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  1. Wakefield had years of being safe from the drop due to licensing while Rovers were consistently winning the league below but never allowed to give it a try nowt to do with not being good enough. Wakefield are a poor SL team in a Dump of a ground surviving on sky money. Had they been in our position they would no longer exist. Leigh and Widnes are a bad comparison, both have had financial problems as championship teams and are nowhere near as well run as Rovers. They run by one guy with cash and haven’t had to learn to survive. Look at what Fev have achieved with a fraction of the cash wakey have had, we have consistently put out a competitive team while developing our ground. I’m sure with an extra 1.8m a year it would be put to good use and we would be competitive with the lower half of SL
  2. Why do they have to bring anything to superleague. If they win the gf they get promoted. Only In rugby league do fans say stupid stuff like this. You don’t get football fans saying what would Burnley bring to the premier league. Who cars if no one has heard of us
  3. Head has not given any reason or justification for the change to RU. Not mentioned any extra funding from RFU. Though he has recently decided he is going to teach PE at the school and the head of PE at the Rodillian trust is a RU man.. Wesley Bush is quite new as head and seems hell bent on changing everything. all popular teachers have been moved on to other schools in the trust or sacked and his preferred teachers moved in. the change has been from the start of this school year. Rovers and the school governors been trying to reverse the change to RU but with no success Years 7,8,9 have already played games of union. Featherstone Rovers were going into the school a few days a week teaching rugby to boys and girls and attending games Mainly Paul March and Jamie Cording. They donated the school a rugby kit. They were told at start of the school year they would no longer be required as school was changing to union. Even had cheek to play union games in the kit rovers donated. Up to this school year teams were playing in school leagues including teams such as Carlton, knottingley, normanton, cas high, st wilfreds (who now play league), thorns, kettlethorpe. The girls game which is big in Featherstone also affected, after being told the Girls don't play Rugby in the Rodillian trust they play netball. Head been in touch with governors today claiming he didnt realise the change would have such an impact and has a meeting with them tomorrow to discuss it.
  4. Hi, please just take a few seconds to sign this petition if you would Featherstone Academy part of the Rodillian Trust have decided to stop all rugby league in school and play Rugby Union. Both Featherstone Rovers and Lions are against this This change could effect both the amateur and professional game in the town. https://www.change.org/p/featherstone-stop-featherstone-academy-from-breaking-tradition-and-changing-to-rugby-union-school
  5. Hi, please just take a few seconds to sign this petition if you would Our local high school now Featherstone Academy part of the Rodillian Trust have decided to stop all rugby league in school and play Rugby Union. This is not about what is best league or union (though we know league is ) it’s about the head of the school going against the whole history and culture of the community and not giving a sh it. This change could effect both the amateur and professional game in the town. Being a coach at Fev Lions myself I know how hard it is to get players down to the club already. Another example of RU stifling growth in our game https://www.change.org/p/featherstone-stop-featherstone-academy-from-breaking-tradition-and-changing-to-rugby-union-school
  6. Hi, Could you please spare 20 seconds of your time to vote for our team photo in the rockface for men competition. The winning rugby team photo recieves a cash prize of £1000 which will enabable them to purchase a new playing kit for next season without the need to beg for sposorship. We are currently in first place in the rugby category and the competition ends midnight 31st October. So this is the last push for votes to ensure we win it Your help is much appreciated, please click the link below. The link should open on our vote page so just click the blue vote button. click here to vote If for any reason the link doesn't open directly to the our voting page this is the photo you are voting on submitted by Danny Glassell Thankyou
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    Edited it since but I think he's right, try scorers, half backs will always be on more than a forward choose how good they are. Sam burges was probably best forward in the world but I doubt he earned as much as Greg Inglis. Jarryd Hayne was the best payed player in NRL not a forward Brierley will be paid more than any forward at Leigh, except for maybe moimoi, but he'll be paid for what he brings to the club off field as well as on it We have seen this season what it's like to have paid peanuts for our backs while lumping a big chunk of our cash on forwards. But he did say the balance was wrong, we have about 10 front rowers, so maybe having 1 or 2 high paid forward isn't bad, but having poor backs and lots of well paid forwards is a recipe for disaster. If we'd had a good half back Reni maitua would have ripped this league apart, he broke the line for fun has it was but he just didn't get the ball enough
  8. Just incase this effects anyone on here http://www.featherstonerovers.net/article.php?id=13630 Catalans Dragons have this afternoon advised the Club of a potential alteration to the kick off time for Sunday's Ladbrokes Challenge Cup game in Perpignan. The Perpignan based rugby union team, USAP, are playing in a Cup semi-final that day and Eurosport are planning to televise it meaning its kick off time is being put back from 1430 to 1700 presenting not only a scheduling problem with fellow broadcasters BeIn Sport but also having a potential impact on the crowd for our game although the two stadia are just 1km apart. A possible kick off time for our game is now 1900 but we realise that a number of fans are booked on a flight from Perpignan at 2145 although we are informed by Catalans that the airport is a five minute drive from the Stade Gilbert Brutus. If the game is re-scheduled for 1900 we would look to provide transport to the airport at 2030 which would get fans to the airport by 2045 but we cannot be held responsible for any delays / missed flights if such a change takes place. We will keep fans updated on the above and would ask anybody booked on the 2145 flight to contact Pat Cluskey at the Club via pat.cluskey@featherstonerovers.net or on 07734 386786 so we can guage how many fans could potentially be affected by this change.
  9. Theres only 2 players of ours at Sheffield. 1 hardly played and the other didn't play last season, he spent the season injured. No bonuses owed to anyone. It was never announced that Fev had taken an advance in their money. it was mentioned by another club and never ever confirmed. I cant help but laugh at people like you who spout a load of male genitals as if your in the know.
  10. you forgot team finishing wherever picks whoever they want to play ... simples
  11. I have set up a prediction league for fev fans. A week late but, but same for everyone. Please join and predict scores of games in our league. Just sign up and select my predictions on the left to predict this weeks matches. Your username will appear in the league when I update it. You can set up mini leagues if you like. http://rlpredict.me Added first 7 weeks fixtures an dwil add more as season progresses, Fev cup games wil be added for Bonus points.
  12. Regardless of the result on sunday does any one else feel that the golden point is a silly way to finish any game of rugby league and doesn't really work. Even golden goal has now been scrapped from all major football competitions, at least in football you have a chance of winning the ball back within seconds of the kick off and both teams have a fair chance of scoring. The kick off doesn't really effect the outcome in football, adding the fact that there are more ways than one to score points in rugby league maybe golden try would be more fair. had halifax first drop goal attept gone over and not been charged down we would have lossed in their first set of tackles with no real chance of regaining possession. my suggestion would be 10 mins extra time each way of normal play or golden try, only then followed by golden point as a last resort to settle game like penalties in football.
  13. i though that but would halifax have risked kicking the ball short and us getting the ball with good field position. i honestly think we shouldn't have worried about what they may do and let them kick off to us. we could have played out our six tackles and if not made enough ground for a drop goal, then put the ball deep into their half
  14. also why does everyone presume that the attack was by someone who isn't a regular fev fan.
  15. the incident completely changed the game. mainly halifax ended up playing towards a full end of their fans in the second have which i feel was a great help to them
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