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  1. I am setting off in five and I cant bloody wait. I am not taking my flat cap off until I get home tomorrow. I managed to convince the wife that we could have a romantic night in Warrington!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bless her and she believed me. Bring on the game tomorrow Up the Rovers
  2. Not a million miles from the Blue Square Robin Cheeky ######. Still, I cant be accused of being a glory supporter can I! Come on lets all get practicing the lyrics, as Dell boy once said "you know it makes sense'
  3. As a fellow Rovers/Wednesday follower I too think that a Featherstone rendition of Jeff Becks 'Hi ho silver lining' would be awesome. We already share the same motto 'Consilio et animis' so why not belt out ' hi ho Featherstone Rovers' as well. Should sound well with three thousand belting it out. Come on the Boys RTID
  4. Another question and it may seem daft. My wife is a 29 year old student nurse (full time). Does and will she qualify for a student ticket? God I am getting tight although if she is eligible then I have some more beer tokens to dispose of
  5. To anyone concerned with Featherstone Rovers. May I start this topic with a big thanks to everyone at the club from the very top to the very bottom. This club epitomizes what a family club is all about. I have to admit my other team is Sheffield Wednesday and I am a season ticket holder there too and albeit being a sleeping giant, Wednesday still average around 20,000 peops per week which whilst being a lower league club still means that we pack the ground week in week out. This is fantastic however you never get the feeling that you are truly close to the club. I would obviously love POR to be packed every game with 6000 people however that is an aspiration for the future but for the meanwhile I will make do with 2000 on average every week. I need to make reference to the game against Barrow where we broke the 2000 barrier with us parading the plate/trophy/shield etc at the end of the game. I am lucky to have two fantatic children who coincidentally love Feaverstone Rovers (dont know where that influence comes from ;-) ) and I have to say that the kids wake up on a typical Sunday morning counting the minutes down to getting to the game. WHY? some people may ask. Because they are proud to wear the Featherstone shirt. They enjoy the facilities at the club including the face painting, tuck shops etc and they enjoy coming and getting close to the sport that runs through so many of our veins. I take my boy to school and on non uniform days and you see an abundance of Wakefield and Castleford shirts. I suppose over time we have come to expect Super League teams have become the norm. I relish the fact that my little boy turns up in his Rovers shirt and people love it asking about the club and how they are doing. I love it because my boy answers any questions himself stating 'Dont you know who Fev are and who bluebeard is?????'. And only recently during a healthy eating promotion week, who turned up at his WAKEFIELD school, Zak Hardacre, Ian Hardman and Jon Grayshon, representing the mighty Rovers. What me and my kids have experienced this year I doubt fellow children of our dear neighbours will experience for a number of years. Yes, I appreciate that we are a non super league side, however being in this league has really given us so many highs this year which none of us could have predicted back in February or March. I lost my Dad suddenly last year who was Rovers through and through and I am sure the blood in his veins was blue and white. I take much satisfaction and happiness visiting his grave and letting him know that we have won the league and are a team that he was desperate for us to be. We are truly a team to be reckoned with. Once again, thank you Featherstone Rovers for giving me and my family so much which means much more that just a sporting team or event. We are truly a big, growing community and long may it continue. Proud to be involved Matthew Parkin
  6. Oh dear What a shame. . I sincerely hope Wakefield and Cas do commit professional suicide and have to face the ###### that everyone else in this league has to. I would lose no sleep if Wakefield/Cas had played their last game today (I know that i will face the wrath for this however would they care vice versa?) We have had to endure the jibes that both Wakefield and Castleford have thrown our way however the tide is turning. They have been able to laugh with the financial structure in place however the bragging has appeared to have changed now that the micro analysis is over and we have expolited that they are no better than the top three in this league at the present and are fighting for their lives. I hope that the RFL view the sites of these leagues which highlight the work going on away from the subsidised barriers of CLOSED super league. From my experience of the club we are far and beyond the other sides in the bloody so and so radius that you are allowed within the SL criteria. I would far rather watch Fev week in and out wondering (ever remotely) what if rather than Cas and Wakey fans looking over their shoulders, Rovers till I die Matt
  7. Rovers 28 Widnes 10 First try scorer Liam Welham Looking forward to my hot dog already
  8. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/rugby_league/8747117.stm What would everyone think of us 'taking a risk on Terry' Think this guy would help both on and off the field. I know that he has been banned for failing a HGH test although I feel for the guy with his troubled past. Really feel Newton could be an asset
  9. Fev 44 - Toulouse 4 First Try Scorer - Hardman Attendance - 1875 MOM - Finn
  10. The bookies are giving us a 40 points start Think I may have a dabble
  11. This post illustrates why I love rugby league. What a fantastic post from a Batley fan wishing us well. Ernieone you sound like a true gent and I am proud to be a supporter in this league that we are in. You wouldnt get as post like that on a super league forum. Up the Rovers and good luck to the Bulldogs
  12. Two sides with differing form at the moment. I agree that we are in form at the moment and they are struggling to find any. Think that we are far superior than we have been for a number of years so for that reason I can see us winning well on Friday. We managed to claw back a ridiculous deficit at half time last year to win at their place and like I said we are a much more compact, well drilled and aggressively minded (albeit controlled) team this year. Fev 44 Halifax 20 (Shoot me down Saturday morning ) Come on the Rovers
  13. Well the bookies are giving Haven a 20 start. They are not usually too far wrong. I will go for Fev 42 Haven 6 Up the Rovers
  14. I am convincing the wife that we should make a night of it as its our anniversary . God I am one old romantic. Any suggestions as to any decent hotels? Cheers Matt
  15. Rovers 48 Workington 12 Another big show Come on the boys
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