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  1. I think this is going to be a tough one, by all accounts they gave a good account of themselves at Featherstone, but I'll go for a narrow win... Latest news from the Hunslet camp: Is Rhinos forward Brett Delaney on his way to the Hawks to gain match practice? http://bulldogs.supertyke.net/previewing-hunslet-hawks/
  2. Facts and figures on the first match day of the Championships, including all results, the very first table, Batley player statistics and not to forget the video. Click on the (report) link to view reports and pics from Social Media http://bulldogs.supertyke.net/overview/
  3. Match reports and photos etc in a Social Media round Up at: http://bulldogs.supertyke.net/batley-30-workington-6/
  4. Not at the match? Keep up with the scores and comment here: http://bulldogs.supertyke.net/activity/
  5. Only a couple of hours before Batley kick off their 2015 campaign against the Cumbrians Workington, we take a look at what is being predicted by the Social Media. http://bulldogs.supertyke.net/workington-previews/
  6. Thanks everyone for your positive comments. Whether it is needed or not, only time will tell I suppose... New features added including "Pinboard" and "Bulldogs Talk", and much more to come... however a community site does need members :-)
  7. You can see the correct table here: http://bulldogs.supertyke.net/overview/
  8. Am I going mad or are the rugby websites a little behind on things? On BBC, Loverugbyleague and Kingstone Rugby League websites they have Dews with 3 pts and Sheff with 1.... I thought they'd changed the points ruling for this season Oh, and congrats BTW! Great start!
  9. Just felt like doing it Chairman, that's all I'm prepared to say on here :-)
  10. Whether its needed or not will be decided by others I think. Personally I can think of a lot of reasons why it could be necessary, but then I'm biased ...
  11. It's still very much in beta and some things need adding, but I would be interested in your opinions of the following community website: Bulldogs Community. It's not my wish to compete with other websites, I would rather complement them...
  12. What, no mention of legend David Brooke? I used to love to watch him smash into the opposition only to drop the ball. Boy, there was some poor handling of the ball back then ;-) Not the best player by a long shot, but my hero as a lad...
  13. Unbridled optimism is the first step to perfection
  14. The technology is not the problem, that would be easy to sort out, at least as far as putting the videos on the Internet is concerned. What could become an issue however is the fact that bandwidth can get pretty expensive. Obviously I don't know what the contract situation is with Buffalo, but I could imagine that a subscription solution might cost more than it is worth. Which is a pity really, because it would be an optimal solution for me, who lives far away from rugby league. Youtube or an alternative like Vimeo is the easiest and best solution for the club I think, as it is free. But the other side of the coin of course is that the club won't be able to charge for viewing, at least not until Youtube gets its subscription concept moving.
  15. Kev, I've sent you a PM on this subject, would be grateful for your feedback Cheers Dave
  16. I really don't know how anyone expects Rugby League to grow on the continent, never mind flourish. How do you expect people to gain interest in a sport they can't watch? Instead of being broadcast on Sky Sports, the Super League should be on Eurosport, a programme that can be watched for free in Europe! I've been living in Germany for more years than I care to count, and the only way I can watch Super League, or Rugby League at all for that matter, is via Internet streams...
  17. First we field players that arent eligible and now this ... What on earth is going on? http://www.loverugbyleague.com/news_16012-batley-player-facing-ban-for-homophobic-abuse.html
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