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  1. Bit of a shame, but don’t think I’ll be travelling 150k for the match.
  2. Cheers, like people have said, I’m sure that we can share taxis etc.
  3. No good for those of us who have booked to stay in Valencia.
  4. Conor Carey signed on for 2020. Good news especially given the injuries.
  5. Booked for Valencia now, flying in on the Friday, early afternoon, returning early on the Monday. Can’t wait.
  6. That’s awful news before the season has started. Shame that we couldn’t get the Cameron King deal sorted, but you can’t blame him for staying in Oz. Hopefully dual reg can plug the gaps.
  7. Generally you’d think that keeping a nucleus of players together would be positive. But is this really the case, given how well we did last season?.
  8. He’s said his goodbye on Twitter this morning.
  9. Hopefully booking our flights and hotels this weekend for match. Watched Valencia on Travel Man, and it looks like a fabulous city.
  10. Isn’t it likely that he’s probably too expensive for us?. Shame really, as it would be great to get him back for next season.
  11. Has it been confirmed which stadium the match is being played at?.
  12. Nothing wrong with having a good drink, as long as you behave yourself, and most do. I didn’t see any issues last year.
  13. Last game on Saturday though. I’ll be struggling to focus by then
  14. I left the Facebook forum of my own accord, but don’t let the truth spoil a good story. Too many right wing idiots on it
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