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Hull FC Cycling jersey's

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I had 28 of these commissioned for a small selection of Hull fans across the country in 2017. The idea started when I decided I wanted to go pay my respects to the Hull Pals and visit the village of Oppy and attend the commemorative service being held to honour them. Oppy is where the Hull Pals took a real hiding from the German's (though was considered a minor skirmish) and on the 3rd May 1917 2ndLt.John 'jack' Harrison the famous Hull FC winger was killed in battle whilst taking out a machine gun post that was pinning down his platoon, he was given a V.C. posthumously for his actions.

As a former army man myself, keen cyclist and Hull FC fan wearing one for cycling down to Oppy (from my digs in Lens) and for the memorial service seemed a good idea.

I had 5 jerseys made for myself (in 2 different sizes) so that even if I managed to destroy or stain one I'd always have another and I don't intend to get any more made, this was a one off run. The Hull FC logo was also out of copyright so I had no qualms in using it for what is a non profit exercise. 

I've dropped a fair few kilos since last year and the XL size is now too big for me, these will easily fit a 46-48 chest if not a bit bigger and they are loose fit so doesn't matter if you have a bit of a belly, you won't look like a proper charlie. 3 standard rear pockets and half zip down to the sternum. Classic Hull FC irregular hoops with simple HULL FC lettering on the rear.

I'd like Including recorded delivery £40 each, if buying both £76, if you want to make an extra donation for the Royal British Legion or other Forces charity/organisation, feel free but no pressure on that.

The jersey in the photos is mine, you'll get a fresh, never taken out the package jersey.



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