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  1. Well done Cas, deserved the win, Watts tackle on Austin probably changed the course of the game.
  2. Hahaha, Chris Hill was 8 yards ffside then and Kendall completely ignored it despite being right in front of him!
  3. Mistake by Rankin and Hill goes a 100 yards ... well he'll tell his grandkids that hahaha I hope Warry score again so as to out Clarke as a complete know-nowt
  4. You can't accept that what Cas did was excellent, the result was not down to average defence but superior/excellent attack, there's not a lot else you can do when it's that good. You simply don't get it or just ignorant of quality play and would rather put it down to poor defence than excellent/superior attack, typical really, there I was saying the same for you lot when you beat Saints in the CC final, on the other foot it's always bad d!
  5. Hardly "all year" that Austin has been quality Barrie, seeing as he's missed massive amounts of it.
  6. Great tackle by BMM but the forearm around the neck by the flopping Warrington player, that should be a penalty every single time, it's that carp that does my head in and is the stuff that does do damage to defenceless players
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