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  1. A full strength USA or Canada would at this stage in their development struggle to be a full strength NCL side, so no. Not yet.
  2. Looks like this may attract a little more attention than it might have done! https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/jan/13/prince-harry-to-make-rugby-league-world-cup-draw-as-planned?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
  3. I’ve heard a liberally applied ointment will ward it off.
  4. Very good news and well done RLWC 2021 but as for the timing!? Sheesh did a RL administrator break a wizards staff at some point in the last 125 years? https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/jan/08/prince-harry-and-meghan-say-they-are-stepping-back-from-royal-family?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
  5. A renovated Central Park would win hands down. A reminder of the route to the DW. https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/rugby-league-wigan-exiled-by-pounds-12m-central-park-sale-1271381.html
  6. Did I say exempt. Clearly they still have then and are. What they are not experiencing though is a crisis on the same level as Victoria and NSW. My opening comments were intended to highlight the somewhat vacuous nature of the thread (hence the JW comment). Worrying about impact in RL when there are people dying.
  7. Where is this higher rate in rugby players properly referenced. The article refers to a number of sports. There’s reference to 8 times the usual rate of 1-2 in 100,000 based on what appears to be a self selected sample of 16 examples. Truly willing to learn but I am not reading something correctly?
  8. This is very close to a Jonny Wilkinson was 5000 miles away on a plane whilst a Tsunami happened thread, but to save your nerves. Here’s the preseason schedule. It starts 2500 miles away in Perth in 6 weeks time. Suspect the bushfire season will be well in the past by then. https://www.nrl.com/news/2019/10/25/2020-nrl-trial-dates-sharks-and-bulldogs-to-play-in-port-moresby/
  9. Yep. Your correct. Just checked.
  10. Wasn’t the original Bradford, Manningham that went onto become Bradford City? Swinton Lions claim 1866 but again interrupted by takeovers and new ownership? Wigan 1872 and Saints 1873 must be close to the longest?
  11. This! In don’t think the article in the Guardian is particular helpful or informed and has used Rob Burrows sad situation to fill an article. Click bate. And to include Doddie Weir as proof in the pudding just shows how misguided the article is. 2 players out of how many that have played the game. I have no doubt that head injuries caused long term issues in all sports parole and although no expert, I trust the NHS to be more informed about the matter. “It's caused by a problem with cells in the brain and nerves called motor neurones. These cells gradually stop working over time. It's not known why this happens.” https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/motor-neurone-disease/
  12. Reckon a nice North American nickname would help. Something like, oh I don’t know, Blue Sox? Not sure what the team in Canada would call themselves though?
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