Ex-Super League prop Keith Mason breaks silence after being sacked ahead of General Election for “anti-Islamic bigotry”

FORMER Super League prop forward Keith Mason has broken his silence after being sacked by Workers Party leader George Galloway for “anti-Islamic bigotry”.

Mason had only been selected as the Workers Party candidate for Wakefield and Rothwell earlier this month, but he will no longer be standing for Galloway’s party.

Galloway posted on X: “I have sacked Keith Mason as I earlier sacked candidates for anti-Semitism. Mason apologised for his historic tweets which were published when he was indeed guilty of anti-Islamic bigotry. It seems repentance is not enough in the elections game however. So he’s gone. I hope he keeps standing up for Gaza and continues his journey on the right path. @WorkersPartyGB.”

However, in response, Mason insisted that he is not “Islamophobic” and took to X to issue a passionate plea.

Mason posted on X: “I’ve grown up with Muslims my whole life I see them as my brothers and sisters, and not one of them would say I was Islamophobic ever!

“I’m a Roman Catholic and Jesus Christ is my saviour I’m his biggest fan, and I respect all religions because at the end of the day we are all aiming for one thing and that is PEACE! if Christians and Muslims United we would live in a much more peaceful world.

“I don’t have to agree with other religions like you wouldn’t with mine but I absolutely 100% respect all my Muslim brothers and sisters, in fact I’ve got more Muslim friends than I have Christian friends. I apologise to anyone who misinterpreted a conversation that came across that way

“Inshallah God bless you all.”

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