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With Dewsbury Rams back in training and with Glenn Morrison having all but finished putting together the 2014 squad, he took time out of his schedule to answer fans questions about the coming season, reflections on last season and personal questions put to him.


Fans were able to submit their question through the clubs Facebook site, Twitter and through the Total RL forum.




There were some great questions and Glenn was only too happy to answer those put to him. Thanks to everyone who sent in questions, and a special thanks to Glenn for his time.


Questions & Answers:


Nick Baker - Who will be captain for next season?


I am still undecided, Pricey did a good job for us and he really came on once we gave him the captaincy last season, but we now have a good senior player group which we lacked last year.


John North - If you could pick anyone from the championship, who would be your ideal half back partnership?


We looked at bringing a halfback partnership together, and we’ve gone out and got two quality halves who I think work well with each other so I’m happy with the two that we’ve brought in.


Jordan Oliver - Will there be any more signings?


We’re pretty much finished, but there is one player that we’re still talking with to replace Brad who had to stay in New Zealand, but apart from that we have a good squad, good depth in our squad and I’m excited about the way they’ve started.


Jack – Have you got your starting 13?


Not yet no, we’ve got some real quality in the squad and so no one has any guarantees. How the guys perform in training and preseason will determine whether or not the make the grade. 


Matt Whitaker - What are your main hopes for this year, were you happy overall with last season?


At the start of last season we wanted to improve both on and off the pitch from the previous year and we did that. In terms of goals for this year we want to improve again, last season we finished 7th and got to the 2nd round of the finals – If we improve on that then were going to be doing good and winning games.


Wakefield Ram - With a new halfback combination is the plan to play more expansive rugby next season?


I think we tried to play more expansive last season than we have in the past. But weather plays a big part and with our pitch being skinny you have to adapt play, but yeah, we want to throw the ball around and entertain fans. 


Wakefield Ram - With the great news that Karl Pryce has re-signed will we be using him for set pieces near the line?


I think we did that this year, we kicked for him – He scored, he was the top try scorer and had some great try assists with him catching the ball or hitting it back. The big issue with Pricey is that when you have him at the centres teams know he’s a threat and they’ll double and triple mark him. It’s tough for him, but if they’re doing that then we can go the other way and score there because they must be short somewhere else. That’s what we have to get right.


Emma Dewsbury Rams - What other sports do you like?


I love all sports, I surfed since I was four years old and was into lifesaving back in Australia. I do play golf when my body allows, but I also like to play cricket which is something I played a lot when I was younger. But virtually every sport I’ve tried.


Tom - Who is the hardest trainer?


Me! Ha ha, no, everybody rips into training – Austin is always in doing extra work, but I think Ryan Hepworth is probably the hardest. Being ex-Marine he doesn’t let anything stop him, despite passing all our tests he’s always in doing extra work on things like the rower getting himself in top shape.


Kelsey the Ram - Would you prefer to do very well in the challenge cup, or very well in the championship?


As a player I always played to win, and now I coach to win. I don’t just want to go out there and make up the numbers, and so every game we play – we play to win.  Hopefully we’ll do well in both the league and Challenge Cup.


Crown Flatter - How much work has gone on defence this season?


None at the moment. Last year was a major turnaround, the defensive structure that was in place wasn’t up to scratch and we changed it all around. And looking at the stats and how many points we conceded compared to the years before then I think we improved. Obviously we still want to improve more as there were games that we leaked too many points in. So we will be doing a lot of defensive work, but at the moment it’s the preseason and so we’re concentrating on fitness and getting the miles in the boy’s legs.


Kelsey the Ram - Will Karl Pryce be a centre or second row next season?


Pricey will never be a second rower. There are some players where there’s not much difference between centre and second row, but Pricey hasn’t got the engine to be a second rower and you’d lose his strike effectiveness making him do all that work. 


Boradeddie - What position do you see Aaron Brown playing next year, is moving him from half back a viable option?


I see him as a 13, it’s where he’s played virtually his whole life, when I got him from Leeds as a ball playing back rower we could tell he could play in the halves if we needed and we had to play him in the halves last year because he was our best option. But we’ve brought in two good halves and so he can now go back to his natural position.


Andy ram - Are you able to use your history with the Bulls to get any new players for us this season?


We’ve brought in a lot of quality players, and there are a lot of players that I would have liked to bring in, I’ve had calls from this side of the world and the other side from players wanting to come, but obviously budgets dictate that you can’t get everybody. But right now there’s a good buzz about the club, we’ve got a good name and people want to be here for the right reasons.


Samuel Lee Clayton - What was the highlight of your playing days which sticks out the most?


You always remember your debut, I’ve loved playing here in the UK and my first Exiles game where we beat England was pretty special.


Charlie Wilson - Do you prefer playing or coaching?


I enjoy both, I’ve always coached right from when I first started playing rugby and so have always wanted to go into coaching once I finished playing. I still get the buzz and want to get back out there on the field and join in a bit at training but I know coaching is where I have to put all my energies now.


Emma Brodhead - Who is the moaner in the camp?


No one really, we’ve got a good bunch of guys who are all glad to be doing what they’re doing.


Sam - Who is the prankster in the team?


Austin – Big time.


Andy Metcalfe - Night at the races with the boys, or romantic meal with the wife?


Ha ha, I’m getting too old to be going out now, I can’t remember the last time I went out! So yeah, night in with the wife and kids.


Andy Ram - Can you do anything about us being drawn against Sheffield Eagles in any cup competition?


It is disappointing, we played them five times last season and they knocked us out of every competition and a couple of times I really felt like we had the game to beat them, but they were just too good for us and as we saw they ended up going on to win quite a lot. But I like you would have liked to see us play someone else!


Steve – Is coaching your life now?


Yeah, I’ve coached for 18 years now and couldn’t ever see myself going into another job, or having nothing to do with rugby league. This is my life, it’s what I love.






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