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  1. Sellafield rumour was Rooney wanted full control of recruitment, but Director of Rugby ( GM ) wasn’t prepared to do that, so Rooney gave back word. GM and IR don’t like each other, history from their playing days. HW
  2. The whole concept of pre match entertainment is a waste of money. No one listens, you can’t here it in the stadium, and on TV the sound quality is shocking. They would be better playing music over PA.
  3. They will be busy trying to work out how a team can have No Home games till late April. HW
  4. One thing is guaranteed, Tony Clubb will get away with Foul Play again. Last 2 weeks he has got away with murder. HW
  5. It was their only option, all through the Newc v Town game they were saying they didn’t know were there next game would be if they won. The joys of ground sharing and too many play off games. HW
  6. You have to wonder what the young wingers in the club system think, when yet again money is thrown at an Overseas player coming for his retirement pay check. HW
  7. Olstrom had gone AWOL at every club he has played for. A wasted talent. HW
  8. Keighley who have run a Reserve team successfully for a while now, have been turned down for the New Reserve league. The RFL are trying to kill the lower teams out of the game. HW
  9. Outstanding win with bare bones, I am guessing KO is AWOL again. Such a wasted talent. HW
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/48982852 HW
  11. Maybe a John Glover, biggest centre we had at Haven, never ran at a prop, and we payed £20000 for him. HW
  12. He was at Haven first half, he was just having a word with The Refs make sure we both lost. Mind you last time he was at Haven we were trying to build a stadium, and we all know what happened, let’s hope you have more luck. HW
  13. Was surprised to still the Footy Posts still up at BP yday, thought it would have been ready for this Sunday’s game. HW
  14. 1 game every couple of months isn’t it, it was at Haven HW
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