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8 hours ago, Marauder said:

I like the idea of if it's not broke don't break it, have you noticed how more and more TV pundits are coming round to the idea that summer rugby is just not working in the amateur game - I wonder if sky pulled the plug on rugby league would we see the professional ranks go back to winter rugby, only saying this because I've noticed the grounds aren't as full these days and I've also been looking at photo's of games before the switch, didn't we get a lot of full houses back then.

You have some serious issues buddy!

I’ve followed these pages for a few years and all I ever see is you bringing every conversation back to “it was better in winter” “we should move it back to winter”

NO ONE CARES - there is a thread at the top of this page that you can put this rubbish on  GIVE IT A REST!

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You don't need to look at pictures to judge crowd sizes for RL.  Plenty of stats out there if you dig for them.  The Super League has done much better, the rest rather less well.  There are exceptions in both camps.  In general the figures steadily rose after the change to Summer until the last couple of years when they have held steady or slightly declined.  To me it seems clear that the season is too long and that interest in the Super 8s is low when most of the issues have already been settled.

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If there's an issue with the non-heartland game, it's not necessarily winter but being stuck as a union off-season game.  Personally, I'd love to see a longer season - preferably 8 months and not playing in the summer school holidays - but you'd have to massively put the cart in front of the horse to make it happen.  Right now, a number of clubs use a 2s pitch at a union club and I can't see those clubs being conducive to having a rival sport play at the same time. For me, that seems an insurmountable obstacle.  That would be the silver bullet to fix a lot of issues rather than playing games on Boxing day.

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