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  1. Which mergers mergers were part of the initial super league proposal?
  2. Merging teams [in UK at least] does not work 1997 - Carlisle merged with Barrow - all that happened was we lost Carlisle 1999 - Gateshead merged with Hull - all that happened was Gateshead started up again. 1999 - Sheffield merged with Huddersfield - all that happened was Sheffield started up again. Do you think if Whitehaven and Workington merged one would be permanently guaranteed super league and the other would start back up again?
  3. No - dont give them ideas - we are already aiming low compared to what we were promised
  4. Correct - the only team ever not to get Parachute payment. Meaning town had to lose all the players that year. Something that has never happened since.
  5. That's a bit of a daft statement that "Its ok for rugby league to play on artificial. But not soccer"? when you think about the nature of both games. Plus you have to be very, very careful about having aspirations on here or you will be shot down by your fellow reds fan DTTRR who started throwing around facts from 25 year ago about bankruptcy etc, cos we are only a small town with no fans, no money ,no population, not close to big city's and no business etc. That was when i said Town only need 2 promotion to reach top league and reds need 8 promotions to do same.? However in my
  6. Yes its got to be grass for soccer - cant have any of the prima donnas hurting themselves when they are diving and rolling around pretending to be hurt! Famous Quote "Football Is 90 Minutes Pretending You Are Hurt, Rugby Is 80 Minutes Pretending You Re Not"
  7. Nothing wrong with only 1 seated stand - we only have 1 now. Just make sure its a good one When planning a new stadium it should be future proofed - no good building something that's out of date in a year or 2. As previously said Town "could" be in Super league in 2 years [unlikely but it is possible]. So minimum spec must be catered for now just in case. No good saying we will do it when required. To do BP up reds are going to have to vacate for the work to be carried out because it is too small to do at same time it is not like the much larger DP which has the space to work on
  8. Well at least you wont be one of them because its planned for BP. God knows what you would have been like if they said it was going to be at DP
  9. Jenkinson is a Tory . Boris always says "Build Back Better" apparently MJ does not agree with his leader?
  10. BP is not a bigger site! When referring to Stadium size - Lonsdale park has nothing to do with size of BP. Lonsdale Park plans were for an Hybrid outdoor pitch with separate changing facilities not part of a new stadium. As Mr Frisky said Sounds awful! Level Reds and start again or redevelop DP which is a far superior stadium on a larger site- we don't want a hybrid Reds ground with a few new plastic seats. Terrible place to watch RL.
  11. So you are not a Reds fan. That's Rubbish - read the posts properly - i have never said i dont want to leave DP and am not Bitter at all about it being at BP I want a proper dual stadium as promised with good seating not just a redeveloped BP with a small stand [at least till you pull it down]?
  12. Yes, in a way - if you check around you will notice that clubs always build better - its all there on the internet if you can be bothered to look for it. Leigh for one example left Hilton park [10k] and built LSV [12k] newer and a little bit bigger and i I wonder if someone down there complained at that too "we never fill Hilton park why not just go for 5 k" The previously proposed stadium costs started at £15 Million, that was the original plan, that did not include Sellafield etc [that has gone now] so all the additional costs you mention and the release clauses, other tenants etc
  13. Pleased to hear you think both clubs are ambitious but yet Again why aim for the minimum requirements. The original 8k modern looking facility originally planned was not aimed at the minimum requirements and if it had not being used as a political football [excuse the pun] by the local councillors it would probably been built now. Both clubs already have Stadiums of their own
  14. Its embarrassing on here to see and hear the lack of ambition from some. Lets See if we can build the smallest, cheapest sports village we can get because our teams are not good enough and we only have a small town. Its pointless comparing any others [ i.e. York's or leigh's etc] because someone will just answer "York is bigger" yet they were in our league when our 8k stadium plans were still alive - they built their 8k stadium because they have ambition. If we accept the minimum standards now - that will be it forever. The council reneged on the original plans. They will
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