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  1. You could have used (you may have done) to try out any new club to the NCL for the 2021 season.
  2. I went down with a full coach load from the Marauders and the local working men's club also took a coach full
  3. I did my basic training at Manvers, then worked at Hatfield Main for the board, did the rounds of the pits while contracting, Askern & Markham Main in Donny, Goldthorpe & Grimethorpe in Barnsley, Sharlston, Prince of Wales & Allerton Bywater in West Yorkshire, Pemberton in Lancs, the Selby coal field and ended my mining career at Manton, Worksop. Did you know Dave Irvin, he did a stint at coal board house in Donny
  4. I worked at North Selby, Riccal, Whitemoor, Wistoe & Kellingley as a contractor between 1990 and 93.
  5. I suppose a good referee also allows for the players committing human errors
  6. It's how the system works
  7. So are you saying that every year we promote a new club even if they haven't won the rights on the park ?
  8. I'm very big on development around the country, we missed the boat a few years ago when the RFL pulled the plug on development officers
  9. Did come from Wales, not many in this day and age.
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