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  1. The cross code thread has been running coming up to 2 weeks. Surprised that the Beeb have taken so long. Must be contract negotiation season.
  2. It depends. North Kabul or South Kabul?
  3. Poor sod. Imagine being the son of one of the best ever players. Reckon I would’ve chosen a career as a pig farmer instead of attempting to follow that act!
  4. As the crow flies the AJ Bell is no more than a couple of miles from Sale’s training ground at Carrington. Their old ground at Heywood Road is 5 miles away compared to Salford’s old ground 4 miles away. It be said that the AJ Bell is further away from their traditional base (albeit within the city boundary) than Sale are from theirs. Certainly Sale for whatever reason appear to have made a better go of their tenure than have Salford. As for the football club I’d suggest that Salford would be a better fit than Sale because of the separate seasons. Perhaps the football club
  5. And it was refused. Hence they look to plan B which was actually their original plan A.
  6. If Sale buy it, that may well be subject to the existing leases. If not, you would expect that Salford would be entitled to some sort of compensation in lieu of the remaining lease which in turn may well offset against what is owed to the council. There was some discussion a couple of weeks ago about the land around the stadium being developed. The Sale owners are not stupid and well connected. They will have done there sums. Can’t see Salford getting close. That being said, can’t see why Sale would want Salford out. If nothing else they help share the bills. Even better make it a ye
  7. https://www.eu-startups.com/2020/07/monte-carlo-based-iqoniq-secures-e100-million-to-expand-its-sports-fan-engagement-platform-worldwide/
  8. From a different conversation I had with a fried about matters: ”I see the district court said his explanation was a reasonable one (i.e. doubt) and therefore on basis it was one word against another (his v father in law’s) that it couldn’t stand. Seems like the Magistrate had fallen in trap of balance of civil probability analysis (as opposed to criminal - beyond reasonable doubt) .
  9. If you look up RFL Marketing Team in the Oxford English Dictionary it’s cited as an example of an Oxymoron.
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