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  1. I reckon it will be a lot to do with the showing of the product below super league to be a very exciting competition.
  2. This is where the RFL went wrong when they scrapped the development officers, building from the top down isn't a good idea IMO
  3. Moaning or concerned about the structure, I'm glad the pubs, trams and new scoreboard are excellent.
  4. Find where I've LAUNCHED any attack on Toronto, I have if you check aired my concerns of other clubs joining so shortly afterwards because our playing pool isn't large enough to bear two or three more clubs at this standard, now address my concern of the cracks (very large cracks) in the concrete.
  5. Toronto are in the system for their third seasons I believe, so they're not a problem, I do worry about the push to bring two or three more such sides into the fold, I just don't believe we have a playing pool of a standard that will maintain the standards of the present day.
  6. Early 90's me and I don't think much would have changed but aren't they going to be spending a sum of money on it soon.
  7. No it isn't an attempt to criticise Toronto at all, It was an observation I noticed whilst watching the game on TV and I'm sure the poor grounds that have been mentioned come up to standards with the HSE in this country, can I suggest watching the Toronto game and take notice of the crack in the concrete were the players come out, it looks a fair old crack.
  8. Sorry I played the last time I went
  9. They have been isolated then ?
  10. Not a rant or by any means designed to be a thread to knock Toronto, but has anyone else noticed the state of the concrete in the stadium that Toronto play in, I first noticed where the players come out onto the pitch there is a huge crack in the wall (Right hand side) and where the crush barriers have been fitted huge lumps of concrete have fallen off, I'm sure this would have to be addressed in the UK.
  11. I only had dealings with him as a club secretary but he was always helpful with a glass that was always half full, never half empty.
  12. Roger Fagge did an excellent job IMO at bridging the gaps between districts, league's and team's, I always found him very helpful and he would attend most amateur cup finals.
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