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  1. BBC stepping up again for Robbie Burrows once again and Kevin Sinfield showing he’s a leader off as well as on the pitch. Already surpassing his target and he’ll only be finishing his first around about now. https://justgiving.com/crowdfunding/sinfield-7-in-7?fbclid=IwAR31jToViX7mRNGo3Lg7rNb5LvK2UpesbY6Exow5O2FhAMIjRekqfRlbtNk
  2. They can’t do any worse that the current administration, but what exactly would they be buying, the last year of a 5 year contract? I wouldn’t put it past the Calder Valley Massive to start agitating for a break away Really Good Championship League to be formed within a season because the Aussies insisted on having roofs over terraces.
  3. I agree they won’t want next seasons to be diluted but if the deal the year after depends on more content to stand still they may have no option.
  4. I think that SL should just stop messing around and go straight to 14 teams to look to strategic growth (which apparently was lacking with the Wolfpack report) - Toulouse, Newcastle and London. And one up - down from end of 2022 season. Next year is looking like another “transition”.
  5. Thought we were due a trad one this cycle? Even more interesting than the Denis the Menace shirt is what appears to be a new main sponsor! https://www.eu-startups.com/2020/07/monte-carlo-based-iqoniq-secures-e100-million-to-expand-its-sports-fan-engagement-platform-worldwide/ Reckon someone is going to get struck off the club Christmas card list for leaking that! As for respecting traditions I think the new look is the equivalent ripping off the shirt and wiping your ‘arris on it! I just wonder with the line up of backing in Iqoniq whether this is start of the “investment” ?
  6. Errr, no! https://www.citymetric.com/business/where-are-britains-biggest-city-economies-2946
  7. No I’m not an employee - but who had one of these first time around? https://www.ellgren.co.uk/product-category/retro-jerseys/
  8. Better be careful what you say. If the rumours are those which have appeared about the administrators and their disposal of the club, they’re likely to be subject to legal proceedings for apparent breach of confidential matters. In any event what you say is completely outside of Ian Lenagan’s abilities. He can block no one.
  9. A London fan with expansion envy. A coming of age #justlikeleighfansnow
  10. Which is why I said “The Mole is well wide of the mark”
  11. Hang on. Wasn’t there a story last week that Premiership (Rugby Union) club wanted to buy Toronto. I suspect that is the source of this story and The Mole is well wide of the mark. Why would Newcastle Utd be remotely interested. They want to flog the club not stick it with more debt.
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