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  1. Don’t bother, there’s a train strike.
  2. Wigan were good but never so good that they had to change the rules to accommodate them.
  3. What chance of the first live on free to air SL Grand Final at 6pm on a Saturday night. That would be something!
  4. Perhaps the RFL should play it at Elland Road and offer half price tickets? That’ll get a crowd in.
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/61393032
  6. 18 year old who was “shaking” when faced with sitting before Josh. I’d have invited the rest of the first team in and locked the door.
  7. What happened to no train no play. Can imagine the young kids that have been flogged in training so far this year, might not be quite as enthusiastic when they’re asked to do another lap on the captain’s run.
  8. Leeds previously gave the impression that they were a cut above. Their standards must have shifted.
  9. I know, was being facetious. A game for a game sake. Play France. It’s not a country. Zero interest for me.
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