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Just like everyone else i'm gutted.


But we've lost this game the same way we've lost all the other finals.


Inferior 'HALF BACKS' every final has been the same and we still don't learn, Or the coaches still don't learn.


We don't lose to the best team but to the better half backs, 


Crooks showed us that.


Rochdale deserved the win but its because we played stupid rugby AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN. (I think Ford touched the ball about three times all game and he (was) our best player, nobody good enough to give him the ball


I don't think you can blame CH for this one,

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The best team won because they stuck to their game plan.


What ours was I don't know but it was not good enough.


We did not throw the ball about as we normally do and did last match.


We needed someone to lead us round the park and Palfry is not in my opinion good enough for that. As I said on another post wee needed someone like Niel Roden who has been wasted this year. We are a young side with bags of enthusiasm but lacking a couple of experienced half backs to direct us.


Whether Hornets stay up for more than one season is irrelevant at least they have the chance.


Next year will depend upon how many of this team we can keep hold of or whether they go to pastures new.

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