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  1. Thanks Alan, Hope to see you on Wednesday.
  2. If you are a fervent supporter you see it through. I have watched Featherstone Rovers since 1938 and have seen all aspects of the game. There have been ups and downs and games where we knew we had little chance but time turns things around if you persevere. Recent example us v Widnes. Think of the times they have drubbed us. Let things commence, continue and keep patient. UTR.
  3. In my experience of life and work you start as a beginner and then learn the way forward. Experience in the particulat field you are in is necessary. Slowly you learn the ins and outs and progress. The team you mentioned NEVER gave up. That is accumalating experience, which they need. Tim egoing by shows improvement as experience grows.
  4. Right it is now 10.30 and the voting today shows: Hall 30, Davies 24, Briscoe 17. These are the three leaders by a large margin. More votes please. UTR.
  5. Just going through an hard acre. Zacs what it all about.
  6. It is a long established learning curve. Time will show an improvement.
  7. Did anybody hear the GG winning number? Was it claimed? Everything we tried today worked. Wonderful performance. Well done all the players.
  8. Please may I have your MOM for the Featherstone Rovers v Widnesa game. First three choices please.
  9. No votes since Wednesday so I am closing the Bradford match MOM down. Bussey was an outstanding winner with 72 votes, second was Jacks with 46 and third Davies with 30. The overall position is as follows: Bussey 20, lockwood 10, Jacks 9, Briscoe 8, Hall 7, Hardcastle and Cuthbertson 6 each, Wildie 5, Pickersgill and Davies 4 each, Gale, Moors and Leilua 3 each, Smith 2 and finally Jones, Ferres and Kheirallah 1 each. Now on to Widnes on Sunday.
  10. Coming up 9ish and Bussey is coming back to his best. Leading scores are: Bussey 57, Jacks 38, Davies 23.
  11. At 10pm the scores as are follows: Jacks 16, Bussey 13, Davies 6, Briscoe 3, Helliwell 2, Wildie 1. More voting please it is looking very interesting. UTR Good win.
  12. Please may I have your MOM for the Bradford game. First three choices please
  13. No votes since Tuesday so I am closi9ng the voting for the Barrow match. Jacks was outstanding obtaining 71 total, Davies got 31 and Wildie and Kheirallah 18 each. The overall position now is: Bussey 16, Lockwood 10, Briscoe 8, Hall and Jacks 7, Hardcastle and Cuthbertson 6 each, Wildie 5, Gale, Davies, Moors and Leilua 3 each and Jones Ferres and Kheirallah 1 each now onto the Bradford match. UTR
  14. Cant get twitter. Could someone let me know the full team of 21 and what they think the 19 wil lbe
  15. Haven't had a vote for 11 hours so here is the update on leading scorers. Jacks 58, Davies 24, Widlie 16. UTR.
  16. I think our coach will fit in the players he sees fit for the particular match that is taking place. I think he is very astute.
  17. Hi everybody! At 5ish today the figures are showing as such: Jacks 49, Davies 19, Wildie 16, Kheirallah 7, Briscoe 4, Jones, Bussey and Hall 2 each and Helliwell 1. Please keep voting. UTR
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