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  1. What advantage does 6 Again give on First Tackle. When your 6 points up, surely a Kickable Penalty is more advantageous HW.
  2. Ref as give 6 again on Zero Tackle, then 6 again on Tackle 1 of a 7 tackle set. So NO advantages, surely both instances should have been penalties? HW
  3. He must think, RL doesn’t exist outside Super League. HW
  4. Sad news, gave 110% whoever he played for. HW
  5. 3000 gates for Twon and Haven are long gone, no matter what you charge. HW
  6. Great for the Spectator, put puts pressure on Part Time players. HW
  7. Nice to see Sky promoting 3 Grand Finals, but not 1 mention of Champ GF. Only mention for SL, Ladies and Wheelchair. HW
  8. The usually reliable Sellafield Rumour Mill is saying a Town player was there, even after testing positive. HW
  9. Wath Brow sometimes, Egremont when the cricket is on. HW
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