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  1. Ryan Carr has done a great job for us, he’s moving on, don’t see an issue. And no issue with thanking him for the job he did last year.
  2. Maybe they haven’t settled. ###### poor to make such a post without any idea of the full facts. Personally I’d like to thank Ryan for all his hard work and such a great season.
  3. Good luck Ryan, you’ll always be Fev
  4. A quality signing for us.
  5. Good players whose played well this year, but not irreplaceable. Wish the lad well.
  6. The team put up a great effort, but on the day Toronto were the better team and deserved the win. Roll on next season.
  7. Not sure how you can be so confident, both league matches were close, and Fev are now playing far better than they did then. I think Toronto will probably win, but if you don’t play to your best or perhaps feel the pressure, there’s a chance of an upset.
  8. I think that Toronto are heavy favourites especially with the week off, but there is a chance that last years loss with London might play on their minds. Either way, may the best team win.
  9. Alas I think it will be one game too far for us. A few players out injured and Toronto fresh after a week off. Hope I’m wrong, but think we’ll fall short. Even so, what a brilliant season it’s been, could not really have asked for more.
  10. We didn’t go down by that many in the league match with a much weaker team. An handicap of +12 seems pretty generous.
  11. What do people think about Blackmore, certainly a great try scoring record at Sheffield.
  12. A Rovers legend, RIP Scoff.
  13. I agree, we are better off following the model of this year rather than paying big money for past their best SL players.
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