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  1. We've got a domestic problem (Nothing to do with summer or winter) in our camp at the moment and it's split the club into three, hopefully we can sort something out very soon
  2. "PETER" Is this a load of codswallop, I hope so for the sake of integrity.
  3. I'm sure they play from a pub, their ground is worse than Batley Boys if it rains and they have pitch side changing rooms.
  4. To be honest I've seen worse around the ladies toilets in the Moorends Hotel on a Friday night.
  5. Can only put it down to fitting the criteria
  6. Churchill was good at getting commonwealth troops killed closely followed by anyone born on an council estate.
  7. Spend the coin on development instead of trying to win everything with a massive financial advantage.
  8. London failed for so long because they shipped players in, they've started to benefit from the amateurs starting junior teams that has players feeding into an academy - If you read my post it says invest in a 8 to 12 team league etc, by pass the long cold nights and use the extra money to build a future for rugby league and Toronto in Canada.
  9. You've hit the nail on the head, London are growing players, Toronto should do the same, spend the extra cash they can generate and form a 8 to 12 team local league, drive the standard up by forking out to convert the better athletes to rugby league.
  10. I agree and at this moment I'd put it into your hands or a combination of a few that's already involved and other club/county officials. The system used to select officials is now being used to protect against a massive shake up at the top, without a shake up nothing is going to change, in fact by doing away with monthly meetings has made it impossible.
  11. I talk to a lot of clubs as a nobody and obviously get told a different tail than you do in your role on the NCL management, the reason I get told why they wouldn't try it is the way the winter is being run.
  12. I was up at 3.15am to go to Scotland this morning, I'm going to bed now as I'm up at the same time tomorrow morning to go to Cricklewood and will not get back till around 6pm, so it will be a case of if the transferred and players lists haven't been sorted making the dreaded phone call to Sherburn.
  13. Just checked out player list, it's the same as it was Friday, it's Wednesday tomorrow and I make it if the transfers aren't completed by around 3pm we'll be giving another game away by the 72 hour result.
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