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  1. Slashing corporate tax rates and ballooning the deficit. Yay.
  2. Turned on the stream, heard Alex Simmons' voice, switched it off. Will make do with Radio Manchester commentary.
  3. Whilst waiting for McDermott's press conference to appear I was absent-mindedly wandering around the Leeds website and found that they had some interesting stuff on each season going back to the start (although 1895 is perplexingly missing) - perhaps this is from the Ken Dalby books? http://www.therhinos.co.uk/club/history/season-by-season.php#.WPUHbWe1vGg Obviously it is mostly about Leeds but there are a few interesting snippets from NRFU meetings in the early years - such as (1903) When the Annual meeting of the Northern Union clubs was held at Huddersfield on July '4th, some eight weeks before the commencement of the season, the delegates voted strongly in favour of a proposal that the Rugby game should be played by twelve players on each side. Indeed, the "ayes" had it by 54 votes to 24, but the necessary three-fourths majority was not obtained and the reformers had to yield to the minority. This question of minority rule was to be the stumbling block to many other reforms half a century later. I also like this explanation for our poor performance in the 1904/05 season - At the Annual General Meeting of the Football Section the Chairman was most forthright in stating that "we might have held a much stronger position in the table and also done better in the Cup-ties had it not been for matters which had concerned the Committee very much during the season. The club played 36 matches, and on no fewer than 19 occasions referees from Bradford officiated."
  4. How long did Otley stay in the sport for? It looks like they switched then swiftly disbanded? Seems a bit odd for a club with 30 years history to just give up. The current RU club were formed/reformed in 1908, playing on the same ground as the NU one (the one still used today).
  5. It's never too early to talk about the next election, just over four years away... http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/democrats-vs-trump/top-democrats-who-could-challenge-trump-2020-n746781 NBC highlights Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Bernie Sanders, Martin O'Malley, Al Franken, Joe Biden, Kirsten Gillibrand, Andrew Cuomo, Kamala Harris. I think Warren is a weaker campaigner than many assume despite her liberal credentials. Sanders and Biden will be under huge scrutiny for their age alone - fairly or not. Booker and O'Malley are far too polished performers in an election when authenticity will be crucial - they might have been a success 20 years ago but nowadays they come across as pure-bred politicians. Gillebrand and Cuomo might be too New York and too close to Wall Street for a party looking to shore up the midwest. Harris - hard to tell at this stage although she has been a big player in California for years. Which leaves Franken and, relegated to NBC's footnotes, Sherrod Brown. I rate Brown very highly and think he could be a brilliant campaigner. To mitigate his background Franken has taken the business of being a senator demonstrably seriously since he was elected in 2008 - he might still be a little too sarcastic to be a successful candidate but it would be great to see him give it a go.
  6. I thought this guy was supposed to be media savvy? He can't understand why a Republican winning in Kansas wouldn't have been big news but a Dem winning there would have been (it would have been absolutely stunning) -
  7. Here's that clip in case anyone missed it. Remember, this is where Trump gets his opinions from -
  8. Didn't see the Thursday game - were Widnes that bad? All things being equal I'd visualise this game as being the sort of one where cocky Leeds come a cropper but if Widnes are so poor then maybe not. Will be interesting to see who McDermott picks at full back and centre for this one - barring a miraculous recovery Golding has very little chance and Sutcliffe is concussed again. Keinhorst is injured, as is Handley, Moon is required in the halves and even Ablett's injured. So we are left with Watkins plus...?
  9. Even Brian Williams referred to the "beauty" of the missile strikes. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2017/04/07/beautiful-brian-williams-says-of-syria-missile-strike-proceeds-to-quote-leonard-cohen/ Jingoism works well in all countries of course; unfortunately with Trump (and too many of his supporters) it isn't accompanied by the sort of critical thinking that's required when you have this array of missiles at your disposal but the opposition is often indeterminable. Your enemy's ally might be your enemy - or they might be your ally, the people you sell weapons to or the people who put you in office.
  10. Several Hull players getting pretty close to being binned in the way they are arguing with Child after Leeds latest try.
  11. Both sets of fans and players demonstrably frustrated with James Child. Who'd have thought it.
  12. McGuire demonstrating why we left tactical decisions toSinfield for all those years. Takes 2 to stretch the lead, then directly mess up a short kick off, gets sin binned and Leeds concede a try. Painful.
  13. Barwick is a non-exec isn't he? It would be odd for him to get his hands on day to day running. FWIW Wood reports to Barwick and the other non-execs (Clare Morrow, Simon Johnson and Chris Brindle). Morrow and Johnson are on the RFL Remuneration Committee which will be where Wood's pay is determined.