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  1. the pitch is a reflection on the club as a whole,very professional looking worthy of the superb efforts that we have seen from team this year! well done Rob,you deserve all the credit you are getting.
  2. firstly what a fantastic day,one that will live long in my memory. Importantly though for me was the way the Batley stewards acted.Iknow certain things were said to the chief steward before the game and with all credit i felt his reaction and the way he spoke was a credit to him and the Batley club(i think most people know by now what im referring to). Secondly a thankyou from me to Lorne,first to stand up and offer his support when he felt things were going to be a bit one sided.
  3. i remember her now, that brought back some memories with the blanket at half time, didnt know the lady in person but a sad loss rip.
  4. what a great thread, all the rugby world talking bout a "poor" fev side at last bring it on!!
  5. Sheff 16-Fev 32 att-1190 mom saxton first try-steele AND NO AIR HORNS
  6. for me at has to be finny , i believe he is the director of all things good, big jon has to get the award for most improved player now hes settled in tho
  7. not one moan after that display and we did it with no help from the ref, that was the shortest 10 metres at the plb ive ever seen and we still seemed to have time and space to play
  8. 1. Briggs - class act and a great turn of speed 2. Grayshon- at times he looks unstoppable out wide 3. Mrrison - the new Tuuta for me, he scares people!! Stu/Tonka both immense and Hardman is bound for a higher league surely
  9. you like the food in there?? get well soon mate
  10. about right that robin, liam was targeted as a threat and was quieter but step in briggsy and alls well bring on Halifax!
  11. top post, haven players were aware of things and were all over stu at the end respect for that. some of our attacking rugby today was the best ive seen for a lot of years
  12. top man, top professional, felt for him at the end when he was overcome.very sad,our thoughts are with stu and his family.
  13. 1. saxton 2.finn 3.kain
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