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  1. Have both clubs ticked the boxes to be play in SL? Is there still a criteria to pass? HW
  2. 6 again after 90 secs, completely different rules to last nights game. HW
  3. Not that they needed it, but Cats getting all the decisions off the Ref. Plus Cats have became experts at moving off the mark to play the ball. HW
  4. Completely different from last night, shows the problem with no consistency with the refs. HW
  5. Much slower game than last night, Ref allowing too much messing in the tackle. HW
  6. How was that not a Penalty Try, 2 Saints players where going in with feet!!! HW
  7. Games getting as bad as Rugby Union, officials missing too many Forward Passes. HW
  8. Having watched Wigan many times this season, still cant see what KPP is doing, or has done to be heading to the NRL HW
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sam_Brooks_(rugby_league) Someone not impressed on his Barrow performances. HW
  10. About time they done away with Set Restart, all teams are now willing to concede Restart on the first or second tackle in their own 20. It’s making a mockery. Would be different if a penalty was given, and they could lose 30 or 40m to a kick, then 6 PTBs HW
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