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  1. Some clubs use RLFANS, some have there own Forums, but a lot use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. HW
  2. Wath Brow, Egremont, Hunslet, West Hull, Thatto and Underbank. Really interested to see how Egremont go with a new coach. HW
  3. Yet Town have 4 home games in first 5 fixtures. HW
  4. He must be on strike with the Contractors HW
  5. I can think of 6 players who didn’t play for Town. So maybe not so basic. HW
  6. If folk read the article and didn’t jump on the bandwagon, you would see why Handley has been chosen. HW
  7. Maybe once did, but never been an issue lately, can’t see our Safety Cert been for anywhere near 7,500 H3
  8. Where in Cumbria holds 7000 to 8000, none of the Rugby Grounds I believe have that capacity at moment. HW
  9. Worrying thing is they could have avoided the situation by Loaning a player out. Is that really allowed. "We had no idea we had exceeded the 'live' cap at the time and, with hindsight, we could have averted the breach by loaning out a player to another club." HW
  10. Gary McKeating as aged well, if he was playing then. HW
  11. It’s already in place in Cumbria League, players can return to their Amateur club, but that level is a big drop. NCL clubs are not allowed DR, and can’t see it changing. HW
  12. Bottom line they not bothered about Regional Leagues. They expanded to take clubs away from BARLA. HW
  13. Keep reading that these Lions games are been broadcast on Sky, can’t find them on the Listings anywhere, there is no mention of them on the very reliant `rugbyleagueontv site. They are been broadcast in NZ I believe. HW
  14. Sellafield rumour was Rooney wanted full control of recruitment, but Director of Rugby ( GM ) wasn’t prepared to do that, so Rooney gave back word. GM and IR don’t like each other, history from their playing days. HW
  15. The whole concept of pre match entertainment is a waste of money. No one listens, you can’t here it in the stadium, and on TV the sound quality is shocking. They would be better playing music over PA.
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