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  1. I dont think RFL rules allow this Dave I think you can only play at the ground of the away team if its a swap fixture reversal and we have already played Swinton away
  2. Well if it’s the pitch that’s your worry, good news it’s an excellent playing surface professionally maintained so no need to worry about player welfare
  3. Very little difference between Mayfield and Sedgley Park - infact the dressing rooms are better at Mayfield Rochdale Hornets have been dealt a raw deal once again by Rochdale AFC - the easiest way of moving forward with this is to switch the game to Mayfield - its as simple as that
  4. Bloody hell touched a nerve there Anyway Im not concerned about Swinton and what they want, lets hope the club can get the game at Mayfield
  5. Sounds shambolic again from the football club Just hope Hornets can save as much face as possible by switching the game to Mayfield - we should still get a few on watching, enough to create an atmosphere This way Mayfield earn a few quid, game still in Rochdale etc AJ Bell would suit Swinton perfectly
  6. Good luck to Matt and the lads tonight - just hope they can inject some enjoyment back into it for themselves and us after an extremely difficult season which has peaked in the last few weeks
  7. Bear in mind that some of the posters in here aren’t Hornets fans - they are bitter and post in here due to other reasons (look on Twitter at previous coaching staff’s activity and postings of you need any clues) Wayne’s comments re Shelford sound promising at least
  8. If any "best player" dosent want to be at the club he/she is currently at then he will not produce his/her best performance regardless of talent. e.g If Lionel Messi wanted to go to Real Madrid one day, I would imagine he wouldn't play his best football for Barcelona dosent mean he isnt talented
  9. Best player? That just proves you have not been watching
  10. The only other way I understand that people can get on is to be "co opted" on by the board to fill specific roles/skill sets I think Emon Ratu and Chris Churm have both been on the board previously on this basis and I think they had some success in terms of improving relations between the club and its ex players
  11. This is where I have to disagree – the club in its current make up is not doing great and could do better, I think we all agree on that. So therefore when it is mentioned that a group of people with strong connections to the club are wanting to be involved, the first word mentioned on here is “cynic” What could be cynical about more people wanting to get involved in the club? Are we saying it a closed shop? The only way forward for the club and to make the club stronger is a more the merrier, all inclusive attitude
  12. If true good news - in my opinion the more people that want to be involved in the club the better and I have said for a long time that ex players have a big part to play in the current day club and i think they can be especially used to enhance the match day experience mixing with supporters etc
  13. Yes two good signings - Lawton looks to be a bit of a coup as Swinton announced they extended his loan on a week to week basis last week and he played very well for them against Dewsbury if you read reports, hopefully give us much needed go forward I havent seen Williams play for a while but played at a good level previously and we are in desperate need of a centre
  14. Cup tied yesterday, played for Workington in earlier rounds
  15. Gavinr


    Very tough to watch that yesterday Too many players are focused on seeing out the season and taking their money before they move on Your right Ormskirknet the damage was done in pre season and now others are trying to pick up the pieces - the assembly of this squad is beyond bad Then when we lose Oscar Thomas, Livett and Scott Moore in the lead up to the game it just goes from bad to worse Some of the players just don’t want it though I was watching near the corner flag and Abram put up a good kick to the corner and the attempt to get the ball from one of our wingers said it all for me On a positive the local players did well, Gleesons go forward was good and Marriott played the full 80 must have done 35-40 tackles - I just hope they stick it out and don’t get disheartened
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