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  1. It’s certainly been a long tough season with far too many players utilised throughout. I think someone put a post up stating 45 players used so far. I can’t recall at any stage during our season where we have looked anywhere near building any form of team cohesion. With that in mind I do not fully blame the players although I certainly agree that some attitudes and desire have been verging on being appalling. Players is a subjective matter though with supporters having differing views. Which one’s need moving on. We all have our thoughts but ultimately it is down to the coaching staff to decide. I am confident that LF is the right man for the now and taking us forward. As you say at the moment his hands are pretty much tied with what he has been handed to him. From speaking with various individuals I know LF and his staff are already working hard and planning for the future. This club has just recently got itself a very good coach who is no mug and before anyone say’s it no I am not LF and I am not connected to LF in anyway whatsoever.
  2. Can’t speak for every player but I know some who care. However they can’t change or influence other older more embedded pee poor attitudes.
  3. Attended today and I honestly did not see that result coming based on recent performances v Widnes and Newcastle. With respect Batley we’re nothing special but we made them look like world beaters. How many basic simplistic mistakes can a team make in one game? This is not a team it is a group of individuals who have been thrown together. This group does not fight for each other! For me Champ 1 is nailed on. Needs stripping back to basics with a core group of players who are willing to fight for and uphold the values that the club should be proud to strive for. Some of the current group do not want to be at the club. It is clear to see. Although I will also say that they have not been helped by poor off field decisions along the way. Not about finger pointing today in view of the fact that no player came out of it smelling of roses! Now is the time to concentrate on planning ahead.
  4. Correct. It was the ref who correctly overruled the touch judge. The Dewsbury player clearly knocked the ball in a backwards motion from the short kick off. I was literally 15 metres away with the same angle of view as the near side touch judge.
  5. To add a bit of context to the referee subject. I personally thought the ref at Newcastle (Mr Bennett) I believe it was reffed the game very well. When the ref is fairly unnoticeable you know it’s going well.
  6. Agreed. Don’t know if hooker Butterworth is confident passing to his right as opposed to passing to his left. So at Newcastle he passed about 90% to his left during our attacking moves. The players on the right edge were getting more and more visibly frustrated. Butterworth played full 80 so pattern continued throughout.
  7. Not 100% sure but I think the late penalty was given for offside. I could be wrong. Regarding our attack. It’s basically still a work in progress I suppose. However if we remain one dimensional then better opposition will quite easily snuff us out.
  8. Attended game and as LF stated during post match interview a good effort by all of the Rams players. Newcastle have a lot of work to do! Rams attack needs varying as everything went through Sykes and down Rams left edge. All passes around the back to Turner and no hitting the lead runner. Bailey Gill was basically redundant as an attacking threat on Rams right edge making defensive reads easy to deal with. Things looking better and hopefully a bit more composure next game.
  9. Lee sorry I can’t watch it without laughing. I just watched a couple of minutes of episode 4 in June with Rod Studd. It really is poacher turned gamekeeper stuff on PC’s behalf. I still have a clear vision of him laying prone at Wilderspool v Wigan feigning injury. Then jumps up before racing Andy Goodway and attacking him from behind. What grade would that be? To me it’s like putting Ronnie Biggs in charge of British Rail!
  10. Ok and thanks for that. I will do that now and thanks again.
  11. Yeah get what you are saying. However I think even the most massive supporter of the current discipline process would secretly accept that it is fraught with inconsistent dangers. Which expert(s) deem that a head high shot is of the malicious type? Cullen maybe - Sorry couldn’t resist!
  12. Tough one for me this. I am an ex referee and a parent of a current ex Super League now Championship player. I honestly feel that Alex could have dealt with the situation better. The 8 game ban concerns me. The reason is this. My son could be the recipient of a malicious head high concussive shot. Fail subsequent HIA’ s meaning sidelined and missing out on potential win bonuses! Offender may receive 3,4 or 5 matches. Yet referee Smail is wrongly double palmed in the back offender receives 8 matches. Need to get my head around this one!
  13. Like I have said before and I will say it again. SOME of our players are good enough. SOME are absolutely way off. Ok here goes. “Hi Nene McDonald and Krisnan Inu. Would you like to come and play for the Rams and receive garbage service out wide all year and by the way you will be playing behind a dominated pack every week”! “Oh no thanks I think we will pass on that one and keep taking the easy money”! SOME of our lads are working their gonads off. Some are trying and some just need to forget it.
  14. Do you ever post anything positive?
  15. Gave it a go and it is what it is. Spotted two potential rule breaches by Leigh today not that it affected the result. 1. Two members of staff up and down the South Stand touch line carrying water. Both were actually shouting instructions to the Leigh players during the game. Basically not allowed and should have been dealt with by officials. 2. Krisnan Inu not wearing official match day kit. His socks were white training socks. Just saying.
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