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  1. We've been renting ours out for training for the last 5 years to Thorne Colliery AFC, they have now had new floodlights installed so that little earner will stop now.
  2. CO's Orders first thing Monday morning.
  3. Best ref I've seen since Leef was this season, ex pro-player Carl Hughes in his first season needs fast tracking, he took charge of the Moorends v Sheffield Hawks game and his handling of the game contributed to it being a very fast free flowing game.
  4. Never really played league back in their days in a regular unit.
  5. If t` pits ed bin open ah bet t` pit botta `ood be empty tomorra at 6am.
  6. My nephew stripped out the old and installed the new in about 5 hours, the problem I see is the contracting firm has taken on more work than it can handle and is spreading it's workforce doing a little here and a little there to try and pacify.
  7. My son is married to an Hawaiian girl, he was going to go there and live but ended up changing his mind once he had taken the rose tinted glasses off, he said that they are people living in tents and vans near the beach who actually go to work, they can't afford to buy an house or rent one.
  8. Use the tree's, poncho and para cord to make your basha, job done.
  9. I spent one night in a tent after leaving the army, the rest of that week I was booked into a Travelodge.
  10. How have the other clubs got to the position they are in ?
  11. Looks like Smithy listened to me when we had a chat before the play-off's started
  12. It's the quarries problem then not the councils, I have near by boarders with North & East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire and DMBC will clean up if they are made aware of the problem, we do have people in our area who are on the fly tipping case all the time as we get a lot with it being rural.
  13. It used to be the pit headgear at Thorne Colliery but today we have a bank of 24 nearly 500 feet high wind turbines.
  14. We always felt at home when we could see the Thorne Colliery headgear (Junction 6 M18) until it was blown up a few years back.
  15. You may of but I'm sure many didn't.
  16. That's not answering what I asked, as for Farage I can't stand the man, lots of hot air with no backbone
  17. I wonder if she'd arrived at Dover on a rubber boat the press would be shouting she's British.
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