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  1. Is this virus any more dangerous or prevalent than flu?. Maybe it is, but I’m not sure that there’s actual evidence to support that it is as yet.
  2. Class act Ridyard, both off and on the field.
  3. I’m guessing it’s a money issue, plus the SL clubs probably have funded scholarship programmes. Things will only ever change if we can make SL unfortunately.
  4. Think that the financial benefit isn’t as great these days, as the cup matches don’t seem to be popular. Maybe a home draw against Cas or Wakey, Hull might be different though. Got to beat Hunslet first though.
  5. I think that we need to look to rest any players with knocks this weekend. Alas, the cup has little value to lower league clubs these days, and it’s certainly not worth risking important players getting injured.
  6. It’s was pretty bad yesterday, and wouldn’t have been a great trip for Fax fans coming over. Correct decision for me.
  7. It wouldn’t be great for Fax fans travelling over either. I reckon it’ll be off.
  8. 1 Chizzy 2 - Susino 3 - Parata
  9. That would seem to be a decent shout, which would work for the lad and the club. Definitely had potential before the injury, so let’s hope he gets back to his best.
  10. Strange that we gave him a new contract given he’s been out for so long and still isn’t ready. Let’s hope it works out ok.
  11. Great to see this local lad sign for us. Looks like a good prospect. Good luck Gaz.
  12. The added advantage of the trip to Valencia, would have been the team bonding, especially helpful for the new signings.
  13. Let’s just drop it. The bloke doesn’t like me, and I don’t really care to be honest. Let’s just keep the talk to rugby.
  14. There’s several decent museums and I’ve already identified a few restaurants. It’s a lovely city with plenty of good things to do. Shame that you won’t be there to enjoy it gingdong, we could have shared a nice bottle of wine.
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