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  1. Dewsbury fan here. Obviously hoping we come home with the two points. Being totally realistic I can’t see it happening. IMHO there is nothing between the two teams. If the venue was reversed I would tip Dewsbury. Hope the Rams boys prove me wrong and I will be the first to apologise on here.
  2. Hi T73. Regarding the match v Widnes. You say fine margins. Ok we conceded four try’s against the early season table toppers. Try 1 conceded a penalty in Widnes 20 and they had the wind. Gained approximately 40m with touch kick and a few tackles later Langtree slips a ball out in two man tackle. Two men both experienced and basically poor effort in defence. Two later try’s by the hooker were just telegraphed pee takers. You are correct about the try re Carr it was a blatant two man ball strip. In conclusion I ask again “What special things did table topping Widnes do to beat us”? Answer absolutely nothing. We were soft. Also noticed in defensive contact we had some players just laying prone on the floor. The two occasions I recall were both DR players. Not sure if Ian Watson coaches that. Scramble to your feet asap without giving away a penalty with a view to at least making yourself a nuisance towards the attacking player. A classic example was the hooker at acting half near our line and stepping over the prone player before scoring. I stand by my original assessment that we were soft all across the park on Sunday. You have to earn fine margins.
  3. Hi sports fans can be a fickle bunch. It’s a good start and I tip you to beat Halifax at home next week.
  4. Yep. I’ll still be at Barrow next week shouting them on though.
  5. Yeah all fair points. Six points on the board as it currently stands. You may as well stack them early as they say. Lots of teams would swap you places right now. Anyway all the best until we visit Naughton Park!
  6. Looks even worse now I have just watched lowlights package. Do we do weights, wrestle etc? We were out and out soft. Missing some stick it up em pack members.
  7. Don’t mind getting beat and will always applaud a classy dominant side. Can anyone tell me what special things Widnes did on the day? Every try was soft.
  8. I attended in support of Dewsbury yesterday and I was disappointed that we did makeWidnes work a bit harder for the justified victory. No disrespect but I did not feel that Widnes looked anything special on the day. However if I am the head coach on the journey back home I am thinking job done. Talking of which as I was walking out at the final hooter had a good craig with four Widnes supporters. Three males and a female. It was regarding the Chemic's fans chanting in support of Alan Coleman. It reminded me of the Neil Warnock (Ex Sheffield Utd) Manager documentary. He as miced up during an home game and the fans were shouting “Warnock Warnock give us a wave”. Which he eventually did. He then said to his assistant Kevin Blackwell “F——-g give them a wave. They’ll be wanting me out next week”. We all chuckled wished each other well and it was concluded by the Widnes contingent saying “Hey mate it’s right though. These lot will be wanting Coleman out in a few weeks if it starts going busters up”!
  9. Attended the match and posting this before I read any other comments. Straight into it. Not good today. As soon as I saw the Rams line up I felt uncomfortable. That half back pairing ain’t beating even today’s mediocre Widnes team. No creativity whatsoever. All try’s conceded were avoidable and defendable. Widnes did absolutely nothing special. We were pretty soft into contact and the line speed as pretty average to say the least. Enough said for now.
  10. Really looking forward to the match with Widnes tomorrow. First of all I wish a safe journey to the Widnes fans and an equally safe journey back home. The game itself. Honestly I do not know what is likely to happen. From a personal aspiration point of view I just hope our boys perform like I know they can do. No matter what ultimately happens I am with you all the way. Go out there and make sure that Widnes have to compete for every scrap available throughout the course of the match. IMHO we are building. Tomorrow will not ultimately define us but give it your all please lads.
  11. Thanks for replying and it’s ok re trying for an answer. But thanks again. I genuinely hope the young player concerned ultimately learns from this experience and I hope he is fully supported. At the end of the day we have all made mistakes to some varying degree in our life’s. If found guilty he will be dealt with accordingly. However I hope it makes him and he becomes a better self disciplined and educated person moving forward.
  12. Genuine question. Has the player been charged and is he due to be subjected to a judiciary process? The reason I am asking is surely if proven this would constitute a breach of the said player’s contract. IMHO it is a serious allegation aggravated by the fact that he is alleged to have assaulted an emergency worker. I don’t understand if is the case how Huddersfield have carried out and concluded an internal disciplinary process without being in possession of the judiciary result! At this stage the player is either innocent or guilty. If found guilty there is a chance he could be subjected to community service. If he is full time that this would impact upon his employment. Huddersfield chairman is a retired West Yorkshire Police Chief Constable so club advice is upon hand.
  13. It’s ok to be ok with your individual opinion. If it was a five a side league we could have Owen, Bailey, Ollie, Syksey and Fergie. Some supporters would be absolutely salivating with that!
  14. Sorry same 17 apart from R Dixon beat Batley not Fax.
  15. Personally I have no problem regarding Owen who I think is a quality player. Unfortunately he copped an injury pretty early on at Keighley in the 1895 cup. This then resulted in a pretty major reshuffle on the day and we got pumped. From there we played York at home in the CC and we were unlucky to lose. Coach selected pretty much same team v Fax in round 1 apart from enforced changes through injury. Team played solid enough and IMHO with the same performance v Batley yesterday we would have beat a poor Fax. Yesterday same 17 apart from R Dixon beat Fax. So at this moment in time who are you standing down for Owen? I posted a short while ago that I want all 17 fighting for a spot. Finally I love Sykes to bit he is an absolute legend. But for goodness sake let’s move on. It is a young man’s game like it or not.
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