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  1. online West Yorkshire Rugby League is on Mixlr. Mixlr is a simple way to ...
  2. As i have said many times Greed is not the answer - but it is what's happening in UK In the USA the NFL one of the richest and well known /well followed sports in the world they try to make the game more level/even matched. They have the draft system where the Lowest teams [worst record] get the first choice of all the new players to try and level things out. the best team gets the last choice etc In RFL the Super Greed just get all the money and want more and happily take the remaining scraps that L1 get and they also hoover up all the promising new players which is only increasing the gap between top and bottom. And will lead to us eventually losing clubs. NFL USA - the Best get Last choice the Lowest get Help - Fair RFL UK - the richest get MORE the poorest get LESS - Disgraceful
  3. Enjoyed our matches down at Mclaren field . One night 7.30pm kick off - we didn't leave the bar under the grandstand till about 11pm with a long journey to Workington to follow 3 hours. Still have the program
  4. Lot of us up here in Workington who also qualify for same said medal. regarding Central funding and Ignoring championship for a moment because i dont think anybody really knows what each team is on? When you look at the basics - It is all based on Pure Greed. Why not Give the L1 teams £100,000 [100K] each per team - that still allows the SuperGreed teams £1.700000 [1.7 Million] each - which would still be £1.69 million more]. How can anyone say they are looking after the whole game and have such a ridiculous disparity but instead they want L1 to have 0 [Zero] so they can have 1.8 million each. Pure Greed If IMG do manage to bring some more money in to the game SG will try and claim it all. If we want whats best for the whole game it will probably be SKY stopping all the funding then that will take the greed out of the game at least.
  5. Take it you are a SL fan then because you automatically went against it simply because of money. Did you read it as I asked or just cancel it out because SL would get less per team? Martyn S gave an example of the finances. Its still not a level playing field but better than what L1 is getting now and a rise of 250K per position is a goal worth aiming at - AND THIS IS THE SAME MONEY IN TOTAL AS WE HAVE NOW. So saying there isnt enough money is wrong Just needs shared out better If the distribution were to be allocated in accordance with finishing positions in the previous season, the following is just one potential example: Team 1: £1.28 million (32%) Team 2: £1.04 million (26%) Team 3: £800,000 (20%) Team 4: £560,000 (14%) Team 5: £320,000 (8%) Team 6: £80,000 (2%). In this case, each rise of one position in the table would be worth £240,000 and the distribution would give each club a major incentive to climb its own Conference table, but doesn’t put pressure on it to overspend in order to attain an old-fashioned promotion. But I would emphasise that this distribution model is potentially just one of many. And it will also evolve over time, hopefully with all clubs seeing their distribution rise as income from sponsorship and broadcasting rose.
  6. Martyn Sadler [RL Express] came up with a plan = See link at bottom. Which fixes most of the problems? Please read the link below in full as it is the best structure I have heard out of all the proposed ideas. It would remove P& R and the associated stress/bankruptcy worries of relegation. it would get rid of the SL,Championship and L1 it would be simply the RFL similar to NFL with conferences. No P and R More Derbies Share money out better [light blue touch paper etc] Sorry Super Greed - if they take a little bit off you you wont die? a round robin for every conference first 10 weeks then play matches against all the other conferences at similar level 6 league champions Options for 6 league sponsors Even the bottom teams would get 5 home and 5 away matches against better quality opposition Bigger gate money = nice start to season As part of a discussion on a previous restructuring post - Martyn Sadler [RL Express] came up with a plan of a conference set up of 6 leagues with 2 SL, 2 conf and 2 L1 teams in each conference similar to NFL setup match wise not moneywise obviously - fully explained that it would have a few big scores at first putting SL against L1 - but also explained that L1 would get bigger crowds for SL matches etc and that in turn would be financially better and over time the gap should close - but when he mentioned splitting the money a bit more fairly that is when the proverbial hit the fan All the SL members attacked him and gave every possible excuse against it and MS gave a polite good answer to everyone, - but was wasting his time they are not bothered about Rugby League in general just themselves. The thing is none of the Super Greed teams will settle for anything less than them getting their 1.8M each - that is the only reason they are wanting 10 teams - Sky Money divided by 10 is better than Sky Money divided by 12. Some people on the listing even said they didn't care about L1 teams and that only the ELITE mattered - if i remember correctly when it was mentioned that L1 would be worst hit one said "if any team cant survive without Sky money then they should fold" - Easy to say when you are getting 1.8 million per season! When Sky money drops again they will end up with 8 - at one point after being constantly told only the ELITE matter and the fact that in the 25/now 26 years of Super Greed only 4 teams have ever won, then I said "those ELITE 4 team plus the French should F*** O** and have a 6 team SLEurope and take all the Sky money [which is what they want ] and leave us to have 2 leagues of 15" We have just left a league of 10 and on our way back 11 teams now and although all the teams in there are good to watch and try their best a league of 10 /11 is ######, At least if they go to 2 x 10 they will have the ###### leagues and it will leave a 16 team league for the rest if they all survive on the scraps? A future structure for Rugby League competitions – TotalRL.com | Rugby League Express | Rugby League World
  7. Sorry went off at a tangent there - the Blackpool v headingley bit was aimed at summer bash. L1 version should be at a smaller ground
  8. Why don't L1 have a magic weekend /Summer bash? Because RFL dont care about L1! apart from the odd number - top amateur team could be invited? to make it 12? Headingley similar to Blackpool capacity but I prefer Blackpool to Leeds - love Blackpool. Also should be at a smaller ground. Rotate it around the L1 areas. A weekend in Wales or London etc
  9. Whatever happens the RFL have to make the fixture list bigger 20 matches is not enough. If loop fixtures are good enough for Super Greed then they should be good enough for L1.
  10. and where do you play at ?????
  11. Rubbish a merger would not help in any way. If 2 teams who both had good investors, both had money in bank, both owned their grounds and both had a bunch of quality players merged. Then you could pool all those resources and sell one of the grounds and would be better off [ ie the 2 hull teams] But this is not the case here in any form. Neither Town or Haven have those qualities at present.
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