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  1. I'd class the none promotion of rugby league in a traditional season a restriction for starters
  2. Only because of the management and restrictions from the RFL
  3. Starts at the end of September, 3 divisions
  4. I'll see what I can find out for you - Lack of promotion is a major region the Pennine league fail down on, when Roger Fagge was working at BARLA the press was bombarded and clubs knew what was happening, getting rid of him was a major own goal
  5. From champions of div 5 to div 7A, I wonder what happened to the 4 players they signed from the pro game in the week leading to to play us last season.
  6. I was at a regimental reunion at 204 Scottish Battery, Kingston Park, Newcastle, every year I normally take in a game in the Newcastle area, however this year all the Newcastle teams had away games so it cost me a fortune going shopping with the Mrs. My own team took another battering 68 v 10 away at Kippax & Swillington Miners, that is now 6 games without a win and the injuries keep mounting. Drastic times call for drastic measures, my first job when arriving back was to attend a meeting that overwhelmingly voted to part company with the coach and appoint a new one.
  7. Queens used to use the Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry motto, Cede Nullis (Yield to none)
  8. Last weekend we could only manage 13 players and we lost one of those in the first set with an ankle injury, this was the first weekend since we turned to summer we couldn't put 20 players on the team sheet, apart from 3 working and 1 at a wedding the rest of the faithful regular squad are injured or sick.
  9. Has the £24.00 RFL registration fee had an impact on numbers?
  10. Are the corporate levels under contracts like Wembley was/is?
  11. Doncaster IMO suffer from playing in a 15,000 goldfish bowl, it's a shame they couldn't develop the old Tattersfield ground with a 5 or 6 thousand ground with the potential to expand it if required.
  12. Tier 4?I bet when you go back to when they did play in division 3 North you'll find they got larger crowds
  13. No, I said the ones who don't turn up could be sat at home because they may be in a position of making the chose between heating or eating, ot may be because of one of the other reason I mentioned as well, or a completely different one, like fallen out of love with rugby league because they don't like what the game has developed into in the last 30 years.
  14. You need to move away from the big teams who have waiting lists of up to 10 years for a season ticket, look at clubs outside of the Premier and yes they are people who have to make the choice on heating and eating
  15. Throw in the mix that the normal every day person in the North is living hand to mouth and probably don't have the spare coin to go regulatory to a game, then add in the fact that kids have been playing video games for the last X number of years (lost generation)
  16. When you think about it the challenge cup has become a second class citizen, the RFL/SLE have been blowing smoke up Sky Sports ring for the last twenty odd years and basically made the cup a side show for not reaching the final.any supporter of the clubs
  17. Lets get a big stick and beat the RFL with it or we can look at a few reasons why and why not. 1/ The main distraction for this time of year has to be family time, holiday/day trips 2 We have a full program of amateur games 3/ Armchair supporters 4/ The amateur game doesn't have fixtures on bank holidays 5/ See number 1 6/ Ill be at the Moorends v Stanley Rangers game 7/ Where will you be 8/ What would you do about it?
  18. It is not every day you get the World heavyweight champion drop into your sleepy little town. Tyson Fury dropped into Thorne early last week to do a spot of shopping and have his hair cut, during this time he was an excellent ambassador for the sport of boxing as he happily walked around town talking to anyone and everyone giving all the time of day, most importantly, he did it with a massive smile even when he got overwhelmed by the number of people wishing him well. I have to say I got Tyson Fury completely wrong when he first came onto the scene,
  19. The P & R problem in union is exactly the same as ours, the quality of players in the pool are not high enough to overflow down into the lower tier and the bottom v top format should always favour the bottom club
  20. Development officers would have been a brilliant way to introduce kids to rugby league whilst at school, get 9 or 10 schools in a local competition and you have a foundation, get 6 teams from those schools playing out of school rugby league and you have league, which is the next rung up the ladder, once those kids leave school try to funnel them into 3 or 4 open-aged clubs, if this foot print is copied in other areas you may just develop a competition - If development officers hadn't been culled, who knows how many players we may have had by now, my own town of Doncaster had every school but two playing rugby league and they were about to go into one of those, big, big loss when you consider Doncaster & District has a population of around 300,000.
  21. For the spread of the game the RLC was far better than what we have now, once the RFL got it's hands on the NCL and most of the regional league the baby was discarded with the washing water along with all the promises to Bramley Buffalos, scrapping development officers has to be the most damaging decision to expansion ever.
  22. Should win the cup now, but my money would be on Westgate to win the league IMO, their biggest danger is complacency and their reaction to defeat, I've seen far to many super teams hauled together and then implode after a couple of defeat.
  23. We had no game today so after a spot of gardening I got drawn over to the Doncaster Toll Bar v Westgate game where five players with a Marauders experience strutted their stuff. The scene was set for a cracking game with 1st v 2nd from the YML premier division going head-to-head in the YML Cup Westgate dominated the early exchanges and powered into a 16-point lead, but Toll Bar refused to be blown away and gradually grew into the game exchanging tries just before half-time. 6 - 22 Toll Bar came out of the block the fastest at the start of the second half going over for two quick tries, 16 – 22, this sparked the visitors into gear who also crossed for two tries with one being converted, 16 – 32. Going into the last quarter Doncaster Toll Bar gradually started to look the better of the two sides as they chipped away at the deficit, going into the last 5 minutes the score was standing at 28 – 32 until the Toll Bar right winger dived over in the corner to make it 32 – 32 with the pressure kick being missed. From the kick off Westgate made it to their 20-metre line for the first tackle, from the play the ball the Westgate replacement used his own players as a foil giving away a penalty for obstruction, 30 metres out bang in front of the posts, Toll Bar took the two points on offer and the lead for the first time holding on for a 34 – 32 win. Excellent game of a high standard watched by a crowd of around 300.
  24. Mid-week, bank holidays an example given to us the other week was Kirkburton 18 v 44 Dewsbury Moor a completely different team to what Kirkburton beat earlier in the season 40 v 12. When did the NCL games finish last season?
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