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  1. It's strange how keen some people are to avoid giving the wheels of justice time to fully turn.
  2. Sherrod Brown, the Democratic senior senator from Ohio, seems set for re-election in a state Trump flipped from Obama. I mentioned him a few weeks back as my preferred candidate for the Democratic nomination next time around. Not because he is from a swing state (Ohio is actually pretty red) but because he's authentic and populist but in a way that involves standing up for working people in the way Trump doesn't. He's probably a bit out there for me on trade but I think his authenticity is the key thing which voters will be looking for in the next election. They want someone who is really going to fight for them. This article on him also invokes the little-used term, "hornswoggled": https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2018/09/17/ohio-2018-elections-senior-citizens-sherrod-brown-dewine-cordray-219914
  3. I hardly dare ask but... What terrible things is the Democratic party, which has no control of the levers of power in Washington or most states right now, up to in your judgement that needs Obama's attention right now? (Crossing my fingers that's it's not just something about the Dems being divisive about "identity politics" or somesuch).
  4. I'm reluctant to engage this particular new identity cos, you know, facts. But is the question really 'who are the Bureau of Labor Statistics'?
  5. Mueller builds in some hedges against pardons for Manafort, the sly old dog: https://www.politico.com/story/2018/09/18/manafort-deal-pardon-mueller-trump-827898 If Trump does pardon him the thing would end up in the courts which would make it a prolonged story rather than the usual 'do it quick, hope everyone forgets about it' stuff Trump prefers.
  6. If you compared a list of Rugby League values and compared them to Trump values you won't find much crossover so it's not that surprising to find little love for him on a Rugby League forum. Sure his apologists would say that like our sport he's an outsider. But he's not really, he's an outsider only by being in the elite but occasionally being rude about them. Underneath he's just another rich coastal white guy who inherited money and loves cutting taxes for other rich guys. But then with a lovely layer of white nationalism, ###### and incompetence on top.
  7. M j M

    The Culture Wars

    I'm massively privileged. I was born into an era of peace in a country of huge wealth. Yes I come from the ignored north but I come from a rich bit of pretty much the north's richest city. I'm probably one of the 0.0001% "luckiest" people ever to have been born (nb made up metric and statistic). I'm not apologising to anyone for it, I'm not flagellating myself for it or giving away everything I've got. Nor is anyone suggesting this of anyone else on this thread as far as I can tell despite the reverse engineering of some posters. But I'm also not so entirely self unaware to deny that I was born lucky in gender, geography, moment in time and personal circumstances. And that time and fortune has not yet seen me trapped by the tentacles of circumstance. Other people are born poorer, have less chances in life because they have fewer opportunities for education, get arrested for crimes more, get shot by gun toting cops more. They get overlooked for jobs more than I do because of their sex or their skin colour, their background or their accent. On a day to day basis there is nothing any of us can or should do about any of this. But I'm pretty sure those facts to greater or lesser extents apply to almost everyone on this thread. We all have privileges of one sort or another. What use we make of those pieces of good fortune is entirely different. But in whatever small ways we can it would be nice if some of the more egregious examples could be erased by us or by the people we vote for. And likewise it would be just great if we could make it so that fewer of us are reliant on merely being born lucky to define how our lives and our deaths pan out.
  8. M j M

    The Culture Wars

    Do you really go round the supermarket or shopping centre working out where and how everything you buy has been produced? Imperfect knowledge is a fact. Consumers can't regulate this aspect of the market themselves.
  9. The bitterness on this thread is funny. Ah well, twas ever thus.
  10. M j M

    Gordon Brown.

    Whilst personality is an important part of leadership it's incredible how important its become now so that a technocrat like Brown gets derisively written off even though he was a pretty safe pair of hands. Or perhaps it shows how shallow the pool of talent currently available to us now seems. (For the record I've never voted Labour and probably never will but I could at least visualise voting for a Brown-led party if I lived in the right seat at the right time).
  11. Killing off the Magic weekend would be a wrong step in my view - an event of value we have created ourselves that needs to be retained. Turning it into a one day challenge cup quarter final event would be problematic in terms of who is playing/attending but primarily would need TV buy in. i imagine the BBC would be ok with two games at regularish game times but sky's Thursday and Friday options being replaced by the first and last game on a Saturday means they would likely veto it.
  12. In (partial) defence of Trump - https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/trump-bragged-tallest-building/
  13. M j M

    Serena Williams

    Cartoonist makes cartoon with clearly racist overtones. Gets pushback. The conservative snowflake machine is set off again. "I'M the oppressed victim, me, me, me!".