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  1. No, of course not.... you never mention it at all
  2. When it dominates the whole forum on multiple threads. When the Chairman is called a liar, arrogant, obstinate When people accuse the coach of certain misdeamours (that may or may not be true) without providing concrete first hand evidence When criticism is no longer constructive, but just a baying for blood...
  3. You mean the website you've never been to by the bloke you've never heard of? Now, that's what I call irony mate! I fail to see though how the feelings of a dozen or so people on this forum are necessarily representative of the feelings of the whole fan base. there is a life outside this forum you know, and also a life outside of Facebook. The point I am making about a witch hunt is very valid, even if you don't accept it. Note also that I am not commenting on the abilities of MD on here. Now if I did that, you would indeed have a point with your smug remarks. As far as this is concerned, I am sure that KN will take appropriate action when and/or as he sees fit.
  4. I don't see how I have to watch games to realise that this is turning into a witch hunt...
  5. Can we please add the option "I refuse to take part in this witch hunt" ?
  6. Here's the situation as last reported on the Bulldogstalk Website. List is at bottom of page http://www.bulldogstalk.net/squad-news/
  7. On your head be it. But don't blame me when someone takes offence to what you say and asks you to prove it in court...
  8. If this is what happened, you should provide proof. Otherwise, just be quiet please before you get yourself in trouble
  9. Hall of Shame might be more appropriate this week I'm afraid, would be easier to pick too.... Some players need a long hard look in the mirror this morning.
  10. Normally I would agree Fred, but I think our problems lay elsewhere
  11. That was indeed disgusting. But: Diskin did not miss three conversions, Diskin did not miss penalties, Diskin did not drop the ball on numerous occasions, Diskin did not lie on to long in the tackles. Diskin did not miss drop goals, nothing to do with tactics, some players just don't look interested. What on earth is wrong with Brambani, Southernwood etc? I think Kevin needs to go into the dressing room and lay down the law. Anyone not wanting to play for us, should just go!!
  12. Getting sent off for dissent after nearly 90 minutes and 20 points + in front is very unprofessional to say the least...
  13. On twitter there was talk of a red card for Dom. What's that about then?
  14. So you do have a sense of humour after all ..... brilliant lol
  15. I fail to see how anyone could know whether he liked your post unless he has read it And yes, I can read thank you very much ;-) How about a touch of class now and again Billy? Huh?
  16. Might be a Rams Supporter, but he talks much more sense than a certain person that I can think of. Why not answer the man instead of taking your bat home? You did call Kevin arrogant and stubborn, just to contradict yourself a little later by saying he had done a fantastic job. So, what do you really think? Wine or water Billybulldog, what's it to be?
  17. http://www.bulldogstalk.net/mount-pleasant-from-above/ A marvellous video in top quality showing the Stadium, the Cricket club as well as the surrounding houses etc. of Mount Pleasant. Well worth a watch, takes our minds off the problems for a while, and reminds us the positives surrounding the club. What a wonderful little stadium we have ...
  18. http://www.bulldogstalk.net/diskins-thoughts-vs-hull-kr/ Matt Diskin was embarrased by the scoreline but saw lots of positives.... work that one out if you will..
  19. Of course everyone has their right to comment on the situation, but some people disqualify themselves through a lack of class..... Dimwit, Womble, Idiot.... is that all really necessary?
  21. http://www.bulldogstalk.net/ Now on the Bulldogstalk Website: Do you think that the Bulldogs are going to get drawn into the Relegation Battle? Your opinion on the poll and on the group chat on the Website is very welcome.
  22. No no no, this is all wrong. How do you mean "Are you listening Kevin Nicholas"? What kind of question is that? The common fan is a fickle being, so it seems... If things start to go wrong, he withdraws his custom or takes it elsewhere. At a time where we should be getting behind the team, I've seen a lot of people announcing that they're not going to or haven't been to matches because of our poor form - in a lot of cases this involves supporters with season tickets. At the same time we expect the chairman to answer to this supporter?... A chairman who will still be there after the last man has gone. A chairman who has put everything into this team, without whom there may not be a team at all. And you think that this chairman doesn't know what is going on? That he is not watching the situation very carefully? That he isn't so near to the team and the coaching staff that he doesn't know exactly what's going on? Its all very well criticising. But - and I have said this before - I still haven't seen anyone come up with a solution. If we replace a coach midseason, how is a new man going to be able to turn things around in the games left this year? With a snip of his fingers perchance? And as long as this question isn't answered, any talk of replacing Matt Diskin is in my eyes quite simply a moot point ...
  23. We've beaten Oldham and Swinton already... I know what you're getting at Bob, at the moment any victory is hard earned. But still, we shouldn't be talking about Halifax as if they were the form team in the Championships, as some people seem to be doing.
  24. I think we might be making Halifax stronger than they are. Yes, they have won their last four games, but these were against Dewsbury, Swinton, Oldham and Bradford, i.e. the bottom 4, so they're not exactly storming the table.
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