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  1. Please may I have your MOM for the Whitehaven game . First three chioces please.
  2. Hi all, back from holiday. As we are playing tomorrow I am closing this match voting down at around 9.pm. As it satands at the moment we have Kheirallah on 30, with Smith on 14, and Cooper on 6.Close to him we hjave Bussey on 5. I will give the overall totals after 9 tonight.
  3. Voting for today: Kheirallah 12, Smith 5, Cooper 3, JSL 2, Leilua, 1 and Bussey 1. I will up date on my return from holiday. Probably Friday night. UTR
  4. 6ft 7inches andx around 17and half stone. Around 30 years old. Lets sign him NOW>
  5. With the skill and experience we have now got let's just adjust to the circumstances I am sure we are capable of doing it.
  6. Please may I have your MOM for the Dewsbury game. First three choice please. I am on holiday next week but please keep voting and I will bring the totals up to date when I return next Friday night. I will summarise on Saturday. Don't think I have disappeared. The MOM will continue as normal.
  7. Closing the voting for the Barrow matrch down. Wnnier Bussey 48, second Davies 34 and third Keirallah with 10. Overall the scores are as follows: Bussey 23, Hall and Lockwood 10, Jacks 9, Davcies 8, Cothbertson and Hardcastle 6, Wildie 5, Pickersgill 4, Leilua and Gale 3 each Smith2, and Jones and Ferres 1. UTR
  8. If anybody is confused about my Father's name. It was during the Boer War and celebrated the relief of Mafekin.
  9. Hi everybody, just mY bit of variety from MOM. On my birthday I will celebrate 84 years of watching Featherstone Rovers. I am proud to be a FAN . UTR since I was 4 and went wsith my Dad, David Baden Powell Smith born 21st MaY 1900, hence the middle names. .MANY HAPPY MEMORIES. UTR
  10. Around 8pm on Wednesday the top three are: Bussey 45, Davies 31, Keirallah 10. UTR.
  11. At 7.25 the leading scores are: Bussey 29, Davies, 20, Hall 6. UTR
  12. Just to finish it off. Que sera sera- whatever will be will be, the future's not ours to see but we will beat Leigh by 20 points to three. SI THEE from me. The points we will be TOT EN EM up. UTR We are going far.
  13. Just to finish it off. Que sera sera -whatever will be will be, the future's not ours to see but we will beat Leigh by tweny points to three. Que sera SI THA.
  14. Please may I have your MOM for the semi final match please, Barrow v Featherstone, first three choices please
  15. Thed final scores for the Widnes match were Hall 48, Davies 32 and Briscoe 31. The total scores are: Bussey 20, Hall and Lockwood 10, Briscoe and Jacks 9, Hardcastle, Davies and Cuthberston 6, Wildie 5, Pickersgill 4, Leilua, Gale and Moors 3, Smith 2 and Ferres and Keirallah and Jones 1 each.
  16. No votes since Wednesday. Will give it until Saturday then close this down and start the Barrow MOM.
  17. Go back to one league that we used to have. Yorkshire clubs play each other and L:ancashire plus Cumberland play each other. Teams outside the two to be equally distributed. Then the Yorkshire and Lancashier clubs play four teams from other county. Teams they play depending on their league position in previous engagement. Funds to be equally distrbuted between all teams that participatre. No promotion or relegation. Top 8 play off and Lancashire and Yorkshire cup competition. .All clubs in RL knock out competition.
  18. A great player who I really admired. All the best for the future Chizzy.
  19. A great player who will be remembered for his superb contribution to the Rovers team. Hope if Keighley get promoted we aren't playing against him in the future.
  20. Normy Rover, you have voted twice. I will take your first vote and cancel the second. Please let me know if you have any thoughts on the matter. What has been retained is Davies 3, Hall 2, Briscoe1. Second vote cancelled Hall 3, Davies 2, Briscoe1.
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