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  1. In this case we know exactly what we have to do to achieve a top 5 spot.
  2. If we can’t win 2 of the those final 4 matches we don’t deserve to be in the playoffs.
  3. Toronto Toulouse Leigh Fev York Not bad for us as we’ll get a home match and avoid excessive travelling.
  4. I don’t suppose there is any chance of paying a small transfer fee to have him for the rest of the season?.
  5. Always thought that this would be a tough game. As a positive, can’t remember the last time we won a game with a drop goal.
  6. That’s a cracking sign up to the scheme so far. Well done to all those concerned.
  7. That’s me, a bottle job/snowflake.
  8. Better to be nearly dead than brain dead.
  9. We’ve signed him from Wire, whilst Will Dagger has gone back to KR.
  10. Can’t knock your efforts Colin. I’ll be joining for the year, after payday.
  11. On a positive I think that Jones looks like a useful signing. Let’s hope that the Aussie due to arrive within the next 2 weeks is as good. Anyone any clues as to who it might be?.
  12. Strengthening at this time of the season is much cheaper, given the fewer matches left. However, changing a settled team could have an adverse outcome as well.
  13. If we want second, we’ve got to win every match, maybe one loss would see us in 3rd/4th. We certainly can’t afford any slip ups in the matches against teams below us in the table.
  14. Proud to be a Fev fan tonight, top class from the lads. The Wolfpack certainly won’t want to play us in the Grand Final.
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