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  1. Cheers, I'm quite pleased with it for a first attempt at a long exposure shot. Is there a file size limit to view pics in a post rather than by a link? Edit-ok then, how was it done?!
  2. Righty, lets see if this works then. http://www.flickr.co...zza/8282386294/ Edit: Clearly not. Any reason I can't link from flickr?
  3. Here's an early attempt from me with my new camera. Hope this image link works, first time I've tried it! If anyone wants to share with me how to actually show the photo in the post, please feel free! https://plus.google....248697554/posts
  4. Interesting commute home yesterday between Oxenhope & Hebden Bridge. Stuck bus, stuck skip wagon, stuck cars, cars in ditches.... Same happens every year when it snows; you'd think by now people would be prepared if they use the road regularly, and fit winter tyres. *smug mode on* *Smug mode off* The road was closed this morning, so I had to detour via Denholme to get to work.
  5. I do. Don't remember seeing goat in there though.
  6. Was anything said? If so, I didn't hear it!
  7. What time is kick off? I'm flying out to South Africa on honeymoon on the day of the final and want to know what chance I've got of trying to get updates of the game or at least the final score before we take off.
  8. Great game, great result. Thought all the team did us proud, fans too. Was good to be nice and smug driving through the centre of Halifax on my way home too, big Rovers badge proudly on display in the rear window of the car. Just gutted now coz I can't make the final!
  9. Didn't see that one coming. Good result for Barrow though.
  10. All clubs at every level have a few fans who can't handle a few bevvies and like to wind up the opposition. Bigger the crowd, proportionatley the more there is. Shame, but such is life.
  11. I know a number of Fev fans have openly stated they would never attend an international due to the way the club was treated over the start of SL and also due to franchising. I'm not trying to start the old arguments about this here, or whether they are right or wrong to say this, but how many lower league teams supporters feel the same way? Could that have a significant impact on international attendances?
  12. They do. With Cas & Wakey fans in the area surrounding Fev, there's even the whine being produced too.
  13. Personally, I think it will be vital for whoever comes down to get off to a good start, as fans will be more likely to start deserting in numbers if the wins don't appear. Having said that, I think the "demoted" team will be in for a shock. It's quite likely they will have an entirely new squad, and equally likely an entirely new coaching team. On the pitch at least, this may well mean a struggle against the teams that are currently performing well at Championship level. No excuse whatsoever for this to mean that no team should have to come down a peg or two though.
  14. I overheard a comment about that at half time, and have to agree it looked fantastic. The conversation was about how teams sharing with our round ball friends always get the blame for the state of the pitch when it's poor. Perhaps a photo of how good our pitch is should be sent to Match of the Day as proof that RL doesn't create all the problems.
  15. I thought he had a good game, aided by two teams who weren't niggling at each other all time. Did seem a bit ott at the scrum with constant whistling, but hey, can't have everything.
  16. Great game today, and a great atmosphere. I did wonder why Ben was so keen to score though! Well done to all the players that have worn the shirt this season, as they've all done so with pride.
  17. We all now know that the RFL are planning on kicking out/relegating one of the existing SL teams. Assuming that there are no financial collapses between now and then, how will whoever is demoted do in the Championship? There are plenty of threads where fans of various teams comment about whoever goes up from the Championship needing a full team of SL standard players, but what about the other way round? I assume that player contracts will be void, and with a drop to a
  18. To me that is great news. In fact, in the bigger picture of things, I reckon that this news might be more significant to our long term future than finishing top of the league.
  19. Given recent form of both teams, is it actually possible for both teams to loose?
  20. That's a cracking turnout in my opinion. I'd been wondering how many would turn out, coz though I've no desire to be there tonight, I'd love to see that sort of event making good money for the club and opening the door to potential new fans and/or sponsors. Back to the original post, I can't say I ever viewed it as us fans not being able to see the team collect the trophy, and hope that a good crowd will see the boys pick up the trophy, hopefully after a good win against Barrow. Irrespective of how the rest of the season goes, as far as I am concerned all expectations have been exceeded, so a big thank you to all the support staff, coaches and directors for all the support, but most of all the players for a fantastic season.
  21. Big well done to the boys and all at the club. Personally I reckon winning the NRC should allow a tick. Perhaps the better option would be to also give one to the league winners and the winners of the GF, and not to the runners up, although I like Cruncher's idea of any team that has been in the top 6 for all 3 years being able to apply.
  22. A ground with one new stand and another closed due to safety fears due to it falling apart? Is that your definition of quality?
  23. I reckon the RFL ought to look at getting Nike to sponsor both the league and the NRC. What do you get for winning either? A tick! And before anyone says it, I know that technically the Nike logo is a "swoosh" not a "tick"...
  24. Fev have U15 & U16 academies. The majority of the reserves side are U18 this year too I believe.
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