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  1. I lived 800 yards away from the Gordon Street turnstiles at the Boulevard but went to my aunties house for dinner - sorry, lunch before home games and they lived 5 doors down from the car park outside the ground on Airlie street. Uncle was one of the groundsmen at the Boulevard and Auntie worked in the club bar and knew most of the players from the late 70s to the mid 80s before they moved. I used to get in FOC if I went in with my auntie and spend my admission on back programmes. She'd take me to the away games most of the time on one of the official coaches so I got to most of the old grounds BITD and I never missed a home game in 7 years. One of my highlights as a kid was my aunt introducing me to the Australian touring team on their coach after they'd thrashed us 2-34 in 1978, got the prog signed by all the team and coach. Then swapped it for a massive lot of glamogs and bollies a few years later hahahaha, what a maroon! I went less and less whilst at college, couldn't afford it, left Hull and for several years I didn't go at all, rarely getting back to Hull, at times only twice a year but did go to a couple of the Wembley finals and some internationals but that was it. By 2001 I started going again, it wasn't the new stadium (though that was a massive bonus tbh as the Boulevard was absolutely dire), it was mostly a big change in my life, so made the 350 mile round trip and have tried to get to at least half a dozen league games in a year since. Does any of that define me as a genuine supporter, not at all, what makes anyone a genuine supporter is if they have an interest in the game as a whole, enough to follow it, if even on TV or reading it in the paper, not everyone can get to games. No one should have bragging rights because they spend more at a club, travel further, how many games they go to or even how close to the ground they were born or even player/owner ties, the former is certainly how the hierarchy structure/weight of your words on a certain websites board works, I'm glad that this one is so much different.
  2. Don't agree, fans will go to games if they are able to, some fans can't, that doesn't mean that any person isn't genuine because they don't get to games, I know plenty of 'genuine' fans and season ticket holders that don't go to the early rounds of the cup when it's at home, does that make them a lesser fan than someone who does, to me it doesn't, not even slightly. I think you're describing most RL supporters but I guess you could call them that do go to a Thursday night game when it's bitterly cold, something else on that one could easily submit to doing/watching instead, 'ardent' fans rather than the label of 'genuine'. Genuine fans are simply interested in the sport, how many games they/you go to is irrelevant.
  3. Had some lovely sunshine and a bit of warmth today after what seems like almost constant rain this week gone which is unusual for the Northern Home counties, certainly the bit where I live. Bit sheltered by the Chilterns were a fair bit falls before it gets to us from the West so a bit of respite today was nice and even managed to get the laundry out before going for a plod around what were some still wet/damp country lanes on the bike. Back to rain again this evening, feel sorry for the poor buggers in Doncaster, usual thing of Northern town.city being left to its own devices and up poop creek without a paddle!
  4. I think describing some of your actual best days would be better than hypothetical ones, but ... Waking up with a single 600 thread count Egyptian cotton sheet over you and the warmth of the women you love against your back, a warmed almond croissant, toasted sausage sandwich and a freshly ground coffee for breakfast. A gentle cycle ride into town, 20C almost windless day on roads that are motor free but filled with other cyclists, lazily browse some old book & bric-a-brac shops and maybe even a sneaky minute or two at the cycle jumble where I find a 1940s or 50s Carlton Jewel almost factory fresh for a silly low price Lunch at a locally owned cafe, something simple like an omelet with freshly made chips and coleslaw (with NO ONION IN IT!) followed by hand made strawberry mille-feuille. Walk from the cafe to a golden beach, laze on the sand with a book from the shop listening to kids playing and the sound of the water, Have a quick swim and then a game of beach cricket with people you've never met, smashing the 8 year old bowling right into the water every time with no mercy A genteel cycle ride back, get the lounging chairs in the garden and the boy and g.kids come around for a few hours of games and some good music in the background. Out again for the evening with the boys in tow and meet up with the people we met on the beach earlier to have drinks, food and lots of great conversation at an outdoor cirque du soleil show. Come back home, snuggle up the g,kids staying in the spare room with a story or two, sit with the boy idly chatting about this and that until past midnight. Finally laying in bed, gazing into the eyes of the love of my life, telling her how much I love her, then going off onto some wildly tangential subject were we end up getting very existential but laughing ourselves to tears staring at the ceiling and just holding each others hand. Yeah, that would be as near a perfect day as I can conjure up incl using some of the best moments in my life, I'd take a 1/4 of that however any day.
  5. Ditto, went for a week in 2003 to hook up with this lass that did some work for her company out of London from time to time that I bumped into, think I paid about £4 for wild boar and the double vodkas - didn't do singles from what I could figure, were about 50p or thereabouts (roughly 7 PLN to the £ at the time, now 5!) I remember coming back with a couple of bottles of some locally made vodka and a bottle of fruits of the forest variant I'd bought in the new Tesco that had been built in Katowice, it was deserted but had a pyramid of car tyres in the middle of the store, it was huuuge! I had a brilliant time and even went to church on Easter Sunday
  6. 1-7 Falcons beat 7-1 NO Saints and pretty convincingly, Jets beating Giants, Browns beating the Bills, Titans beating the Chiefs, the bookies will be coining it in this weekend!
  7. Contrived nonsense that isn't really appealing, you need some sort of tribalism/belonging to create interest never mind some good atmosphere. No thanks, let's focus on getting what we have already to be better.
  8. oh ffs, have you actually read what Damien said, he said (jones) was forced to play union at school, he never said it was a union school and the PE master changed the rugby code at the school that was previously playing RL!
  9. I would take a thinking man like Clive Woodward over Bennett all day long, someone who actually understands people, is a brilliant tactician and can get the absolute maximum out of his players, the England win in 2001 with a load of dads army players proved that IMHO. You don't need to know league to be a head coach of a club or national team IMHO, you can have specialist coaches for the technical aspects. A great coach is someone who understands people, knows how to motivate, is able overcome what's put in front of you with superior tactics and can adapt in game when things aren't going your way or you've had to make changes, they can identify leaders, can develop players both skills wise (through using the asst coaches) and mental fortitude wise. Of current active sports coaches I'd have Bill Bellichick from the NE Patriots in a heartbeat, of past coaches in RL the greatest is probably Roy Francis (who would have been a 100 yrs old this year if he was alive).
  10. If Leeds really are after Ford then it smacks of desperation. As I said on the other thread and repeated by del capo above, there's no financial incentive for one, IMHO it would be career suicide. You're a pro sportsperson for a very short space of time, that can end in an instant so they have to make the most of it whilst they can AND think about their future post career. Playing RU and an national rep at that opens more doors for you and with a more likely chance of a decent wedge, just look at past England RU internationals, Wilko and Dellaglio were Land Rover brand ambassadors at the RUWC, LD has done this job with landy for 6 years, can you imagine a RL player getting a gig like that, nope, neither can i! Also forget about the money, adapting to league could take some time and they would always be targeted even more than other halves, just look how John Gallagher was targeted, sure he was earning a load of money he wouldn't have in union but the neck injury effectively ended his career.
  11. I'm not re-writing anything, some national teams will have a better quality than others, sometimes players aren't available through injury, so of course that can have an effect for any given game never mind for a WC 4 year period or longer, I've not disputed that at all and said so in my first post. The team we had was on paper one of the best for a while as was the 2013 team, yet due to errors by both coaches niether maximised what the available players could have got in terms of on field results., we defended excellently in 2017 but for all that and smaller amount of errors we were toothless in attack, a complete contrast to 2013 yet actually you could argue we had better attacking options in 2017. if you are going to sacrifice scoring points to be better in defence fewer with errors then you are lost, Bennet has gone for the 'or' option that has no chance of winning ultimately, at least with a balanced approach and one that scores more points or makes more chance of scoring more points you have a chance of winning. If yuou want to watch this dog-do style of play, good for you, you'rte better than I, but I really can't be bothered to watch this absolutely hateful style of play that is already flawed before you even kick off no matter how good or bad your players are. With the current team it's just hopeless and the performances show that in their most ugliest and obvious way!
  12. we produce fewer quality players overall I accept that and said as much previously and some eras we have a significant difference and from that we have the results we have, however coaching does have a big influence as well as what happens in the domestic game including the number of games played. The last 8 years we've had some superb players to choose from, enough for the first time in a long while that we had a a team that could have won the WC yet successive coaches have failed to capitalise on that talent. We will go through a few years with lesser players that haven't been tested nor playing in a 'system' that helps maximise that talent. The bigger influence is coach and the number of games IMO, i really don't think the gap is as big between players themselves as some think it is, but it looks bigger at International level when you don't play the right tactics, don't pick the right players, play them out of position and those players have already had a longer season/played more games than those they are up against. It widens things on the field than the direct comparison player to player.
  13. I couldn't disagree more. The keeping it tight/being better defensively whilst sacrificing offence will NEVER win you a WC, we came close thinking ignores that we played against one of the weaker Kangeroo teams in recent years, yes we had improved in defence but we lacked elsewhere and still players that could have had more impact left at hme or not playing despite in the squad. WB has essentially strangled our offence such that we are not a threat, the 'For' column tells no lies, it's like Lee Radford's game plan the past 5 seasons, it's too easy to read so opponents know precisely what to expect and it's easier - and less tiring to defend because of its predictability. In fact I'd say LR is currently a better coach than WB, at least we have someone who can kick half decently, Radford does pretty much pick the strongest squad available and has learnt that he must pick players in their preferred positions, ok so we're still clueless in the last 20 but honestly we look a decent attacking force with a kick to the corner compared to what Bennett has reduced us to! We were consistently beaten because we were not consistent enough, sometimes lacked the personnel (but usually wrong personnel being picked as with Bennett), lacked decent coaching, lacked the level of rugby at club level and played a ton more games. By the mid 1970s any advantages we might have had on the field in terms of playing ability were nullified by fitter players, better tactics/coaching and improved skills throughout the I-XIII, this reached its culmination by 1982 though the signs were there in the '78 tour. France however did win their series 2-0 in '78 and were arguably a better side than GB at the time, the effects of a very long tour in a British autumn/winter won't have helped the Kangeroos. It's easy to criticise the 'system', it's lazy to justify it because it ignores so much more that is wrong and why we will keep on failing playing this system even IF we absolutely nail it (of reducing errors/defence at the expense of attacking threat) which we did in the WC, we still lost. When with better tactics, personnel in place who should have been playing we would have won (IMHO). It should never be an either/or with regards to improving skills, improving error count, improving how we do both in attack and defence. Quite honestly we've gone backwards with regards to were we could have been and wasted the peak talents of some superb RL players from these shores, first Mcbanana and now Bennett, so I don't agree with you in terms of your comment thinking we are equals player wise is part of the problem on the field or how we as fans have expectations. We have had the players, but successive coaches haven't done well enough to maximise those talents, have ignored certain players or continued to play players well past it added onto which playing some of them out of position, this all contributes to the carp that we saw this morning and much further back, it's as simple as that for me. There's a lack of faith in certain players (so you play the tried/tested and failed), there's a lack of understanding/tactical nous by him with regards to what it takes to beat the opposition when it counts, lacks the ability to aid players to improve from club level to international level and step up, not physically, that's fairly finite, but managing/coaching. I really don't think it's the players but the person that brings it altogether, for me Bennett has failed quite miserably, the WC final was s near as we'll get but the reality is we sneaked past an albeit excellent Tonga and barely got a sniff against arguably the weakest Kangeroo team in a generation. He absolutely has to go, the problem is we've lost a lot of quality players/no longer at their peak and in part due to WB failures there's no-one who has been bloodied or bloodied enough and still been played in his 'system' which is dour and inadequate. We are going to have a fair few more years of drudgery in the GB guise and the results have reflected were we are at.
  14. Can't be much worse than SolarPlicity, a bunch of cowboys with a trail of stressed out customers and owed monies as long as your arm, I managed to get out just before things properly imploded and get my money back after a protracted complaint through the ombudsman (and threats by SP by debt agency who SP also lied to the Bleepity bleeps!) which I also got a small amount of compo. Have had two good experiences with smaller companies incl the current people I'm with though. it's interesting how the well known brands of yesteryear have absolutely zero to do with the companies they once were. Hoover haven't been 'Hoover' for a couple of decades and more, it's a brand name only and don't exist as a company, the UK/Europe division which separated from the US company were bought out by Candy and in turn Candy are now a subsidiary of Quindao Haier, a Chinese company. They use Haier UK (ltd) as a distribution company from what I can see and have 15 employees according to the 2018 Financial statement with a turnover of just under £17M with £3.9M gross profit, a whopping £3.8 admin cost with just over a £100k net profit with no tax paid to the exchequer (deferred tax) and no dividend paid to the #shareholders' who are actually Haier Europe Yannick Fierling is the main director of Haier UK and CEO of Haier Europe maybe this chap might come down to some of the games? https://ifa-international.org/2019/09/07/haier-boosts-its-european-business/ or the Li's? I'm sure Warrington will do nicely out of it and ;shake n Vac' their way to success!
  15. Just in before k.o. Raiders/Bears/Ravens/Bills/Chiefs/Saints/Giants/Bucs/Colts//Packers/Rams/tie of the round but going with Vikings//49ers
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