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  1. Think from our current squad 7-8 of them would/could step up cherry picking from the bottom super league sides will hopefully be enough to stay up if we do go up and keep building, we’re not gunna do a Leigh and be one of the powerhouses in the first year it’ll be a re build again
  2. If that’s true that’s a bonus, I thaught the rules were if you’d played for a community club before the age of 13 as that’s how Leigh got lam as a none quota player
  3. If we do go up how many quota spots will we have and how many of the current over seas players would we take up with us I think Jonsey and aekins are the only 2 really and at a push yei
  4. Wakey said he was incharge if there attack until he left they did nothing, when he’s now left they can score points and look like a different team we started the season with 2 of the best ever super league halves and looked good with whatever combination we put out since Ford has come in it’s been a game of our pack is bigger than your pack and if that doesn’t work after 20 mins we don’t know what to do no one can create space gaz gale was scoring for fun and now doesn’t get a sniff dare I say McDermott rugby was more creative than this
  5. In my opinion we need to drop players who aren’t performing Joey smith Wildie for me just shouldn’t be in mid any fullback is playing 6 it should be kerellah but why not say to Chizzy and lacans you 2 are the halves till Ford is back both of you play for the shirt to partner him make some competition Or use lacans as a hooker he’s more than up to it we could easily go to Sheffield and get bullied again kerrelah briscoe, aekins, hankinson, Gale lacans, Chizzy springer, Wildie, koppy hau, longstaff cozza jones, Davies, yei, moors that’s what my choice of team would be and if aekins doesn’t work at centre longstaff could be good there looks quick and agile and then bring Taylor into back row
  6. Aekins would be a good 6 with Ford at 7 all we need is someone to organise and we play well Chizzy isn’t the answer and is never gunna be if it was to win the GF I’d play aekins with Ford in halves if everyone’s fit
  7. Aekins 6 Chizzy 7 Jones start at 9 with lacans on bench to cover halves if it’s not going well or to come on for Jones start with koppy and springer at prop longstaff and hau in the back row with Taylor at 13 then have yei Davies and cozza on the bench, the backs pick themselves but wound leave hall out for Joey
  8. Hau is getting better and better each week when we’re in the play offs he’s a match winner hall Chizzy and briscoe on one side is stupid when there 3 poor defensive players aekins is too good to leave out but where do you put him we need to stick with a 1,6,7, combo and stick with it we also need to use subs a lot smarter I’d have the slower more grindy front rowers starting eg smith koppy locky, with people like yei springer Davies coming off the bench and cozza hau and Taylor in the back row playing 80
  9. I’d leave the squad as it was yesterday with koppy in for moors and aekins to centre to cover hankinson Chizzy and lacans starting in the halves Jones starting 9 bringing astley on at 6 to replace Jones and move lacans to
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