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  1. I have a Season Ticket. What's the best option.
  2. I have a Season Ticket. What's the best option.
  3. What is the schedule for them showing Championship games?
  4. What a game. Very wqell done all the team. More of the same p[leasew.
  5. What a game. Very well done all the team. More of the same please. Keep voting. UTR
  6. Due to various medical factors I might not be able to make the meeting. It is disappointing as I wanted to have a word about our MOM presentation.
  7. Please let me have your MOM for the Wakefield game, first three choices please. Looking for more votes please.
  8. Right closing Leeds match voting down. The winner is Bussey with 14 points, with Wildie second with 8 and equal third we have Gale and Briscoe with 4 points each. On to the Wakefield game tomorrow in which I hope we have more participants,
  9. Cheers POR. Read it with a magnifying glass. Twitter keeps asking me for a password. I can't connect with it.
  10. Leaving voting for Leeds match until tomorrow afternoon. Gaps for a few more votes folks. Lets show them we exist.
  11. Or even a reight ansa. If tha duzz ought fo nought do it fo theesen. I seem to rememba mi fatha tellin mi that.
  12. EE Lad. That's not a rate ansa If Robin dunt knaw then tell im rate ansa. Thall get noweer with a gormless ansa.
  13. Report in Pontefract and Castleford Express that Station Lane will be closed and include dates up to the 26th of January as they work on the level crossing. The times seem to still give us entry. I hope so as last time they worked on the crossing I had to go miles to get to the ground. Let's hope they have finished at 6.am.
  14. We are probably waiting for AC to become DC and then we will be up to date on CURRENT affairs.
  15. Yes I understand. I just wondered whether there was any Covid problems with their players that meant WE were going to cancel.
  16. At the moment Bussey is leading with 11 votes and Wildie is second with 8. Nice to be back with our MOM after the big gap. Let's continue as we did in the past. Please add comments if you wish. UTR. At least on the Forum our voice is being heard.
  17. Thanks Chris. Are you keeping well. Happy New Year. Colin
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