for what exactly? If I didn't need to work and be at Headingley in the evening I'd have had a wander down - he's a sexist, racist, lying moron whose domestic policies hit out at the weakest in American society and whose international policies, where they haphazardly exist, endanger lives around the world. Every peaceful protester who turns out gets the satisfaction of knowing they are on the right side of history.