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  1. I have 2 cars, so my MX5 sits in the garage all winter as it gets stuck easily on the track to our house due to the low ground clearance and can be a bit of a handful if you're not giving it 110% concentration, as it has none of these new fangled electronic driver aids. Someone in our village however uses one, which at 13 years old is a similar vintage to mine, all year round and simply fits winter tyres to it. If I only had the one car, that's what I'd be doing: the bit that touches the road is probably more important than which of the axles are driven.
  2. I remember driving to Birmingham and back a couple of years ago, was -19 when we set off from Pontefract and never got above -11 all day.
  3. Today's efforts. View of home by 77gazza, on Flickr On the way home by 77gazza, on Flickr Oxenhope by 77gazza, on Flickr Can you tell I've not got bored of the new toy yet?
  4. Also had a wonder down to Fairburn Ings on the way to the Wakey v Fev game yesterday. Didn't get to spend that long there, but did get a few shots. Goldfinch by 77gazza, on Flickr Black Headed Gull by 77gazza, on Flickr Goldfinch by 77gazza, on Flickr Roll on a few more nice days at weekends to get out and about.
  5. I just about managed to get home in time to catch a bit of light over the Calder Valley this evening. Heptonstall & Stoodley Pike by 77gazza, on Flickr Calder Valley by 77gazza, on Flickr
  6. You got a job on the side as a private investigator Chris?
  7. There's been some belters on here recently. I've just added a few new ones to my Flickr account, ones that I particularly like for one reason or another that bring back memories or are just some of my favourite shots of the last few years, all taken on a point and shoot of some description before my recent move to a DSLR. This is one of the ones I stumbled upon, a view of the 7 colours earth in Mauritius, which is one of the strangest natural sights I've ever seen. That's the natural colour(s) of the earth there, and they just wash around into different seams when it rains. 7 Colours Earth by 77gazza, on Flickr
  8. I'd possibly be up for that at some point Chris. Got any locations in mind?
  9. Well the wife went for a ride this afternoon, so I took myself up to Redcar Tarn just outside Keighley for an hour, before heading back to meet her at the in-laws just up the road from home. Today's theme therefore is animals. There are a few more I took in addition to these on my Flickr account. Coot by 77gazza, on Flickr Gulls in flight by 77gazza, on Flickr Mallard by 77gazza, on Flickr SIobhan & Comic by 77gazza, on Flickr
  10. Thanks for all the positive feedback people. My issue with the weather when the photo was taken wasn't so much the sky, more the wind and drizzle that meant the reflection was not as clear as it could have been. Photos of the mill do look good with a vivid sky, however they'd need to be with a wider angle lens than I was using, or be from further away to capture more of it. It's a very popular subject to photograph, so there are lots of photos and paintings of it on display in pubs, cafes, shops, etc. I've plenty to compare against.
  11. Aye. On the plus side, it's only a 45 minute walk from home to get there on a better day, and practice does make perfect.
  12. I've seen loads of good photos of Gibson Mill in Hardcastle Crags, so I thought I'd have an amble down this afternoon to stretch the legs and see what I could do. Of course it was windy, trying to rain and overcast, but I had a go regardless. One to try again on another day with better conditions. Gibson Mill by 77gazza, on Flickr
  13. View over the village on New Year's Eve, and the view from our window as I opened the curtains this morning. Nice to see a bit of blue sky! Old Town by 77gazza, on Flickr View from the window by 77gazza, on Flickr
  14. Jess by 77gazza, on Flickr No great artistic merit in this one, taken some time ago of my cat, Jess. Sadly, she passed away yesterday after living with me since I got her from the RSPCA in August 2000: she'd been taken in having been found abandoned in an empty house. It had not been long since I'd bought a house and left home when I got her, so she's lived with me through several years of ups and downs, and for the last five years with both me and my now wife. It seemed very strange getting up this morning and coming downstairs without being met by someone wanting either breakfast, a fuss or both.
  15. Cheers for the advice. I just grabbed the camera and didn't have much time to set it, but certainly a tip worth keeping in mind for future shots of animals.
  16. My sister in laws dog, first time I've seen her sit still long enough to get a photo! Denzil by 77gazza, on Flickr
  17. Here's a few I took today when walking around the grounds up at Bolton Abbey. The Strid by 77gazza, on Flickr Bolton Abbey by 77gazza, on Flickr Stream by 77gazza, on Flickr This photography lark is surprisingly addictive. I'm already eyeing up a decent tripod and some filters...
  18. Hope it's not too bad for you mate; I've seen first hand round here the damage flooding can do.
  19. Cheers KT. Might as well post the only other one I've uploaded to flickr so far now I know how! Nutclough Woods: Hebden Bridge by 77gazza, on Flickr
  20. Cheers, I'm quite pleased with it for a first attempt at a long exposure shot. Is there a file size limit to view pics in a post rather than by a link? Edit-ok then, how was it done?!
  21. Righty, lets see if this works then. http://www.flickr.co...zza/8282386294/ Edit: Clearly not. Any reason I can't link from flickr?
  22. Here's an early attempt from me with my new camera. Hope this image link works, first time I've tried it! If anyone wants to share with me how to actually show the photo in the post, please feel free! https://plus.google....248697554/posts
  23. Interesting commute home yesterday between Oxenhope & Hebden Bridge. Stuck bus, stuck skip wagon, stuck cars, cars in ditches.... Same happens every year when it snows; you'd think by now people would be prepared if they use the road regularly, and fit winter tyres. *smug mode on* *Smug mode off* The road was closed this morning, so I had to detour via Denholme to get to work.
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