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  1. Narrrrr Rugby League is a game of attrition played over 80 minutes in two halves - 2 games a week isn't hard, rotate the squad.
  2. Used to knock a couple of games in a week in the past and those guys were not as fit and did a 40 hour (37.1/4 hours if they worked at the pit) week.
  3. Didn't he make the English schools set up ?
  4. When you look at the lack of troops left in Australia to defend its shores the Brisbane line would be a good point to defend, from, looks like the battle of Midway was a deciding factor in Australia becoming safe.
  5. Is there any truth in what I've been told that if the Japanese had invaded Australia via Queensland the Australian government had planned to withdraw to the NSW border leaving Queensland to the Japanese & that's one of the reasons for so much bad blood in the state of origins ?
  6. They had a Cent per battery in Germany
  7. The 2nd in command of the police Richard Martin is an ex gunner, JLRRA
  8. GUNNERS always got through when others couldn't, and nothing was better than listening to a fire mission with two good signallers, my signaller was brilliant, the CO ended up nicking him.
  9. We used the pack for that in the early 70s
  10. I'm sure I've got all the OP ack gear in my garage including batco, young guy from 7th gave me it for my lad to play with about 10 years ago.
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