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  1. Lots of Leeds fans claim this. But then lots of Leeds fans don't know too much.
  2. I would suggest that anyone thinking changing something so massively complex and so fundamental to almost every aspect of our economy wouldn't inevitably involve a lot of work, planning, negotiation which would, yes, "go on and on and on", implies that perhaps the people who voted for it weren't really aware of exactly what they were voting on.
  3. Absolutely. Democrats in the post-Jim Crow era don't have too much of a track record on that though. I'm sure it happens occasionally although going in the other direction the unfair portrait is less visceral e.g. they tend to paint their opponents as monsters which is only occasionally true - it's their policies and some of the campaign themes they choose rather than the people which tend to the monstrous
  4. No, classy Republicans are ones who get over what should be a pretty low bar - - don't try and undermine democracy (fake voter fraud claims/overt voter disenfranchisement etc) - don't race bait and dog whistle. - don't question the patriotism of their opponents (and on this one McSally did fall down during the campaign) There are plenty who fit this criteria - Kasich, Boehner, Paul Ryan, Cantor, even ideological far right wingers like Dave Brat manage to stay inside this line most of the time. Having right wing views, even being beholden to big money and corporate interests, is not incompatible with adhering to some basics of a civilised society.
  5. She's not, she's done. She was never that popular in the party and a twice losing run, including failing to beat Trump with a badly flawed political strategy means she won't be running again. Democrats believe in redemption and people's ability to make amends for mistakes, but that can take the form of a book tour and a comfortable retirement.
  6. Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news but this thread can't die just yet because it's time for everyone to start jockeying for 2020. 😬 Politico has done a poll of Democrats on their favourites for the nomination. Beto is surging... https://www.politico.com/story/2018/11/12/poll-biden-bernie-beto-lead-2020-dems-983995 Although I think Biden wins if he runs, if he doesn't I'll go for a Sherrod Brown/Catherine Cortez Masto ticket
  7. I was never keen on making the cup a pre-season event again so the date change looks like a decent compromise to get it away from a tricky weekend. Also certainty on Wembley is reassuring given some of the cries to take the game away from there. The stadium isn't too big, our crowds have been too small.
  8. The 1895 cup being confirmed is good - I honestly can't see an argument for not doing it as it will definitely engage the fans at semi final/final stage. Compared to the Northern Rail Cup or Buddies Cup or whatever options have been used in the past this definitely has more prestige. They just need to work out the procedural wrinkles which will inevitably exist due to it running alongside/for clubs who will become available at unknown times from the Challenge Cup.
  9. Here we go, the best senator in the country is finally going for it. Sherrod Brown for president?
  10. Martha McSally concedes with class. The Republican twittersphere appears to be blowing up because she's not jumping around declaring fraud. Because if a Democrat wins a close election that's the only possible explanation apparently. Arizona FWIW has voted only once in a presidential election for a Democrat since 1948. That may well change in 2020 if Trump is on the ballot again.
  11. At last, the AP calls the Arizona Senate race in favour of Kyrsten Sinema, the Democrat. This is the seat currently held by Trump's least favourite GOP senator Jeff Flake and was once held by Barry Goldwater. Arizona has had only eleven senators since it became a state in 1912, all of them men. Sinema breaks that streak and will also be the first openly bisexual senator.
  12. M j M

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    OK understood, but the key thing with France is the standard of the games. What we can't and shouldn't do is promote France as a top level test match when it's just the warm up game. That's why I think some (certainly not all) of the criticism of the France game at Leigh was unjustified. The game was for players who hadn't played for a while to get back into it ahead of the Kiwis series and for Bennett to try out a few things. It wasn't supposed to be full strength vs full strength with serious things at stake. Fans knew that and the positioning of the game reflected it. You can justifiably argue that we should make more of the French games which would require both sides to be full strength and maybe some sort of trophy. Home and away each year would be good. But that isn't something the sport has committed to logistically at the moment so what we are left with is something which is much more difficult to promote and almost by design of a lower standard.
  13. M j M

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    When did we get 20k for an England/GB-France warm up game? The only huge crowd for this fixture I can remember is the one at Wigan in the world cup.
  14. Looks like the government are onto at least one of the issues - https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1044080/Brexit-news-chris-grayling-dover-calais-ramsgate-english-channel-crossing-no-deal That'll keep him busy.
  15. You're right 'tis but a flesh wound.