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  1. I'd keep it simple and divided by the got's and haven't got's. it seemed to work OK in the past.
  2. Those three side have earned the right to move up IMO and it should be the aim of the league to have clubs playing as regularly as possible, I know it's hard to do so because of the local cups, but no team should be going over two weeks without a game.
  3. Not been sent to me yet mate, we voted on which format was going to be used by return email (18/July/2019) I'm losing players because I can't guarantee regular fixtures, over the last two seasons the fixture list for us has been poor at the best., 2017/18 we had something like 7 or 8 games away on the bounce and only played 2 or 3 home games, last season we had to give games up at the end of the season because players moved to summer sides simply because we had been going weeks without a game.
  4. Probably would be 12 stone wet through if he stopped eating for two and a drank a lot less.
  5. If all were as good as you we'd have no problems, now't to talk or gripe about (Why aren't you coaching assessing referee's)
  6. I do as well, for some reason they feel that turning back is a sign of weakness instead of it being a sign of strength.
  7. Hi Can anyone direct me to a good link that will allow us to make posters for the club Thanks in advance
  8. I honestly can't see why the so called leaders can't see this, on the other hand if they can see it but are just ignoring it then what's in it for them ?
  9. I get to watch a games every year, and this year I got to watch Jarrow beat Edinburgh, both sides played well.
  10. Has every member league been sent an invoice so they can pay their fee, I know the Doncaster and district never got an invoice and this resulted in them being kicked out of BARLA even when they tried to pay by cash (Not allowed) new email address given so an invoice could be sent (no invoice sent) Doncaster & District had mandated their secretary to vote for Stuart Prior.
  11. The Pennine league are running a cup competition during September something on the lines of the 40/20 summer competition, the league is starting in October, so far we haven't a clue which format (Three to choose from) will be used, the clubs voted 5 or 6 weeks ago. Lack of info is killing clubs
  12. Think you'll find that it's not the clubs, a players has to contact sports tg to register, they then send an email to the club who has to accept the player, a club can not request a player.
  13. Finger or thin edge of the wedge ? Can clubs afford to lose players and what is going to protect a club from having five pro clubs taking two players each from one NCL club
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