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  1. Had some lovely sunshine and a bit of warmth today after what seems like almost constant rain this week gone which is unusual for the Northern Home counties, certainly the bit where I live. Bit sheltered by the Chilterns were a fair bit falls before it gets to us from the West so a bit of respite today was nice and even managed to get the laundry out before going for a plod around what were some still wet/damp country lanes on the bike. Back to rain again this evening, feel sorry for the poor buggers in Doncaster, usual thing of Northern town.city being left to its own devices and up poop creek without a paddle!
  2. Ditto, went for a week in 2003 to hook up with this lass that did some work for her company out of London from time to time that I bumped into, think I paid about £4 for wild boar and the double vodkas - didn't do singles from what I could figure, were about 50p or thereabouts (roughly 7 PLN to the £ at the time, now 5!) I remember coming back with a couple of bottles of some locally made vodka and a bottle of fruits of the forest variant I'd bought in the new Tesco that had been built in Katowice, it was deserted but had a pyramid of car tyres in the middle of the store, it was huuuge! I had a brilliant time and even went to church on Easter Sunday ?
  3. This is yet another one of those falsehoods that gets perpetuated. Once again, you should NEVER pour boiling water - or just off boiling, on tea bags, this actually reduces the chances of the flavour coming out as you're scalding the tea. Boil the water then leave for a couple of minutes MINIMUM before pouring on the bag, 30 seconds in most people's kettles isn't going to reduce the temperature anywhere near enough. Squeezing the bag produces more tannin's which causes the tea to be bitter or stronger if you like and some people prefer it that way.
  4. would have made it 14-15, if St.Kendall doesn't chalk off their other try and Salford settle for a kick at goal for that pen under stains posts which could easily have been more pressure/repeat set. It would certainly have been a totally different game and hugely more entertaining and with at least one Stains player in the bin at best who knows what the outcome would have been. Forever to be known as plastic champions and an asterisk by their name for that season's GF!
  5. If that occurred then yes, I only watched the second half in parts so didn't see it, if you can pinpoint the game time and a link I'll check it out. The saints one stood out as it was a free shot on a totally defenseless player … twice!
  6. That tactic is made vastly easier when the gap between the defenders and attackers is allowed to narrow significantly than the laws state, at one point I thought the Saints D were going to take the first pass from the dummy half of Salford, it was so blatantly obvious and that on top of the other poor decision making by the man in the middle compounded matters further.
  7. That is utter nonsense, your form in a different competition (for which you won a trophy for) is utterly irrelevant when it comes to another competition. You don't 'deserve' anything based on what you did before, if you'd have lost would that have meant you deserved to win on the back of your aggregate scores against the 2nd/3rd place teams in a different competion and the way you played in the previous games (which was top drawer btw), of course not, so saying you deserve to win is just stupid and illogical. You deserve to win if you play well enough when it matters, not based on other games in other competitions.
  8. Not even the best Saints side in SL, Clarke is just there to spout nonsense/fill in gaps between the commentary, if you can call it that.
  9. Who on here or anywhere on social media has said that Kendall won you the GF, I can't say I'm a twatter follower but I've read Graun and FB comments (not all of them) and a fair few RL fans too, I haven't read anywhere that have said that Kendall cost Salford the trophy? What did happen is that the referee/officials made a significant number of errors that had a bearing, all have an effect on the game/scoreline. Saints were the better side on the night but not by the scoreline as it ended up, I'm not interested in what they did in the league, they didn't 'deserve' it on the back of that, they were the best side but that's a different competition, no side ever deserves to win a competiton based on their previous form/play, it's what they do in the game that matters. However when you're getting a leg up, playing well is made all the easier to do so and harder for the opposition to match when they are having multiple decisions go against them through no fault of their own. This does change the mentality (of both teams) and it also has an effect physically too. Without those incorrect decisions would the outright outcome be different, probably not, but it would have been a hell of a lot closer, at least competitive and not look like one team is getting favoured officiating which puts a negative spin on the match/occasion.
  10. So we can talk about how the laws of the sport aren't fully enforced by officials (by all officials and as instructed by the head of officials by definition) and how the outcome of that massively effects the sport as a whole? Good. I'm glad we are allowed to continue discussing that because it's hugely important in terms of how the sport moves forward to be better! Most of all with respect to player welfare, protecting players of all levels, when you see the long term outcome of having ones head continually smacked and ragged about never mind neck injuries at the senior level we cannot ignore this any longer. This has a knock on affect to young kids getting hurt. On top of that it has an impact on how fairness and integrity of the sport is perceived - it matters not if you want to stymie discussion here regarding officials performance, people who watch casual or not will make their own minds up with regards to what they saw. We know this does have an effect on participation levels at the junior level and indeed potential interest from sponsors who don't want to be involved with a sport that deliberately ignores deliberate foul play that does have a serious impact on player welfare. I'll start a new thread on the matter later on so as not to divert away from the match discussion.
  11. It's the fact the officials DON'T call them as to why they occur so often! If you get caught speeding on the same stretch of road every day and increase the punishment each time would you carry on speeding, no you wouldn't. if players were to get pinged for every offence/infraction they commit and thus get penalised out of a game, do you think that would carry on doing the same thing or would they modify their play/behaviour? That we see motorists speeding every single day every time they get into a car is because there is next to no deterrent whatsoever, the consequences are far greater in that they are crashes, injuries and deaths but the thinking in terms of getting away with it is identical. I've said this countless times, the game could be cleaned up massively if the officials simply enforced the laws of the game from minute 1-80 even if that meant 50 pens a game to start with. Coaches and players would get the message and change behaviour, the game would flow better and be a better spectacle with less shenanigans and controversy and ultimately fewer decisions for officials to make thus giving them an easier job as layers are massively less likely to commit offences for fear of punishment. The two head shots on Salford players should have both seen a card, it's clear the RFL are all talk and no action, they don't give a stuff about player welfare or 'tackles' like that would be snuffed out for the most part and neck tackles would also be penalised regularly. the 'rubbing heads' BS from someone earlier should also be an instant yellow card offence, it's not rubbing heads, it's someone shoving their head into your face/head deliberately, there's simply no need for it to happen, none, and yet officials ignore it and thus it carries on.
  12. He stiffed Hull FC in the CC final against Saints in '08, including a Hull player being pulled for a knock on after a saints player kicked him on the hands from which saints scored (in the first half), we got nowt from him all game.
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