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  1. M j M

    Ian Lenagan on the attack

    Leeds have never averaged 18k, not since the 1950s or earlier. They topped out at just over 17k in 2005 and the averages have been in the 15,000-16,000 range ever since. Apart, if you insist, from 2017 and especially 2018 when the stadium redevelopment kicked and and the capacity of the ground ended up lower than the previous average.
  2. M j M

    Ian Lenagan on the attack

    Just because Lenagan makes a valid point about incompetence at the RFL (and I doubt this would have happened under Nigel Wood FWIW) doesn't mean he can lay claim to be the face of competence himself. None of the other big clubs have seen such precipitous drops in crowds as his club. None of the other big clubs are as financially troubled as his club. None of the other big clubs have such a revolving door of sponsors as his club. It's fine to throw stones and often it's fully justified. But too often his stone throwing is an attempt to distract attention from the clear and pronounced failures of the management of his own club.
  3. M j M

    Ian Lenagan on the attack

    Shame his actual performance as a club owner in crowds and revenues has been so abysmal.
  4. Trump Discussed Pulling U.S. From NATO, Aides Say Amid New Concerns Over Russia A report which, even if you put to one side the actual policy and Trump's increasingly obvious Putinism, again shows his intellectual weakness and incuriosity. He is too simple to think in any way strategically, as also seen in the shutdown.
  5. The Sadler defence. I like it.
  6. One home game each. If Hudds played in a smaller stadium I think they'd be on more often as they've not been a bad team in recent years. But the ground is utterly unfit for purpose and is a huge turn-off to TV viewers.
  7. There is the world as it is and the world as we (you) would wish it to be. In the real world, the planet is divided into trading blocs and is made up of countries with trading agreements and arrangements, all ceding bits of self-interest and bits of sovereignty for mutual benefit, typically biased towards those closest geographically. And the WTO is there as a backup, not a primary tool. We cannot withdraw from the modern world as much as you would love it. So we do have to respect international law, we do have to be a member of the WTO, we do have to trade through long established processes. To suggest otherwise is as feasible as suggesting we can establish a strong trading relationship with the moon.
  8. Although I did think this was going to be about a TRL draft system. In which case I pick Parksider.
  9. Don't understand this - in my browser, both mobile and desktop, drafts DO sit there waiting if I accidentally move off or if I decide not to post.
  10. True, but they have also stayed in a resolutely narrow band of around 37% to 42%. Which indicates that his base is profoundly solid at around a third of the country. Whilst a clear majority have not given him positive approval and, perhaps, are unlikely to in the next 22 months. He cannot win re-election on that basis unless within the 58%+ of non-approvers there are enough Republican-leaning people who will hold their noses and vote for him. He also cannot win unless he expands his vote from 2016 as the lower proportionate turnout in MI, WI and PA which enabled him to win last time simply won't happen in 2020. Obviously a lot hinges on the Democratic candidate. And Iowa is less than 12 months away
  11. Reimagining Trump using his Oval Office address to try and solve a real crisis.
  12. Leeds fans can be dicks. Was playing for Phil Gould good preparation for this?