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  1. With any sense, SL will pause relegation and be able to promote 2 teams from the Championship giving a shortened 27 game season next year meaning the should be able to push the start back to the beginning of March. As for the championship this year if they could complete 13 games, they would have played each other once which only means another 9 weeks ( 2 months? ) for most. To give fairness then perhaps have a top 6 playoff for the top 2 teams to be promoted with a playoff final.
  2. No sense in making it 13 and you’d still have loop fixtures. With a bit of luck and a fair wind London and Toulouse would come up and then you would have an impressive looking 14 teams to play home and away. 27 games with magic so as to give credence to the playoffs. That being said we may be lucky yet to have 10 teams including those 2 who make it through the year. I suspect we’ll end up without home/away this season if at all. So coffers will be stretched.
  3. If you mean he’s not a 6’4” 18 stone robot no, but he’ll be exciting. Think of Offiah and the like. He’s been a stand out since he was young. Could score from anywhere on the field and showed last week he can do it at the highest level. Give him a go.
  4. He’ll score 2 to one conceded. Worth it.
  5. Apologies if any of these have appeared already.
  6. Players aren’t robots and it’s why you have individuals with different but complementary skill sets. He’s clearly in the team because of his organisation and kicking abilities amongst others, whilst there’ll be players who are in there because they’re better defensively. It’s called a team!
  7. Lumberjacks have gone so I’ll go with Loggers. Failing which a sponsors name - Red Bulls!?
  8. You have a big backer. Just that he likes to do it the way he does and doesn’t appear too worried about doing it any differently.
  9. Urgent Appeal. Professional Rugby League team gone missing at Hartshead Moor Services. Please share.
  10. It is fun and it’s a “nice touch” - well done HKR
  11. Missed you. I was until work took over about 3/4 years ago. Unfortunately changing fixture list not conducive. Even younger brother doesn’t have one now because struggles to get to Friday games. Kids have them because ST pats for itself if they get to more than 2 game! May get a Flexi ticket going forward.
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