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  1. He's been decent but would need to improve loads to be of SL quality. However, its possible and I wish the lad well at Trin.
  2. I'd be amazed if he'd leave a job as an assistant in the NRL to coach us.
  3. Played 16 times for Newcastle this season, which isn't bad.
  4. Personally I'd look for an Aussie, they are well ahead of us in coaching.
  5. True, it's a totally different job when there's expectation and pressure.
  6. Did ok at Workington and speaks well on Premier Sport.
  7. Think that he only had a contract for this season, so surely, it's just a matter of time before he leaves, as it's hard to believe Campbell would give him an extension.
  8. People pay their money and are entitled to their opinions.
  9. Assuming that BM will be leaving, who do we all fancy for next coach next season?.
  10. We should have reached the final, although unlikely we'd have beaten Leigh. Performances haven't been great either. A lot of it is down to changes in players, although I've no idea if this was down to BM or MC?.
  11. Part of the issue this year is poor recruitment, especially compared to Leigh. Don't know if that's Macs fault or others?.
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