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  1. TWP now recalling a player back from been On Loan for 1 game, he will the go back out On Loan. HW
  2. If TWP finish bottom, I’m sure the RFL will be coming up with new plan or structure. HW
  3. Programmes are an on cost to all lower league clubs, maybe an announcement mid week, would have been better, rather than folk finding out on day. PS, anyone got directions for Tryline at the Rec, we seem to have lost it. HW
  4. They travelled down the day before, and stopped overnight. HW
  5. Unless you lot get promoted, we will see you next season. HW
  6. We’re they get that Plastic Aussie from, Jenna Brooks I think she is. HW
  7. Be hopes he sorted his attitude out, he was a Loose Cannon just waiting to go off. HW
  8. Think they been taken back down, usual RL cock up. I seen Millom tweeting about their fixtures today. HW
  9. Some clubs use RLFANS, some have there own Forums, but a lot use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. HW
  10. Wath Brow, Egremont, Hunslet, West Hull, Thatto and Underbank. Really interested to see how Egremont go with a new coach. HW
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