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  1. I believe that his visa means any clubs couldnt dual reg him, so were put off from signing him
  2. From what Ive heard about contract offers for next season, its safe to assume Leigh's squad will be paid a lot more than the Eagles squad!
  3. The new ground is nothing to do with the Council, its going to be privately funded. The club are still very hopeful of getting a new ground and there has been movement on the plans since they were first announced. As with all things in life it comes down to securing the necessary funding.
  4. Should we ask the suburb of Owlerton to be renamed Eagleton? Owlerton isnt acceptable at the moment, but the club has stands that were ready to be used at Bawtry Road that can be used at the stadium, there are still issues with the pitch and changing rooms but one plus point would be the excellent corporate areas at the stadium.
  5. Cricket is played in the summer at Clifton Lane. The club had purchased stands to put up at Bawtry Road but the University pulled the plug at the eleventh hour, which is why this situation has come about.
  6. Youre saying we should play home games in Morecambe?? Might as well just play them all down in Limoux if we are going to do that. We'll be at Owlerton next season.
  7. Cheers again for your advice on getting there guys, Im sure I'll be having a pint or two before the game at the Clubhouse so see you all there. My prediction by the way Featherstone 16 Eagles 24
  8. we've got a coach running this time so it won't be worse than previous visits! by the way does anyone know how much a taxi from wakey to fev will cost?
  9. Absolutely, Brown cant be any worse than Aaron 'best signing in 10 years' Groom
  10. I used to frequent here when I lived over there, its owned by Trevor Brennan and I believe Gareth Thomas' ex wife used to work there-bit of a walk out of town, to be honest I wouldnt want to go to Toulouse and eat Irish stew!
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