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  1. WORRINCY!? who came up with that team? no tonks aswell?
  2. smeaton spears tonks
  3. Just a young lad.. only looked about 16
  4. Oooops We will get hammered at Toulouse aswell
  5. We will get hammered.. Leighs big forwards are gonna knock us all over.. hope im wrong
  6. Hull Kr in 98 playoff semis!
  7. Cant blame the officials for dropped ball and missed tackles.. but i dont think ive ever seen a team get away with being as blatantly offside as they were at times .. thats what bugged me
  8. few idiots throwing beer at wire fans whenever we scored.. apart from that decent banter with their fans
  9. calm down
  10. 30-6 now
  11. That was just the amount of birds queing to get your autograph after game
  12. Have they actually signed then? Not heard anything about their work permits