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Dewsbury Rams

Urgent Message re Access to the Disabled Viewing Gantry v Bradford

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Dewsbury Rams regret to advise supporters requiring to use the lift in the Main Stand to gain access to either the stand seats or the disabled viewing gantry that the lift is out of action and there isn’t a suitable way of accessing these areas for supporters unable to use the stairs. Apart from causing the floodlights to fail the power outage at the sub station on Thursday evening also caused a switch in the lift to blow rendering the lift unusable. Engineers came on Friday to try to rectify the problem and ordered the required replacement parts but these won’t be available until Monday. They tried to carry out a further temporary repair today but we have been told this afternoon that those attempts have failed. We recognise that this is a major inconvenience for fans but there is absolutely nothing more we can so to put this right until Monday. Had the problem with the sub station occurred earlier in the day or on the Wednesday then we would just about have sorted it. The engineer first arrived early on Friday and two days have been spent trying to put it right.

There is ample space available pitch side but no elevated viewing spots. Entry will be via the turnstile at the right hand side of the club shop. A steward will be able to assist any wheelchairs into the stadium via the exit gate. A fully accessible toilet is available in this area. Any disabled spectators who are able to manage the steps can use the viewing balcony in the normal way.
Please spread the word to anyone you know who may normally use this area of the ground to watch the game.

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