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  1. you forgot team finishing wherever picks whoever they want to play ... simples
  2. Regardless of the result on sunday does any one else feel that the golden point is a silly way to finish any game of rugby league and doesn't really work. Even golden goal has now been scrapped from all major football competitions, at least in football you have a chance of winning the ball back within seconds of the kick off and both teams have a fair chance of scoring. The kick off doesn't really effect the outcome in football, adding the fact that there are more ways than one to score points in rugby league maybe golden try would be more fair. had halifax first drop goal attept gone over and not been charged down we would have lossed in their first set of tackles with no real chance of regaining possession. my suggestion would be 10 mins extra time each way of normal play or golden try, only then followed by golden point as a last resort to settle game like penalties in football.
  3. i though that but would halifax have risked kicking the ball short and us getting the ball with good field position. i honestly think we shouldn't have worried about what they may do and let them kick off to us. we could have played out our six tackles and if not made enough ground for a drop goal, then put the ball deep into their half
  4. also why does everyone presume that the attack was by someone who isn't a regular fev fan.
  5. the incident completely changed the game. mainly halifax ended up playing towards a full end of their fans in the second have which i feel was a great help to them
  6. as we were leaving the coach park the halifax fans were goading our coaches some even banging on the sides of our coach. really rubbing it in. there were some pretty ###### off fev fans after this match and we really didn't need that. i was among 150 fans from the travs who were all on the coaches and set off before the mojority of the fax fans started getting back to their coaches. i cant begin to imagine what would have happened had both sets of fans got to their coaches at the same time and the fax fans having the same attitude. i think we would have been talking about more than one incident. i dont condone what happened one little bit and i hope the poor guy is ok, but i dont think we should presume halifax fans are totally innocent.
  7. lets hope they have learnt from last year then
  8. caps are great. i was expecting them to be same as the 83 cup final ones with printed design on them. I have already bought a normal flat cap for the game but tempted to get a fev one if theres any left tomorrow.
  9. maybe you didn't read the post either, as no one was putting worlds best team and sheff wednesday in the same sentance. its a decent chant anyway and featherstone would fit into it well
  10. i bought my tickets early friday and there was nothing in the club house, but im not just talking about grand final stuff. when you go to the supermarket do you buy exactly what you need then come home, i doubt it. its an opportunity to sell anything fev while people are waiting. not a dig at the club, just a an opportunity missed i feel too many people get too defensive. instead of thinking sensibly. ive hardly missed a game all season . im not talking about me im talking about the people who haven't been all season and have just noticed theres a cup final. there the ones fev should be taking advantage of, the ones who may see the shirts i mentioned for the first time and think "wow they're nice, im having one of those" fts fev get crowds of between 1000 and 2000 and your all taking about taking 4000 fans, theres a few extra sales there.
  11. For all the improvements made at featherstone over the past few years i still think they are really missing a trick here with this grand final. they should be selling the tickets from the club shop, with as much merchandise on show as possible. there will people going fo tickets who haven't visited the ground for years. the club shop is forever in darkness and im sure people not in the know will think its shut and not go to the office. i also find it uncomforatble having to be let into the shop through the office and not being able to have a good browse around. the classic white and thin blue striped shirts would probably sell out if they were on show. i understand saving money not having someone in there full time, but for this couple of weeks i think it would have been worth it. were not getting anything form gate receipts so fev should be milking this grand final for every thing they can
  12. good luck fev hope its a game to remember
  13. lol, pull yourself together man its only a game
  14. as long as we dont sing marching on togather im not bothered what gets sung, its a leeds #### song and should stay that way. theres always were featherstone rovers featherstone rovers rlfc were by far the greatest team, the world has ever seen repeated should sound familier to any wednesday fans, if fev replaced with another (better) south yorkie team
  15. ###### poor if a place the size of halifax can't outsell us. i dont really care who has most fans, just be nice to see the ground full and show theres still interest outside of superleague. Should also prove that for both fev and fax that we can pull in the fans. I still believe if we ever made it it superleague the attendances would increase above what some superleague teams are getting. its games like this we should be judged on, not whitehaven or batley etc in the league.
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