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  1. Last night was an awesome homecoming, excellent atmosphere and excellent result... Just shy of 800 fans, and a good way to start the new era at the OLP
  2. 9 years without a permanent stadium, its been a long wait but tonight is going to be one awesome and emotional night for all Eagles Fans.. And I hope as many away followers can come and experience the OLP, as we build up, and get the lost fans back to supporting the greatest sport in the world, in my home city - The Steel City - Sheffield.. I will say it again "The Future is Bright, The Future is Red and Gold" Im a deedar and proud ... UTE
  3. Im sorry but sod off... What is the point in most games been played in 5K+ stadia, when most teams struggle to get half that... and the likes of Leigh Sports village look absolutely horrendous with 1 or 2 sides open... Its for a game or 2 end of... Today is a good day for Rugby League, a new stadium and a new future for the Eagles and Rugby League in Sheffield and South Yorkshire... Come on you Eagles!!!!!
  4. Appreciate its upset and annoyed some people who made plans, but you have had a month to buy the tickets... The Eagles have no responsibility. They dont own the Safety Cert, they dont own the Stadium... The ground is being run by Scarborough Group, and the OLP is owned by Sheffield City Council and Hallam Uni.. The Eagles are just tenants... The Eagles will have been the last to be notified...
  5. It really is a none story, which the RFL could have turned into a postive story and held their hands up... It has taken away the real news York beat St Helens in the WSL, Halifax winning 7 on the bounce and much more
  6. Most other sports would accept the mess, and see it as 200 extra fans spending money at the stadium, and swelling the crowd.. Not the RFL through their own incompetence and lax processes.....
  7. I call it the McCabe effect, everything that man touches turns to ##### The Eagles and Eagles where sold a lot of lot things by Caborn, the Council, and by the Scarborough and yet the still try and mess us around... I think the majority of Eagles fans know the plans and understand that a lot of it is down to outside forces...
  8. Nah.. It was all good to go with the capacity of 1300 until SCC at the last minute added the restriction There can be uncertainty around every ground whether it be a new stadium, or an existing one when it come to Safety Certificates... and any council or responsible body can ask for restrictions at any time.... Just remember 800 fans is more than a lot of teams get... lol
  9. There is behind one of the Goals at the top and on the side opposite the stand, behind the other goal (near the school) is flat
  10. Blame Sheffield City Council and the Scarborough Group, absolutely nothing The Eagles can do about it, or the RFL for that matter... SAG's lay down the rules, and can do so whenever they fell they need to... Anyway 800 fans will enjoy a fabulous game of RL on Monday night....
  11. It will be good to get everyone together and stop travelling around Yorkshire for home games There does seem to a lot of Anti-Sheffield sentiment on here... but after 9 years on the road, we are home, and we havent folded but have gone from strength to strength including winning the inaugural 1895 cup.... The Future is bright the future is red and gold ... UTE
  12. You mean because the Councils Safety Advisory Group, have requested that the game be played under reduced capacity... Nothing the Eagles can do to overturn it, as the SAG have the final say.... At least we have our own stadium... And it will be rocking on Monday no matter the amount of fans... I do think some on here would love to see the end to the MIghty Eagles, and how many other teams would have survived 9 years on the road,, ill tell you now, 1 or 2.... Any way it will be an awesome game of RL in Sheffield and on Premier Sports... Sheffield by 12
  13. Too right and after 9 years somewhere to put roots...
  14. It is down to the Safety Advisory Group, who are the ones who license stadiums, nothing the Eagles or Scarborough can do to change their decision.. We are all devasted that Sheffield ###### Council, have yet again screwed us over.... there will still be 800 fans in the grounds, where as they could have just told us no go... I think the other problem is that it is still a sort of building site, and there has only been one test event.. its a start and it can only get better... I dont know one stadium opened recently thats not had teething problems.... here is the article from the local rag https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/sheffield-eagles-let-down-again-says-mark-aston-after-latest-stadium-setback-3701530?fbclid=IwAR1_OWTm9WO8VxOaP7VoOYJ73sXPXy8FHVq3uHgEVdfYGsItMbEm12LndrY
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