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  1. Can't find anything, but would be interested to know the number of match streams being purchased for matches. Anyone heard anything?.
  2. Brainless if this is true.
  3. Personally I'd be looking to rest some players for this match. Can't see that there's any way we'll get close to Hull, so better to keep players fresh for the next league match.
  4. It's the beer, and board members etc mixing with players I'd guess.
  5. I'd wonder who took the photos in the clubhouse?.
  6. It's all gone quiet today from the club and RFL, so hopefully you are right.
  7. It's like I've said, part of the match day routine might be having some food after the match. The error made is allowing none playing/coaching staff to mix with the players.
  8. I'd be sure that most teams have a post match debrief. The problem we have, is that apparently none playing staff attending and the beers didn't help. It's a mistake and shouldn't have happened, but worse things happen. Time to accept the punishment and move on from it.
  9. Aren't the players tested frequently and couldn't this be a team meeting?. Ok, they probably shouldn't be drinking, but not sure it's really that bad in my opinion.
  10. Haven't the RL confirmed that there is promotion and relegation?. I'm sure that this is the case.
  11. We were very poor yesterday, but for me , it was just one of those days, with lots of individual mistakes. Better to play like that now, than against such as York or Toulouse.
  12. Thought that Parata looked particularly sharp. Can see him ripping tiring defences to pieces.
  13. I wish Leigh good luck for 2021/22.
  14. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.hulldailymail.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/leigh-centurions-nine-players-fine-2070671.amp
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