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  1. We always felt at home when we could see the Thorne Colliery headgear (Junction 6 M18) until it was blown up a few years back.
  2. That's not answering what I asked, as for Farage I can't stand the man, lots of hot air with no backbone
  3. I wonder if she'd arrived at Dover on a rubber boat the press would be shouting she's British.
  4. Good to see self-preservation kicking in, it keeps you alive.
  5. I've worked half a mile underground and on top of new builds many floors up, neither have bothered me, the most scary thing in my life has been my big (5`2") sister, because of her I have never smoked or had a tattoo Junior Leaders 1971 (Note no safety)
  6. Very true, one of my mates by passed that route because Doncaster never had an Inter-town team, we where playing in the Humberside league at the time and they wanted a couple of us to join their squad but politics got in the way' Lol Rawson had a word in a few ears and my mate was watched and selected to train with the BARLA squad, he ended up being selected to tour Australia having a very successful tour, when he got home he got snapped up by Sheffield Eagles after they had plied him with drink, he received £850.00, he later found that all the other tourists had received £2,000.00, He went and asked for more and they made is money up to £1,250.00, he said he wanted the same as the other tourists and refused to play, he was squeezed out of the game at 22/23 years of age (No Bosman ruling back then)
  7. It's happened before and those clubs that did have now all gone.
  8. How - read Barley Mow's statement of how he did help fill a stadium and why he doesn't now.
  9. Has the practice of not having P&R in the past created an unbalanced flow of talent, would it now take 9 or 10 seasons for a balance to level off so a promoted club may stand a chance in SL.
  10. Not even going to read all that, to survive we have look after all aspects of the game, greed is killing the game just as well as greed is killing the planet, keep fiddling whilst Rome burns.
  11. So we squeeze everyone under the super league because sky broadcast it, what about all the others in the food chain, cut them and super league wouldn't last long, as the clubs die so will support for the game and that will lead to the player pool also going #### up.
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