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  1. Sea Eagles, Rabbitohs, Roosters & Warriors 2 home wins Warriors score most 204 points
  2. storm, warriors, panthers, bulldogs, titans, knights, sharks, rabbitohs 342 Points 4 aways wins raiders v titans
  3. Rabbitohs, Sharks, Panthers, Knights, Raiders, Storm, Eels, Sea Eagles 4 home wins 328 points Panthers v Roosters
  4. Sea Eagles, Panthers, Roosters, Rabbitohs, Raiders, Storm, Eels, Bulldogs 316 points 3 away teams 1 or 2 games
  5. 1. Storm, Warriors, dragons, Panthers, Eels, roosters, titans, sea Eagles 2. 347 3. 6 4. Cowboys v Warriors
  6. Knights, Tigers, Sharks, Bulldogs, Roosters, Storm, Panthers, Eels 346 3 Home Wins Bulldogs v Titans Biggest shock
  7. Knights, Sea Eagles, Raiders, Rabbitohs, Roosters, Eels, Storm, Panthers 5 away wins 348 total 0 teams in the poll
  8. 1. Rabbitohs, Panthers, Eels, Raiders, Titans, Cowboys, Sea Eagles, Bulldogs. 2. 354 3. 6 home teams 4. 3 or 4 teams 30+
  9. 1. Rabbitohs, Storm, Titans, Panthers, Eels, Roosters, Warriors, Dragons 2. 322 3. 4 away teams 4. Raiders/Rabbits
  10. 1. Panthers, Rabbitohs, Eels, bulldogs, Raiders, Sea Eagles, roosters, storm. 2. 314 3. 4 4. Tigers v Sea Eagles
  11. Yeah sorry, don't know what happened there. Storm to beat Roosters. Rabbitohs to beat Wests.
  12. 1. Panthers, Knights, Storm, Titans, Roosters, Eels, Warriors, Bulldogs 2. 340 3. Five 4. Broncos v Panthers
  13. 1. Rabbitohs, Warriors, Panthers, Titans, Storm, Roosters, Tigers, Eels 2. 322 3. 7 4. Panthers/Raiders
  14. I don't want to make excuses because we still need to be better but we had 6 out today and lost another 3 in game including our five eight after 5 mins. We had one half back, a backup hooker playing at 6 and a young back rower making his debut playing 9 all game. For a team that already has very little quality depth we're never going to compete with so many out against a team aiming for a top 2 finish this year. Also at 20-0 they had scored 3 breakaway tries and we had been held up a metre short 3 times. The score didn't reflect the effort but it's an indication of where we are and the work that needs to be done. The biggest negative I have is that we dominated the first 30 minutes and I don't think a centre got a decent pass until about the 35th. There was no balance in our play. I did like Allen at centre and Cotric back on the wing in the second half though. It looked semi dangerous at times. But hey, at least it gets easier next week. It's only the Storm
  15. 1. 1 or 2 will score 9 or less 2. Panthers, Rabbitohs, Storm, Sharks, Titans, Knights, Roosters, Eels. 3. 328 Total Points 4. 3 Away wins
  16. Quick shout out to Ryan Sutton's start to the year. 200m at the weekend. Averaging 140m and 31 tackles a game so far and already dotted down for a try. He's making it very hard to bring Horsborough back into the team if he carries on like this.
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