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  1. These nice evenings do make for some nice light for photography. All taken with about 7 or 8 miles of home too. Wycoller Sunset by 77gazza, on Flickr Haworth by 77gazza, on Flickr Haworth by 77gazza, on Flickr
  2. Had a stroll alongside the Rochdale Canal this evening. Beautiful night to take in the evening air. Rochdale Canal by 77gazza, on Flickr Rochdale Canal by 77gazza, on Flickr
  3. Good advice, thanks. I'm happy with the framing of the shot, it's a different angle on a popular landmark and one to try again next time I'm down there with the tripod.
  4. No hdr, just processing in raw. Did have to pull the highlights back a fair bit due to the range between dark and light overwhelming the camera. Its all trial and error for me, as I'm trying to teach myself.
  5. From this afternoon, taking in a stroll through the Crags. Gibson Mill by 77gazza, on Flickr
  6. Not sure about this signing tbh, especially given 2nd row is not somewhere we're short of options. Now if he can play prop...
  7. Most places I want to visit are in the uk. Just wish you could guarantee the weather!
  8. A few shots from the couple of hours I spent wondering around Heptonstall this afternoon. Heptonstall_0843.jpg by 77gazza, on Flickr Heptonstall_0828.jpg by 77gazza, on Flickr Heptonstall_0807.jpg by 77gazza, on Flickr Heptonstall_0805.jpg by 77gazza, on Flickr
  9. It's a nice island, however it was a bit warm for me, meaning we spent more time in the airconditioned room in the hotel than I would have liked. I imagine if we were to go back around October time when it was early 20s, it would be a fantastic place to spend longer exploring and photographing. Plenty of other places I want to visit though, so I suspect it will be a long time before we go back, if ever.
  10. I got a bit more feedback as well, "nearly there, just needs a cleaner background". It was a shot of the wife whilst not watching me, and you can see part of the striped garden chair she was sat on.
  11. Silver again this month. Nowt if not consistent!
  12. First attempt at some sports photography yesterday; fell running to be precise. Good to try something a bit different, though I suspect with a little more planning as to where on the route to go (I only decided to go out half an hour before the race started) I might have got some better shots with a better location. Tom Tittiman by 77gazza, on Flickr Tom Tittiman by 77gazza, on Flickr Tom Tittiman by 77gazza, on Flickr
  13. A couple of holiday snaps. First one is less "here comes the summer sun" more "there goes the summer sun". Second one is a Loggerhead Turtle, taken from a moving boat, hence it not being quite as sharp as it might have been. Zakynthos_0408 by 77gazza, on Flickr Zakynthos_0537 by 77gazza, on Flickr
  14. I do like that. I keep meaning to have a go at shooting star trails, but I need to find somewhere with a bit less light pollution first.
  15. Shamelessly copied from a post a few months ago.... Click on the image you want to download and above it will be a "share" button Click on the arrow next to that to expand the view Click on "Grab the HTML/BCC code" link and ensure the BBC code radio button is selected. then just copy and past the code in the box above It might be slightly different now with the latest version of flickr, but the concept is still the same. I can't access the full site whilst at work to check though.
  16. I don't think you can use the android flickr site to post to here, but if you can access the website then copy and paste the relevant info, it should work to post them on the mobile version of this site. HTH.
  17. A couple more of the bluebells, taken last night whilst out for a wonder with the wife & the in-laws dogs. All taken handheld, so not as sharp as some of my others, but it did give me more of an opportunity to wonder around and experiment with camera settings. Hardcastle Crags_0312 by 77gazza, on Flickr Hardcastle Crags_0309 by 77gazza, on Flickr Hardcastle Crags_0307 by 77gazza, on Flickr
  18. I know that's what you said. I also knew it myself I'd agree that seems to be the basic scoring criteria, looking at some of the handful of "fails" makes me wonder why people bothered though! The point I was making was that I would have expected a little more than that, especially as that was word for word the same on every one of the 6 or 7 other silver and bronze rated shots I looked at.
  19. I see feedback has now been added to those that did not get a gold. Having looked through a few, what I actually mean is "Composition needs more attention" appears to have been added to all those that did not get a gold. A little more constructive criticism would have been nice, but hey, it's all a bit of practise.
  20. And just to demonstrate how post processing can change things, the same shot with a different white balance setting. Not sure which version I prefer! Buttercups_03022 by 77gazza, on Flickr
  21. I'd probably not drift too far from your view to be honest. Maybe if I could post process better I'd have a different view! At this moment in time, my priority no 1 is to improve my technique for photographing, as if you get a good shot in the first place, it shouldn't need so much processing later. As such, here's one of tonights efforts after 20 mins this evening wondering around within about 20 yards of my back door. Buttercups_0302.jpg by 77gazza, on Flickr
  22. I'd agree with that example. However, where does post processing stop and it move to being something else? As you say, one you could argue about all day. The end result is what most people will care about, whatever the means of reaching it.
  23. Neice & nephew. 40 miles away, and at 3 & 1, not quite the age to stay still for long to pose. I have taken the odd decent shot of them in the past, but not in a traditional "portrait pose". Might have to wonder into town on Saturday if it's nice and try a few subtle street photography style portaits of the tourists.
  24. Well done by the way. Mine is called Gibson Mill, for which I appear to have a Silver. It is a colour version of last month's photo comp winner. I'm happy enough with that, especially as I wasn't wholly convinced it met the requirements of the theme (as taught in the lessons at least). Just need to find a model for this month's portrait module, as the wife goes nuts everytime I point the camera in her direction!
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