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  1. What exactly is YK trying to distract from with his latest posts? What is the relevance of someone who died 50 years ago to the current issues of the current Republican party? 50 years ago Nelson Rockefeller was a Republican, the Dixiecrats hadn't yet fully switched en-masse from the Democratic party to the Republican party and through the '70s most Republicans were pro choice. A lot has changed since then. One thing is that the far right is now fully enmeshed in the Republican party where before it was outside it.
  2. If you're going to keep the conferences local you can't split up Leeds and Cas!
  3. First GOP congressman to agree Trump has "engaged in impeachable conduct".
  4. Brexit summed up. Facts aren't facts in this parallel world.
  5. You've had so many facts presented to you and you've dismissed them all. As you say, being presented with the facts makes you more determined to not believe them. It's not really worth going through them all again when there is no chance of the truth ever getting through. And it's nothing at all to do with "standing on our own two feet", what an absurd way to even begin to try and understand international relations and the reality of modern trade. It's this sort of relentless attempt to try and overlay childish simplicity to profoundly complicated issues that helps get Brexiteers that reputation for not being the brightest tools in the box.
  6. Because their careless (putting it politely), actions are bringing this country to its knees. And they will never, ever, ever accept the consequences. It will seemingly always be someone else's fault and they will seemingly always be the victims whilst smearing others for caring too much, knowing too much or empathising too much.
  7. Douchebag, corrupt Republicans keep popping up in my non-American politics reading. Rep Sam Graves (R-MO), a fully paid up spokesman for the Boeing Corporation, decides that foreign pilots were responsible for the 737 Max crashes, that American pilots would have been just fine, setting the stage for Boeing's legal defence. The newly-elected governor of Alaska has decided that the remote communities of Alaska's south east no longer need the services of the state-operated ferry service which is their only means of transport and has defunded the system in its entirity from October, suggesting modern transportation methods be used instead. Like roads. (There are no roads).
  8. It depends on how the cash reserves have ended up following the redevelopment but I can't imagine Leeds will be able to withstand huge reductions in RL-related income just after massively expanding the coaching and playing budgets without Caddick having to find a bit of cash. He hasn't had to put cash into Leeds since the original cash injection back in 1997 but when firing on all cylinders the club is a valuable entity so it's hard to imagine he wouldn't find the funding if required. I've seen it above and saw it on rlfans that the club should have a new coach in place already. Bonkers. If it's to be a permanent appointment they need to take their time and do some proper due diligence over this, not just choose the first available coach. A stop-gap to the end of the season may be more appropriate - in which case John Kear might be getting a phone call.
  9. Brexiteers are also obsessed, absolutely obsessed, with framing themselves as victims.
  10. The obsessive delusional harking back to wartime terminology is utterly pathetic and very terrifying. They are our neighbours and our friends - peaceful, tolerant neighbours and friends who have bent over backwards to accommodate our wanting to be special members of the EU for decades. The nationalist rhetoric of many Brexiteers all too often reveals their real, deeply unpleasant, reasons.
  11. Thought Stuart Pyke was competent but a bit local radio-ish. Would still like Richard Stead to be given a go.
  12. Obama told Trump not to hire Flynn and was, predictably, ignored. Because Trump is a moron who will lie after the event to try and claim he is a victim.
  13. Elections have consequences. This should get shot down by some lower federal court and then it'll be interesting if the Supremes take any interest in taking it up.
  14. Repeating it over and over doesn't make it true you know.
  15. That's not too surprising tbh based on my experience with the Leeds ticket office. The retail side of the business always seems to be a bit of an underperformer. We have a group of five seats and none of us have yet received the new cards which are supposed to be coming to us to get us into the new stand next Thursday.
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