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  1. And to add insult to injury: RED for Brambani
  2. London score another on the half time hooter - 36-6
  3. now that would be interesting ...
  4. I've been browsing through the old Bulldogstalk website and have come across some of the polls held during mid season, when things were not running smoothly for the Bulldogs. Your opinions on these polls make for interesting reading: After the last few performances by the Bulldogs, do you think that Batley are going to get mixed up in the relegation battle? (Asked on May 5th) - Batley is in Free fall and will struggle for survival: 53% - Batley will get enough points to stay clear of the relegation zone: 32% - Batley are good enough to survive: 16% - Batley will recover and get into the Top 4: 0% Was the home game against Toulouse the turning point in our season? (Posted on 5th June) - One Swallow doesn't make a summer, but its a good start: 55% - Yes, things are improving noticeably: 45% - No its was a one off. Business as usual next week: 0% Compare that then to the one asked in October 2016 Do you think Batley will make the Top 4 again in 2017? - Yes: 82.6% (71 voters) - No: 17.4% (15 voters) Maybe time to ask some new questions.... what do you think?
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    Oh dear!

    Dewsbury Match Report has been added, not completely abandoned then ...
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    I vaguely remember saying something about eating Humble Pie a while back .... hmmmmm, now what was it?
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    Oh dear!

    Well, don't look at me ;-)
  8. I think, Phil, you will find that the Italian was the warped sense of humour of somebody associated with the batleyrlfc.co.uk website. Now, who do we know with such a sense of humour? Someone who maybe passed away not too long ago perchance? I see, by the way, that the last match report on the website is from the beginning of July against the Rams, and apparently hasn't been updated at all since then....
  9. I knew it, I absolutely knew it .... Weekend of September the 9th I'm in Batley, because my daughter starts College in Leeds on the 13th, and we're in Toulouse.... I knew it. If i ever meet Murphy, he'd better watch out...
  10. In times like these I really appreciate what a well run club Batley is...
  11. Alan Kilshaw is not happy <snort> http://www.totalrl.com/kilshaw-hits-unfair-criticism-rochdale-rival-coaches/
  12. By then it won't matter anymore matey
  13. To be honest Buford, the role of victim doesn't really suit you. I just think we all need to calm down a little, which tbh is the only point I've been trying to make all this time. I know we two hardly ever see eye to eye on this forum (I'm sure you're not referring to me in this post anyway), but know that I bear no malice towards you. A couple of years ago you made the remark that if we should meet for a beer one day, we may find out that we're both nice blokes really. (I know that you're probably forgotten this, but I haven't, lol). I said it then, and will say it again... I am quite willing to do this when I'm next in Batley (probably in September)... Just saying...
  14. Deliberately? Yes. Unnecessarily? I don't think so.... The results of a poll with around only 40 voters can hardly be called representative. So the results (coming around to my analysis) mean nothing. Anyone trying to sell them as conclusive is just a master in propanganda. Note by the way, that I'm not saying that Diskin should say, I'm also not saying he should go. As Buford never tires in pointing out when he doesn't like what I am saying, because I live abroard, I don't know what I am talking about anyway. So free speech doesn't extend to me, obviously... (To whom does it extrend btw? Where is the boarder?). What I am saying however, is that this is not the way to go about things - shouting and balling and having polls over someone's future on the forum. And now it turns out that the people who are shouting the loudest, haven't even spoken to the club about it. How ironical... Loud-mouths, yes, but only on the safetly of this forum, hidden behind a pseudonym...
  15. It does, let's let it lie now, shall we?
  16. the LOL in my last post may help you on that one Buford..
  17. Ahhh, you've found something now, haven't you? lol When we have no arguments left, we resort to insults.... Doesn't answer my question, though, which was "What Now?"
  18. So 30 supporters now represent 75% of Batley Bulldog fans, do they? Interesting analysis... You have your result Buford, but what now?
  19. I can't remember saying that I supported him nineoil, can you? Tbh I'm not sure what to think. As buford so smugly put it, I shouldn't have the right to voice an opinion at all anyway, as I'm not able to attend the mass majority of games. I.e. I don't know what I'm talking about. My point is that I'm sure the powers that be have got the point by now, and they will act in what way they see fit. And I'm sure they're going to change their opinions for one moment just because some people get excited and repeat the same things over and over again...
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