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  1. I wouldn’t call the likes of Aekins, Mininkin, Gale, Lacans, Reynolds, Springer, Jones, Addy etc scraps. These are all quality players. Plus there’s over 4 months until the first match. People need to calm down a bit and see what happens.
  2. At the end of the day it looks like Kyle Trout is on trial, so we really haven’t got anything to lose at this stage?.
  3. People are just being too negative. We have core of quality players, and also the dual reg players. And i’m sure that there’s more signings in the pipeline, perhaps a few from Oz. Reynolds, Aekins, Springer and Jones would get in any other team in the Championship.
  4. Relegation battle?, no way with the quality of players we have already signed. Some people are overreacting a tad.
  5. Hankinson and Longstaff leaving. Not surprised really, they both must have been on decent contracts.
  6. Ben Reynolds is a goal kicker, so we should be ok.
  7. He wasn’t on the list, but it probably related to last year.
  8. Fair point, less than a home match, but at least a small amount of gate money.
  9. Not great for us, with zero gate money. Mind you, I doubt that these 1895 matches will attract that many supporters. I’ve zero interest in this tournament, unless we get to the final, which is probably unlikely next season.
  10. There’s a few more documents on the Featherstone Rovers company page, including a list of shareholders, for those interested.
  11. Error there by them, but common knowledge really.
  12. Fantastic news, and looks like he’s been given the go ahead from medical professionals as well. He’s such an 100% player and a good bloke.
  13. The season doesn’t start until march, and we’ve already signed some quality players. Chill out man.
  14. Not for me. He’s been injured for a long time, and wasn’t that good before when he played for us.
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