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  1. I work in construction now and daily you'll see guys watching other guys struggle to lift something heavy, If I see guys struggling I automatically give them a lift and so do my lads.
  2. The comradery is brilliant and equal to the military and I enjoyed the job immensely.
  3. Government subsidiaries & UK pits paid rental on all the mining equipment at the mine even though it was already owned by the coal board, so our pits had a double whammy before a cobble was turned.
  4. This may give you a better idea of the actual size of the headgear at Thorne
  5. I got a start at Grimethorpe as a contractor, the job entailed us to back rip and widen the roadway for the installation of a new conveyor drive, we’d been given the basic Power loading agreement with a bonus that was based on ring advance (1 x ring was one metre) We got to the job on the afternoon shift met the day shift and had a quick look at the job. It was the easiest job I’d ever got as a contractor until the day shift told us they hadn’t been paid any bonus for 3 weeks and the supplies to do the job was basically non-existent, at that it was a big drink of water and went out of the pit never to return.
  6. I We mined the Barnsley seam at Hatfield it could be between 10 foot and 16 foot depending on which direction you travelled, When B30'S (Coalface) turned coal the rest of the pit had to be stood down because we couldn't get the coal out of the pit quick enough, there was a link road between Hatfield and Thorne colliery that was in the planning stage to be back ripped so coal could be stored in bunkers before going out at Thorne
  7. Thorne in theory had a straight run to the North sea with the Barnsley seam gaining thickness all the way.
  8. Work had started on a 3rd shaft designed to bring the coal to the surface.
  9. I finished mining in 1993 and there was talk then of driving a tunnel, towards Manchester, for some reason I thought it was from Huddersfield.
  10. The end of Thorne Colliery, demolished August 2004 after millions of pounds had been spent on the shafts, pit bottom and new headgear, it never turned a cobble of coal since 1956.
  11. Is there an old railway tunnel between Huddersfield and Manchester that's sealed ?
  12. Pleasley closed in 1983, Donisthorpe Colliery was still using steam when it close in 1990.
  13. The headgear at Hatfield Main & Clipstone Colliery are is still standing Hatfield Main
  14. The garage I'm on about has gone now, it belonged to the Horrobins.
  15. Can you remember the garage on the left going towards barnsley from darfield, that' was the son in laws granddads, 3 big bungalows there now.
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