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  1. Hall briscoe Leilua hardy gale holmes smith lockwood wildie Ferres Jsl hellewell bussey jones moors Davies field think that would be a very strong 13 to go with, moors needs to be coming off the bench in 20 minute spells he’s an impact player
  2. This squad on a hole is stronger than last year all of the players you would class as back up could easily walk into a few championship sides
  3. What do we think then broadbent, Walters , gannon all to join us ?
  4. Hard working forward whose Probaly not on mega money but will muck in and do the hard stuff
  5. Seen somewhere us being linked with hepi from cas aswell he’s not the biggest but is a powerful runner the same with muizz
  6. I’d take muizz Walters gannon and oconnor as much as the others are good players do we really need more backs/pivots
  7. Didn’t know Jones had one I thaught it was Carey who came over with an English passport
  8. Give it till end of season before we judge any player can say all we want now but at end of it all gill might be another Conor Jones who was one of our best last year
  9. Pickersgil gale hardy leilua briscoe/Doyle Smith chisolm koppy jones bussey jsl ferres field hall/Holmes/wildie moors/Lockwood davis/helliwell Cooper/mconnel
  10. I’d have big maka back thaught he went well for us would like to se a return for susino aswell he looked promising
  11. Would be a big threat in championship and a big sign of intent he’s a specialist centre but is big enough to step into the pack
  12. Every interview done by staff/players has mention exiting new signings over next few week but then weeks have come and nothing from them just the re signing of Lockwood which is far from exiting
  13. been a lot of talk for a few week about exiting signings they must be big names of there hyping them up this much if there mediocre a lot of fans will be in uproar
  14. Problem last season was a lot of our fringe players had enough quality to start on the championship so have got deals else where
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