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Trial of proposed changes, whose the joke on?

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Re. quote below.......Cuckoos, terra fermi and a visible mass of liquid droplets come to mind.......Why do they need to mess with the rules of a game that we the fans have not complained about. Have we the fans demanded these three proposed changes? No!!!!! So why mess?

"Leeds Rhinos and Wakefield Trinity Wildcats will test three of the Rugby Football League's proposed rule changes when they meet on Boxing Day.

Teams with scrum-head and feed have the option to leave the loose forward out of the pack to create an extra man.

Charge-downs do not result in a reset of the tackle count, while if the ball is kicked dead from a team's own half, the opposition receive a 40-metre tap.

The rules will also be trialled at the Batley Bulldogs-Dewsbury Rams game.

"Christmas friendlies are the perfect opportunity to trial changes such as these and I would like to thank all four clubs for their willingness to participate in the experiment," said RFL chief eecutive Nigel Wood.

"The rule changes have been proposed with a view to enhancing the game-day experience for both fans and players alike and I'm sure that will be the case for everyone at Headingley Carnegie Stadium and Mount Pleasant on Boxing Day."

Leeds chief executive Gary Hetherington said: "I am especially looking forward to the scrum.

"It seems to be a lost art of scoring from the scrum but this experiment will test the creativity of coaches and players and it will be interesting to see the results."

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