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  1. Isn't that because coaches encourage players to cheat, in fact they actually train to cheat, isn't that because players will cheat off their own backs without coaching, isn't it because players make multiple errors and deliberately push the boundaries of what is within the laws of the game to gain an advantage/win the game? When teams play cleanly within the boundaries of the laws, make effort to stay onside, don't run the risk of ball stealing/interfering/late/high/reckless hits etc etc and make few errors then the officials don't have to get involved that much. The problem is that's not how the modern game is played, it's win at all costs and push beyond the boundaries even if the risk of getting caught is there, the players and coaches know that refs have less control and by definition of seemingly wanting the games to flow the edit by the higher ups means that players will get away with stuff that is outside the laws of the game. By bending to the players the refs make a rod for their backs and fight a losing battle, as I've said before this is the same with motorists and police..
  2. Of the last few years I think Hewer has been the best, the '16 final I thought he handled the game extremely well, that said both sides seem to play fairly tidily/fairly.
  3. I don't even get how that could happen, follow the M1 to the bottom, turn right and Wembley is on your right just off the N.circular, it couldn't be easier, just very odd. Have a great day
  4. Saints by 20+ Warrington are going to get blown away by the end of the first 40 minutes I reckon, I hope not but just can't see this going any other way. Then again Hull were massive favourites against Fev and the players basically seemed to tozss it off and Fev were rightly there by being a bloody good team and took the spoils, just can't see an upset happening. Oh and if it is a tonking, the FA cup last year was 6-0 wasn't it, the result is what it is, just don't moan if it's one sided ffs!
  5. Famous last words, I would be saying nothing at this moment in time. Leeds fans were saying same thing last week and all of a sudden a few results squeeze things yet again. Sure they have the advantage of the points difference as do yourselves but right now no-one knows how things are going to pan out when the realisation dawns on some (players) that they need to step up. CC final is just going to be a pre match warmer upper for the following three weeks!
  6. I honestly hadn't bothered until just now, sad state of affairs, but to some everything is hunky dory and having faith in the gap toothed wonder is the order of things. We've thrown a LOT of cash and salary at next years squad but it means we have fewer home grown players, skinnier squad, and fewer experienced back up squad players. If we get the standard amount of injuries we are FUBAR'd. The team assembled reeks of quality in the XVII BUT the coach is the weak link by far, IF e pull out a grand final appearance I'd be shocked, it'll be despite Radford not because of him because he himself states he has no control over how the team plays.
  7. I know, something I got slagged off about on the RL fans board when I said how poor Radford and his coaching team have been developing our youngsters. Looking at next years XIII/XVII it's the worst its been for years. Shaul, Houghton in the XIII, the strongest XVII maybe adds one of Bowden/Fash/Matongo but only one MIGHT get a XVII jersey. And yet some of our fans keep saying Radford is great at bringing through our youngsters when it's patently not true. I'll say it again here, there is not a single player to debut under Radford from our academy in the last 6 years who is first XVII, I pretty much got banned for arguing over how poor Radford was and pulling up a certain poster who would give up on the team after a few minutes of a game we went behind and then slag off/belittle other posters who dare to criticise performances/coach in the next breath. The state of affairs and the way things have gone the last few seasons even when we won the cup have eroded my support.
  8. Does that show how our cast-offs only go to lower league clubs, you rarely see any of our ex players or academy products elswhere at top teams?
  9. Cas need to win to give them a good chance of making the 5, I think them by 12
  10. Kirk Dixon was saying it again and again and again, unfortunately it's been far too often for us this season, just simple stuff that we aren't getting right and the same mistakes both in attack and defence being replicated, even when we're winning. That's coaching/mental first and foremost as well as obvious in terms of fatigue but the fatigue os same for all teams so that leaves the coach as being the problem.
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