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  1. More optimistic than me, bearing in mind the current travails in NZ. Upside of course Tonga spanked both of them. You never know.
  2. Assuming you live in or around Wigan like me. The problem is not getting to Bolton stadium rather getting out of Wigan. The Macron is on the M61 and easily got to from Preston and the North, Manchester , Yorkshire via M62 and even East Lancs if you include M65. Everyone bar Wiganers would be happy enough. Elland Road - Meh. Can understand biggest stadium in Yorkshire although long past it’s sell by date. Tottenham fantastic. Just wish it was the first game although it’s probably going to clash with the NFL at that time of year.
  3. Misread his name. Thought he was called Stoned Giant!
  4. Take this is a Huddersfield Town type wind up. Good idea if so.
  5. Interesting debate. Thing about a well funded sponsor of course is that they’re likely to Oy what they promise. Plenty of lesser lights may say they’ll pay more but never do. Stobart weren’t paying anything. Look how that turned out. Surprised that no one has yet picked up on Mr Mason’s other interest?
  6. https://www.salfordreddevils.net/morson-become-main-salford-red-devils-sponsor-for-2020/
  7. Ergo best seats = greater cost. Regardless they’ve gone first. RL take note you push in quality not how cheap it is.
  8. Doesn’t look like a huge amount of availability even in sections that remain on sale. What is interesting is that it’s the most expensive tickets that have gone first. Message to the powers that be. Discount at your peril.
  9. Google Gilbert Hard Toe - other popular search engines available!
  10. Or put his correct address on the application in the first place!?
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