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  1. Cheers, i like the one of the RAF Regiment lads in Afghanistan (My lad is the one in the middle with sun glasses)
  2. Creased up when I saw the sunlight shapes peering through the shadow.
  3. I slept in a tent for the first time in 32 years last week.
  4. From the display today (11/08/2009) at Bovington Tank Museum. Worth a look around if your in the area.
  5. Some of Guns associated with my Army career. 25 pounder (All duties, training) 105mm Pack (OP) 105mm Abbott Self Propelled Gun (OP Ack, cover number & No1)
  6. The owner of this shop (Mr Kitching) was the inspiration for Roy Clarke to write the TV sitcom Open all hours, Mr Kitching is now well into his 90
  7. Without trawling through all the pages on this thread, I'm looking for the easiest way to crop and re-size photos.
  8. Little kid looking away "who the f#ck is this guy"
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