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  1. League Weekly

    Could be someone with a Leeds link
  2. Toulouse

    They have been excellent for Sheffield, but I'm not sure the Catalans will ever give them a go when they can purchase a 30 year old Australian instead. Would love them to stay at Sheffield next season.
  3. England v France - Avignon

    Went the last time England played there, nice and easy to get there if you fly to Nimes. A caution about tickets, last time round we bought them, only to get there to pick them up and realised they had basically handed out 15,000 free tickets to the locals, it would have been just as easy to pick one up outside the ground for free, due to lack of space in the main stand ended up sitting on the coaching row with McNamara and Powell as nowhere else to sit!
  4. Could Sheffield ACTUALLY get relegated?

    Thanks for your concern, wish Batley all the best in the Championship Shield
  5. Clive Woodward always claims they came about after he had discussions with Nike in about 2001/2.
  6. Sheffield investor pulls out

    Not sure how much of a mystery the investor is, a look at the companies house can provide the clues, certainly pretty common knowledge amongst Eagles fans
  7. The Eagles have Landed

    Ah the family game is alive and well
  8. The scariest thing in have ever seen on the playing field

    The current Sheffield team...
  9. Who earns what in super league?

    Given the number of Sheffield lads with decent jobs who moved on, I don't think we're paying a great deal
  10. Sheffield reaction

    They are allowed on for 3 tackles at a time in attack so your boys can do it, trouble is that Senior is a bit too well known so is far more recognisable to fans
  11. Sheffield (H)

    Nice bit of libel again.
  12. Sheffield away

    On what night did Batley play Sheffield at home last season, its a conspiracy I tell you!
  13. Championship Club Captains 2016

    Stringer is the Sheffield captain
  14. Kyle Briggs

    The Sheffield Star latest is that he remains at Sheffield on a part-time contract, not sure how that will work...
  15. Mat james

    Sheffield still have a fair few to announce, theyre doing it every Monday over the next 6 weeks or so. Hard to make a call on the quality until theyre all announced. Taulapapa is an interesting one for you guys, huge commitment to the cause but his legs had gone last year, certainly no longer a back.