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  1. was tempted by the Leicester city one but did vote for the 'moment' of the Salford DG, it was the way it all unfolded in the last few minutes, absolutely epic sport.
  2. England only, Both sets of grand parents are from Hull except my maternal grandfather who was from Nottingham, maternal great grandies also from Hull, my great great nanna was also Hull but she married a chap who was from Lancashire orig, so my blood is somewhat tainted by the West pennine lot uuuughh ? I might make the subs bench for my street if I was lucky hahahaha
  3. well I found the '93 pay review and the starting wedge was £8k (so would be about what I thought from 4 years previous) so you if you were led to think you were going to get 11k as a nig in 1989 they'd fed you some line??
  4. I think you're mistaken, no way could it have been that amount, that's equivalent to over £5/hr and I know for a fact that a Class IV private was not getting that amount back then and certainly nothing like that in civvy street either. I'll dig out the historical record so we can see who is right ?
  5. it almost sounds closer to 'axed', and yes that riles me too! people who use the word blatantly and infinitely incorrectly, the latter often in relation to a design that by definition means there are actual limitations designed into the product.
  6. Head of knicker measuring, like the socks in cycling time trials, to make sure they aren't too long ... dream job?
  7. Bloody hell, money went up a bit, I think I got £105/week in early '89 when I joined up, I had gone to join the RAF as they were paying more for equivalent ratings in my qualified area but it was mainly due to the fact I was fascinated with military aircraft since a nipper. My first actual wage of any sort was £1.31 to deliver 189 free newspapers (got more for the leaflets), it was only 24 pages big back then, not the monstrosity they are now, that was about 1982, I continued to do it even up until I left college as I could nail it in under an hour* - despite the shouty terrier that ripped it out my hand at the letterbox every week and the big ###### thing at no.79s that just gave you this horrible stare like it would bite you in half in a nano second but never did, ]that dog properly gave me the collywobbles! I also sold Avon whilst at college with my gf, easy money that compared to been flogged in a hot kitchen? *by that time it was paying more per hr than working in any restaurant as a commis chef/plonguer!
  8. how many players does each academy produce to SL or CH level should be more of an indicator, the joint CoHA was meant to reduce costs/shared facilities whilst still having similar number of players AFAICT. The actuality is that Hull is in fact smaller than the Wakefield and Wigan metropolitan areas' and indeed Warrington Borough is only a handful of thousand smaller than Hull too, so in reality we punch above our weight having two SL teams in an area that isn't by any stretch well off. Yyes rugby has been around for over 150 years in FCs case but that is meaningless, it's what is currently happening, what money there is now and where a club prioritises that money. A lot of fans want to go back to separate academies but honestly, the finances are being propped up at HKR by the council and crash for cash and FC are just about staying head above water. As for Bennett, outstayed his welcome and by 2 years already, blew the chance of winning the WC with some terrible decision making. Sinfield isn't worth 10% of whatever he's been paid, a mouthpiece yes man, when he gets his beak out of Bennett's orifice he can go do one as well, what does he actually bring/do for his money?? Clearly incapable of grasping that certain players missing is not an excuse, especially when best case they were already on the wane in any case, failed to bring through and play players who should have been there in 2017, never mind 2019, ignores the outstanding efforts of some players and the poor performances of the golden children ever mind his exceptionally poor positioning of said players. The way things are it's the first time in a long time were I've thought, do you know what, I'm not enthused to go to the next lot of home internationals because we are dog do and look like a team run by a Saturday pub team coach who has no players to choose from because half of them are doing a shift down t' local factory.
  9. Some great tries but the tackling, well non tackling for that second try was absolutely diabolical, just stood around and let him run through, it's not really a great try, it's a good try from your teams POV but it's the absolute pitts of defending that allows it. I normally stick up for when the offence has made the defence look ordinary but that's the other way around for me, an man with one working hip could have waltzed through that lot!
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