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  1. Public park, if not it's into the Ings in Mansfield to have a chat with ex-marauder & Dons 2nd rower Iain Stewart
  2. Bramley, led down the garden path by the RFL and dropped like a hot stone once the NCL moved to summer.
  3. Good luck to everyone tomorrow, I hope everyone has a cracking first league game injury free. Our division has had two clubs withdraw before a ball has been passed, Westgate A, went first leaving everyone with a couple of free dates in their fixture list, then Bentley A decided to drop into the merit league, credit to the RFL they issued new fixtures for the whole season within a few hours. After the fixture shuffle we got paired with Kinsley Hotel Raiders at home for our first fixture, this fixture has now been postponed due to the events of Westgate and Bentley withdrawals, when We
  4. The gang in charge now got rid of some district leagues including my own and kept leagues with just one team in it, was that because they voted for every agenda the gang made, my league voted to back Stuart Prior for the BARLA leadership, all 3 clubs have now switched to summer. The powers that be will not listen to change, they act like a WMC committee who think that doing what they did in the 1960's will suffice in 2021 - They will not listen or make an effort to change.
  5. Would the players stop around while being treated to the high disciplined scrutiny of the testing officers? I personally don't think so.
  6. I've never smoked or taken any illegal drugs, it takes me all my time to take prescribed drugs from the doctor, I'm sure most at my age group are in the same boat when it comes to drug taking (It boils my urine) If we want to clear up social (I hate it when drugs are labelled social drugs) drugs we'd have just about no one playing any sport in the world. How do we combat it ?
  7. We played over 35s V under 35s, 22 v 6 at half time to the overs, last second try gave the unders a 32 v 28 win,
  8. A Clean Sport Advisor plays an essential role in informing athletes and their athlete support personnel (ASP) about the values of clean sport and important anti-doping information. Who is this for? The course is for anyone wishing to improve their knowledge of clean sport and increase the reach to protect clean sport.
  9. We've always had a signing on fee (£35.00 now) will we have to waver this well needed funding to pay it to the RFL. Here is a pointless course at amateur level IMO Clean sport advisor.
  10. Got to agree and the volunteering group is getting smaller and smaller with every change that comes with a price tag, maybe a member of these committee's should have served 10 years at a grassroots club and learn what makes them tick, the struggles to get players to sign on, the struggles to get subs on a match day, I could go on about how it's like pulling teeth to get a team on the park on match days (Then with all the extra and unnecessary duties you don't get to see the game) I totally understand to carry on we have to toe the line, I've a theory, stop having think tank meetings on su
  11. BARLA would need a good clear out and modern thinking installed, it could be done but it would need the management structure changing, the problem is, how do you get into a position to change it for the better, in the past you could have your say at a monthly meeting and get the support of the floor, they now meet once a year and do polls by email, who counts those emails.
  12. Additional extra costs for something that is being forced on to you and not life or death is an unnecessary extra cost and just because one sport makes their participants pay doesn't mean we have to follow, it's getting like the CSCS scheme in the construction industry, we'll be paying to have a certificate to blow the match day balls up soon.
  13. Moorends-Thorne Marauders head-coach Tony O’Brien has named Shaun Roberts as the Marauders club Captain for the Yorkshire Men’s League 2021 season. Tony said “I had a few players in mind as I have a wealth of talent and leaders within the present squad”, he continued with “I trawled through the names on my short list and I kept going back to Shaun, having had the pleasure to have coach him at rugby union I know I can rely on him to get my message across on match days. He has committed himself in training and rallied the players from the word go as soon as the gove
  14. Good post and a good example how people who have never or barely scratched the skin of running an amateur club haven't a clue, it's the same mentality IMO why we are struggling to increase participation in the heartlands, gone are the pub teams set up buy two guys in a bar, these clubs gave the enthusiast who are limited in playing skills the chance to have a game.
  15. Agree and the decent passed, LOL We get one every other game and they cream it to death, could you imagine what they'd be like with the crop of loose-forwards back in the 80's alone.
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