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  1. Probably getting a lot of traffic, with the 2 big announcements. HW
  2. Toronto withdraw for rest of 2020 Season, surely that means Relegation.
  3. Some talent in show in this game, 3 future GB Internationals and numerous Amateur Internationals. 5 Sent Off apparently. HW
  4. They will be the same people who will expected to be paid by their employers if they have to Self Isolate. HW
  5. After watching Paramatta v Canterbury this morning, they would destroy these teams, and that was there first game this season. HW
  6. Yet another game with both teams messing about at the Ruck and PTB. Sort it out Ref FFS. HW
  7. To whoever it may be relevant too, there is a Horse running at Cheltenham today called The JamMan. Must be worth a punt at 66/1. HW
  8. Why have they agreed to so much a match, surely it should just be a flat rate for the weekend. HW
  9. Keith Senior used to do about 6o mins when at Eagles. HW
  10. After the Ref last night allowed an absolute free for all at the Ruck and PTB, what can we expect tonight. Surely we can’t have already forgot the Brief that was issued pre season, to clean up this blight on the game. But 5 weeks into season and we are back to normal. HW
  11. Until all players start respecting the Officials during the game, we will get nowhere. They don’t have these issues in RU, were the officials are treat with respect. All clubs have persistent offenders, who are trying to Ref the game, and questioning every decision. HW
  12. TWP now recalling a player back from been On Loan for 1 game, he will the go back out On Loan. HW
  13. If TWP finish bottom, I’m sure the RFL will be coming up with new plan or structure. HW
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