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  1. Such a short time after his career ended abruptly whilst he was at the top of the tree, I see the signs of someone who clearly needs help, he needs a talking to by someone who has been on the edge before he hits the bottom of the tree and you only have to look as far as Terry Newton.
  2. I totally agree with you and the funny side was sarcasm, I know all about his antics while he was inside and out, I also know about the time he took advantage of one young lad whilst in Armley, the young lad was in my mates cell (He got a good 2nd once my friend found out)
  3. Fingers crossed that the amateur game will be allowed to do some team training around the same time, if so and we don't get any upwards surges of covid again, I can see full contact by early to mid-May.
  4. We've a player who started at 14 for Hatfield Wasps, he always said he'd retire at 60 and go and play Union, because of covid he's asking to sign on for this summer, he'll be 61.
  5. Is it going to be a tell all type of film or just the funny side of his life.
  6. Makes you wonder, sport is always about competition, winners get the prize and losers generally end up with nothing, we have a sport with to many clubs for one division so have to be divided into more than one, I'm all for the bottom club in the bottom division having the chance to one day being the top of the tree just like the top of the tree can soon fall to the bottom.
  7. As a club volunteer you are required to register every year if you have one or more of the following roles: Chair Person Club Welfare Officer Secretary Fixture Secretary Team Manager Game Day Manager First Aider Web & Social Media Officer Treasurer Groundsman Covid 19 officer Just about everyone of these roles was covered without the paperwork that now goes with it and to be honest, why would you need to register a groundsman and
  8. When you think about a volunteer before all this bureaucracy a club had to do this after the last game finished to the start of the next, Phone in the result, Pay the ref, collect the dirty kit, sweep the changing rooms, run a raffle, send the team sheet into the league, dirty kit to the laundry, clean kit from the laundry, phone the opposition, phone the ref, book the pitch, make sure the first aid kit is stocked. then on match day it was a simple make sure every thing is at the ground on time, 3 or 4 people would be more than enough, in fact a lot of clubs just had a married couple doing th
  9. I can live with the Covid requirements (I've now had 14 ex-army mates die from it) but all the tick boxes on top of all the other forms that need filling in just to get the game started on match day has gone crazy. How many fill in the team sheet then a player will come up and say I'm wearing number so and so now and it's not normally just the one player. They at some point have to realise we didn't get involved to fill SO MANY forms, before, during or after the game and defo not to stand at toilets before, during and 30 minutes after a game. I got involved because I WANTED TO B
  10. Anti-Doping Last week we confirmed it is now a requirement that all Club Chairs and Club Welfare Officers undertake and complete UKAD’s online 100% me Advisor course (Clean Sport Advisor Course) to ensure that they are up to date with regards to the current anti-doping rules. I would like to thank those Clubs that have already done the course. There isn’t a requirement that you provide a copy of the certificate however we would ask that you display this within your Clubhouse. To continue with our plan to provide education in this area we are looking to host a
  11. Each Club should appoint a Club Covid Officer to help assist in ensuring that the Club has taken the appropriate measures to resume activity. The Club ultimately has the responsibility to ensure that there are risk assessments in place for the Club and the activity that is taking place, however, to assist in the implementation of these a Covid Officer should be introduced to ease the burden and be a lead in this area. The Club Committee shall ensure that the appointed person will receive all necessary support to undertake the role. The Covid Officer should not put themselves at risk whilst car
  12. The amateur game has moved beyond a hobby or past time, to much stress being put on the club's, no wonder the game is shrinking at a rapid pace, the work load is far to great for 1, 2 or even 3 people who are prepared to do the hard yards, it's looking like I could be stepping away, my work can take me from Aberdeen to Dover during the week, I then have to work out quotes for new work, order equipment and actually do some work on site, the work being created by others sat in a comfy office for a ckub to get a team on the parks is at breaking point.
  13. Different times, different asks, how about factoring in the players around these great players who together made it easier for the star to shine, how about the great players who became great whilst playing along side mediocre players. I personally think it's to hard to pick one.
  14. Who's is asking them to fund a club except for doing school development work and Toronto is a little bit further away than North Lancashire, North Lindsey or even the East Midlands. who knows, maybe the RFL could invest into the development then sell the product at a reasonable price to some interested party.
  15. Totally agree, fighting withdrawals are making us a laughing stock, another area that could be looked at and built up from the bottom for a district club is Grimsby, Scunthorpe and Lincoln.
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