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  1. The criteria to start and operate an amateur club has become to complexed in the last 10 to 15 years.
  2. NY and Ottawa are on call and you'll have to breed your own front rowers like Fev, Oldham and Batley!!!
  3. Bring the ammo from your own echelon and as for promised assistance the salary cap rules were changed to accommodate Toronto's fast tracking (We all know what happens if you push forward leaving your supply chain behind and stretched)
  4. Check firing, if the cap is lifted then that would have Toronto and other NA clubs buying up the best players, where would that leave the present SL clubs.
  5. Best I played on in a 24 year playing career.
  6. Best pitch I played on when BP owned the Skirlaugh ground
  7. http://www.eraofthebiff.com/p93.html
  8. It was only our 2nd team, the 1st was in India.
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