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  1. I'm not sure if this has been referred to already, but I believe Oldham Rugby Heritage Trust has a season ticket from the 1895/96 breakaway season. I've seen a photo of the fixtures page, which details the original fixtures planned before the split on the left hand side and The Northern Union fixtures on the right hand side. If that's not an illustration of the social history of part of this country, then I don't know what is.
  2. A lot has been said about City's amazing 14 wins on the bounce at the end of the season (another record) but what is truly phenomenal is that, although they gained 44 points from the first half of the season (19 games), not bad, they've picked up 54 points out of a possible 57 in the second half, hardly believable!
  3. You want to see the farcical situation we have at Whitebank. In what is little more than a park pitch fenced off (beggars can't be choosers, it was the only ground we could get), as you walk into the ground, you are greeted with a sign that the stadium is a no smoking stadium. As you can smoke at Sedgley Park (Swinton's ground), within the boundaries of Bury MBC, I can only think that one of the conditions of the Oldham MBC giving us a ground safety licence is that the ground must be a non smoking arena. Smokers may also notice that, the worse or the tighter the game, the more you want a fag. Thank goodness for Uncle Joe's.
  4. The final score (48.18 to Oldham) means that the Roughyeds have emulated Featherstone and gone through the entire league campaign unbeaten away from home, a fantastic achievement, and the first time we've done it in our entire 134 year history. Hopefully, we can now top that off with promotion.
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