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  1. http://www.bulldogstalk.net/disappointing-bulldogs-second-best-against-rovers/
  2. So Batley have lost two games already, and dreams that we might carry on in this season as we finished last year don’t seem to be on anymore. But were they ever on from the beginning, or was it just wishful thinking from the start? At the end of last season we lost our iconic coach John Kear to Wakefield – a man who is a legend in his own right, a man with experience of coaching that stretches back to 1992, a man who has won the Challenge Cup against the odds. But even John had a few hard years at Batley before success set in. It is not that long ago that certain factions in Batley were baying for his blood. We have swapped this icon for Matt Diskin, a well known character in the Rugby League world yes, a character who has seen success as a player, but one who has no experience in coaching. He has taken over a settled team, but a team that was set in the John Kear ways, playing a conservative Rugby League. Matt wants to change this and play a more expansive, attractive form of Rugby. And we expect all this to happen overnight? I fear not. Matt needs time to make these changes, the team needs time to understand what their coach wants. Anyone who has seen this before, whether it be in Rugby League, or in other sports such as football, will know that it takes time. The players are set in their ways, its never easy to change. Anyone who has ever changed their job knows that. But change they will. It may take a few months, but I believe that it will be ultimately worth the wait. So let’s give Matt Diskin the room to achieve the transition and not get on his back. We owe him that much...
  3. http://www.bulldogstalk.net/bulldogs-make-amends-to-get-season-off-the-mark/
  4. On the subject of the Website btw... If its not being updated, it should be temporarily taken down or hidden behind a "we are updating our website" page. They way it is now, its doing more harm than good.
  5. http://www.totalrl.com/manning-breaks-silence-halifax-exit/
  6. I'm struggling as well Nigel.... but lets say 1. Ainscough 2. Scott 3. Harrison
  7. The motivation to put this post up wasn't the highest, I must admit, but for what its worth... http://www.bulldogstalk.net/lethargic-bulldogs-routed-by-toulouse/ Includes match video and a poll... what conclusions are to be drawn from the opening match of the season?
  8. Sorry, I missed that post.... another opportunity gone begging lol, but thanks for the offer... I will try again next time :-)
  9. Credit where credit is due, the clubs social media is excellent. That is where I get all my information. I don't think that websites are obsolete though. Its just that their roles are changing somewhat
  10. Its got to the point that I try and stay away from this subject, but now and again I can't resist. It seems at the moment that the only website about the Bulldogs that is up to date, and indeed being updated is my Bulldogs Talk website which, as everone knows, is based in Hamburg. The official website isn't being updated, and we all know what fate befell Tombatley. As Bromley Bulldog remarked And he is perfectly right of course. I wasn't going to do a third season with the site (to be honest, I wasn't even going to do a second). Being so far away it can't work, and its doesn't work. It has been viewed with suspicion in certain official quarters since its inception. The webmaster of the official website referred to it as "that other website from Hamburg". And although I have taken my time during visits to Batley to talk to anyone I could get hold of from the club, including the chairman himself, I have failed to get any recognition, or get certain people or institutions on my side. So you will understand that my motivation to carry on is not as high as it should be. But the fact is: its the only thing on the menu at the moment, and as such I will persevere as long as I can. This will, however, not be forever..
  11. http://www.bulldogstalk.net/bulldogs-too-strong-for-tigers-youth-squad/
  12. Also staying out near the airport. I'm not in the know though, never been there before... Have nowt against a drink beforehand however ;-)
  13. Will I be able to get (buy) one in Toulouse?
  14. Yes, I know they shouldn't Bromley. It isn't easy either to be honest... but one does what one can...
  15. Well I certainly hope there's enough room for us all in the stadium. I would hate to fly all that way and then not get in ;-)
  16. If it isn't, there are alternatives you know :-)
  17. Enjoy the match moments and statistics as Batley beat Keighley by 38-12 http://www.bulldogstalk.net/slick-bulldogs-drub-cougars/ Still a few issues to be sorted out, but how do you like the new website design?
  18. Speaking of videos, there's a bunch of them on the Bulldogs Talk page if anyone is interested. Apart from the one mentioned by Batley Bob, we also have: John Kear on winning YSpoty Coach of The Year Paul Harrison on the Bulldogs winning Team of The Year James Brown Reviews Season 2016 http://www.bulldogstalk.net/groups-2/batley-bulldogs/ All worth watching ...
  19. Well, the new owners must have brought some brass with them if they want to honour all season tickets and offer full time contracts to all players... http://www.totalrl.com/chalmers-and-lowe-confirmed-as-new-bradford-owners/
  20. Supertyke


    I still have the problem that I am not able to post when I sign on with my username and password. The text editor is greyed out. I get around it by logging in with Facebook. Still don't know why this should be though. And it seems that I have lost about 250 posts along the way, according to the post count under my avatar....
  21. I'm in the Campanile Toulouse Blagnac near the airport. It's my first journey to Toulouse though so I don't know if its any good...
  22. Oh well, I suppose it's all water under the bridge now anyway ....
  23. That's true Billy.... doesn't make it any better though, it just means there's another catastrophe for Rugby League waiting to happen...
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